Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Visit Korea VIP Special Invitation Tour.

Visit Korea VIP Special Invitation Tour | by Meheartseoul
Nothing beats the happiness when you see your name on the winner list. Yes, that was almost a month ago and I'm just back to hot Singapore 2 days back.

For this post, I would like to share to you my experience of our 4D3N VIP Special Invitation Tour. But, tomorrow I'm flying back to Korea with my family, and somehow my itinerary still in a mess because of the transportation problem because Korea is a big country.

I just found out that A-train is not operating on 30 Nov, and we might not be able to go to Auraji for Rail Biking.

I woke up at 4:00 am today to edit photos and create videos so I can post this by today. Just for your info, I have about 3000 photos and 100 videos for this trip. Please stay tune as I will post more detailed information after I'm back from my family trip.

For the meantime, let's check out our VIP Special Invitation Tour:

~ Day 1 (18 Nov 2015) ~

 South East Asia (English Team) arrived at Incheon Airport
early in the morning, but sadly Jas eonni flight was delayed...

We're transported to Seoul and check-in at Center Mark Hotel.
 I took a short 30 minutes nap and had a warm bath to refresh
my tired body as I was unable to sleep well on the plane.

Our first meal in Korea -  Hansik Buffet Lunch at Nature Kitchen (자연별곡 홍대점).

 Somehow, when I visited Korea with my family in 2013,  we also 
visited Trick Eye Museum & Ice Gallery on our first day in Seoul.

Tea break and chillax at this pink fancy Hello Kitty cafe

Great that they brought us to Common Ground Pop-up Shopping Mall 
located close to the Konkuk University. I was thinking to visit this 
newly open mall because it's the largest container mall in the world.

 We supposed to buy our dinner from outdoor food-truck vendors,
but it was raining. Our thoughtful KTO staff and guides treated  us 
delicious cakes as appetizer before our dinner at DoreDore Cafe

Reached Insadong to have grilled mackerel, haemul pajeon and makgeolli
at Omoni Saengseon (어머니생선). After that we stroll back to hotel
as the restaurant is around Insadong area too.

~ Day 2 (19 Nov 2015) ~

Group photo with Japanese team before having our brunch 
at this cozy yet elegance cafe at Samcheongdong - Slow Park.  

  Candle Making Experience at Holly Go Studio with pretty and friendly instructor.

 Wiki Cafe (위키카페) is run and owned by Super Junior Sungmin's mother.
It's unbelievable to meet his handsome younger brother, Sungjin.
He's adorable, handsome and friendly. I think his charming
smiles will sure melt everyone's heart! ^^

Jas eonni, Lucky and me were being interviewed by GD from TBS eFM.

Though my tummy still full after big breakfast, but I finished the whole bowl of 
Sundubu Ramen because it's so yummy. No wonder our guide said we have to have 
an early lunch, because 55 Beonji Ramen (삼청동 55번지라면) is very popular,
 and we might not have the seats during peak lunch hour.

Teleported myself from National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 
to old Joseon's era. Ssshh, I need to hide myself from these royal guards of
Deoksugung Palace, I should have disguised myself by wearing hanbok here.

When taking photos with K-pop idols seems quite impossible, though I did
wish to meet Lee Min Ho as he's the Ambassador of K-smile campaign. 
I just imagined that these wax statues inside Grevin Museum (그레뱅 뮤지엄)
were real person and happily hold their hands. my HP was so jealous
and decided to off itself... I couldn't take selfie using my camera. ㅠㅠ 

Bought this blue backpack at Good Morning City Mall. 
Got it  a 'steal' price because this kind, handsome and 
babyface ahjussi gave me super huge discount. Thank you~^^

Shabu Shabu Buffet dinner at nTable (엔테이블) at 
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP basement 2).

We're seriously attending Janggu (and Korean language) class at Jeongdong Theater.
시작~! Dong Dong Gung Ttak Gung...
Dong Ttak Ttak Gung Tak Gung~!!! 

I watched Gugak Fantastick show before. Couldn't decide which one I like most,
because both of the performances were excellent. 
  five-drum dance performed by the gisaeng! It's so cool!

~ Day 3 (20 Nov 2015) ~

ITX line runs from Yongsan to Chuncheon station.  It's my second ITX ride.
I traveled to Nami Island (alight at Gapyeong Station) via ITX too because
it's very convenient and fast.

