Thursday, 9 October 2014

[Singapore] - NeNe Chicken (치네네킨)

Recommended Korean Food in Singapore: NeNe Chicken (치네네킨)| by Meheartseoul
NTUC U Family organised family picnic at West Coast Park on 4 Oct 2014 from 17:00 - 21:00pm. Yes, 2 kiddos were excited and asked whether they can ride bicycle and fly kite. We granted their wishes for them to relax before exam...

My hubby wanted to use CapitaVouchers redeemed from credit card points. Therefore, he selected The Star Vista at Buona Vista. It's nearer to take taxi from there to West coast park. I decided to go to NeNe Chicken after checked restaurants directory from their website.

Two kiddos were quite surprised when I told them we're going to eat KFC, as fast food is the last on my food list! Then, I continued that KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken :P 

Oh~! Nene Chicken is just a small stall with 24 seats only... luckily when we were there 2 customers were sitting at the  booth seats, and another 2 customers occupied 4 seats table. Then we had to sit on table with 8 seats.

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
 Xuan asked Zhi to watch her favorite Running Man's member, Yoo Jae Suk
on the TV ads as he's  the spokesman for Nene Chicken. 
They simply ignored me as I was asking which sets they like...

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
Ordered (Original) Crispy 2Pc ($7.90), Swicy 2Pc ($7.90),
Green Onion ($9.90) and Snowing Cheese ($9.90). 
This restaurant pager is given after you paid for your orders...

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
 Just few snaps while waiting :P

Vegetable Shop Wallpaper  

10-15 minutes later... the pager finally blinking and beeping~^^

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
Sad faces of Xuan & Zhi as I stopped them to attack these chicken!

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
Yap, you're right! photo ritual before eating :P
NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
         Classic fried chicken with crunchy crust. 
Maybe I ate other flavors first before this original one. It tasted quite bland... 
I dipped some mustard sauce to add some flavor to it.

Anyway, it's still crispy although it's not even warm... I was wondering why they need about 10 minutes to prepare them... only buffalo sticks were a bit warm.

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
2 kiddos' most favorite... Snowing Cheese!
I like this bite-sized popcorn chicken too, but I just tried one piece
and let them both have the rest as it's just average portion. Should have
order this instead of crispy chicken...
NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
Succulent 'Swicy'... Sweet and Spicy Sauce.
It's well marinated and finger-licking delicious. 
Although not couldn't really taste the spiciness... but, at least 2 kiddos 
had no problem handling this 5% spicy and 95% sweet sauce.

My only complain is it's difficult to eat! I prefer boneless either nugget or popcorn type. My kiddos do better job, they can eat and left with bone only! 
Oh yeah, they provided the gloves. It's more hygienic to put the glove on, and messy-free hand from sticking sauce on your fingers and inside your nails.
NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
How about this green onion chicken?
Recommended this good combination of crispy fried chicken with green onion 
and Asian sauce too. 

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
My Korean friend and I went to Chez Maak Makgeolli House at Garosugil.
We ordered Korean Fried Chicken with ddeok (rice cakes) and spring onion as Anju 
(food to pair with liquor). 

Chimaek (치맥) = Chicken (치킨) + Maekju (맥주) is very popular in Korea. Popular Korean drama 'My Love from the Stars' featuring Cheon Song Yi crazed for Chimaek especially when it's snowing.

The set meal also come with Buffalo sticks and Dongchimi (Radish Water Kimchi). Buffalo sticks were much more crispier than normal french fries from McDonalds and KFC. They're also seasoned so you can just munch without chilli or tomato ketchup.

Happy to have Dongchimi as it's one of my favorite Kimchi. It's so refreshing especially after eating fried food. Even my daughter love it much. She was amazed that I said it's kimchi, as to she thought all kimchi is spicy!
NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) | My home-made Dongchimi (click the link for the recipe)
Next time I'll make dongchimi without pepper in separate container, so they can eat it.

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
Quickly all the seats were occupied... suddenly people started to come in while we're eating.
Photo a bit blur, used my left hand to take this photo 
(right hand was inside the glove).
NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
 YesYes (네네~!) 'Korean Fried' Chicken (네킨)... 맛있다! ♥♥♥

NeNe Chicken (치네네킨) |
It's so yummy that Zhi still remember Nene Chicken home delivery no. 6222 6363 ^^