Friday, 24 May 2013

I want You... Entoi!

Do you know Entoi (엔토이)?
Few years back, when I tried to search "Three Bears Song" (곰세마리) in Youtube for my kiddos to listen... somehow on the recommended video, I saw others Korean children song including Entoi ^^
Aigoo Aigoo... aren't they cute with their lovely music videos? 
If you're bored, let Entoi cheering you up with light happy music and be entertained by their nice animated flash video, and moreover... you can learn some Korean words from the songs ^^
Ok, let's on the music and sing everybody~~~!
ENtOi - Want You Song
Youtube video from dalgun2com
츄츄~ 츄츄~ 츄츄~ 츄츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~waa~
발견했어 땡잡았어~! 내가 찜했어~~  want want You~ You~
내가 받은 최고 선물 바로 너야! want you~ want You~~
보고 싶어! 듣고 싶어! 말하고 싶어! want want You~ You~
내가 받은 최고 선물 바로 너~야 want you~ want You~~
나는 좋아 니가 참 좋아~ want you I want You!
기억해 너는 최고라는 그 사실을 want want You You!
나는 좋아 니가 참좋아~~ want you I want You!
기억해 언제나 함께 한다는 걸~ 원츄~원츄~ 너만을~~~!
Want You! want you! want you! want you! want want you you (원원 츄츄) want you want you! NaNaNa~ Nanana! (나나나나나나나나!)
want you! want you! want want you you (원원추추)! want you want you (원추원추)! want you want you want you! Waa~!


ENTOI's Number Song
Youtube video from keepweep xweep

1 (il) If I can`t see you only 1 second,
일초라도 안 보이면~

2 (ee) I will be frustating like this.
이렇게 초조 한데~

3 (sam) how can I wait for another 3 seconds?
삼 초는 어떻게 기다려~


사랑해~ 널 사랑해~
4 (sa) love you, I love you.

오늘은 말 할거야~
5 (o) I am going to tell you today.

육 십억 지구에서 널 만나 건~
6 (yook) meet you on the world of six billion people

칠 lucky야~
7 (chil) I'm lucky.

사랑해~ 여기저기 한눈 팔지 말고 나를 봐~
I love you. Don`t look at here and there and just look at me.

좋아해~ 나를 항해 웃는 미소 매일매일 보여줘~
I like you. show me your smile, which you give to me everyday.

팔딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴~
8 (pal) pal dak pal dak (heart beating sound), my heart is beating.

구해줘 오 내 마음~
9 (gu) save my heart.

십 년이 가도 너를 사랑해~
10 (sip) even if 10 years pass, I love you.

언제나 이맘 변치 않을게~~~~
I will never change my heart.


I guess you all (especially kids) love both of the songs and crush on Entoi now...ㅎㅎㅎ
Here are some of Entoi's songs compilation... Enjoy yourself~~~!

Youtube video from keepweep xweep