Our coach from Chuncheon to Gimyujeong Station (Rail Park) 

So excited before the ride, and super satisfied after the ride. All smiley faces~!^^

 Nobody could resist this yummy Grilled Chuncheon Dalkgalbi,
especially after 40 minutes of rail biking! :P

Completed my last mission - to take photo with Tourist Police.
Instead of shopping in Myeongdong, I used my free time at 
Juno Hair Salon (준오헤어) to have my hair cut and permed.

Gala dinner at Todai Buffet Restaurant.  
It's quite sad as the time sure flies, it's our last night in Seoul~! ㅠㅠ

Since it's also the last night of Seoul Lantern Festival being displayed, 
five of us walked from our hotel to Cheonggyecheon Stream 
to see beautiful lighted-up lanterns the dark night.

~ Day 4 (21 Nov 2015) ~

We arrived at IFC Mall at Yeouido, which is financial district and known as
Manhattan of Seoul. It's a giant mega mall, but our luggage were overloaded
and they are currently selling F/W collections which it's to hot for us
to wear in tropical country...

Therefore, we decided to go to Yeouido Park, which is just opposite the mall.
Then, from the map we saw that KBS is located nearby, so we rushed there
to snap few photos of KBS building, as we didn't have time to go inside.

Since I didn't have time to shop for my friend in Myeondong, 
I'd time to do last minute shopping at Incheon airport, and
claimed tax refund at this self tax refund machine. 
They're having free craft experience to paint this keychain with dancheong pattern.
Then, I quickly rushed out when I heard that there's a procession of royal family.
Of course I didn't want to miss a chance to take photos with King, Queen, 
Crown Prince, Crown Princess, Princess, Royal guards, and Royal Maid.

It's really my honor and grateful to be selected as one of the members of this tour. Definitely memorable trip especially we're traveling with other members from Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand with the same interests and avid Korean lover! ^^

That's ended our VIP Special Invitation Tour. I felt that we're being treated like super VIP from the beginning to the end of this tour. So happy to meet so many kind and friendly locals that showered us with warm jeong that made me smile for the whole trip.

Sincerely thanks KTO officers and staffs, our friendly and pretty guide (김 언니) and other guides.  Thank you so much for everything. 한국에서의 모든일들에 대해서 짐심으로 감사드립니다~! ^^

This trip is made possible by VisitKorea organised by Korea Tourism Organization. 
http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto   http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto 

Ok, now it's 6:15pm, and I really need to pack luggage... maybe I need 3 to 5 luggage for 4 person. Heol~~~!!!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

[Lombok] - New Furama Restaurant

Welcome to meheartseoul humble blog, where I share my unforgettable sweet memories
Yohoo, after showered and changed my clothes, I finally smelled fresh, not sticky and smell like salted fish.

Then, we're heading to famous seafood restaurant in Senggigi area...

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
New Furama Seafood Restaurant. 

You need to select the seafood before entering the restaurant. Then, they will prepare it depending your preference whether you prefer it to be grilled, fried and steamed. 

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
  I thought this table was set for us...

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg 
But sadly, it's for Korean couple. It's their honeymoon trip.
Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg 
It's alright, especially it's for just married couple. ^^ 
Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg 
 And here's our table...

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
 Photo taken by our driver.

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
Pura Batu Bolong from far...

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg 
This sacred Hindu temple sitting on the black rock with a hole in the middle.

The building of worship located on the Senggigi shoreline with the position jutting into the sea. The temple is directly opposite Bali's Mount Agung.  

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg   Senggigi Lombok New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com 
Candles and lamps were lighted when the sky turned darker. 

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg  Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
Haiz... sunset was blocked by the clouds.

Finally, they served our drinks and foods after waiting for about 15 to 20 minutes...

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg  Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg 
 Pineapple juice (Rp. 20,000) and Lemon juice (Rp. 20,000).

 Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg  Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
1.3 kg Grill Baronang Fish (Rp. 188,500) and
700 gr Mussels with oyster sauce (Rp.63,000).

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
Meal included rice and Kangkung. 
The prices above not yet included Government tax & Services of 15%.

The grilled fish was really yummy though it's quite spicy for me. Mussels tasted good too, but somehow it's like half of what we ordered. It's like we paid for the shells, so fish is definitely worth the price.

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg
 We asked our driver to join us for dinner before going to Amelia  gift shop
to buy wild horse's milk and Madu Klanceng (honey).

Senggigi New Furama Seafood Restaurant | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.sg.
  Laid-back atmosphere, quaint and cozy yet romantic ambiance.

The price was moderate considering delicious food, good service, and beachfront restaurant. It's perfect spot to catch sunset at Senggigi Beach.