Wednesday, 20 April 2016

[Seoul] - Kidzania Children’s Job Experience Theme Park (키자니아 어린이직업체험 테마파크)

Kidzania Children’s Job Experience Theme Park (키자니아 어린이직업체험 테마파크)| by Meheartseoul
We'd problem to access to Kidzania's website in Singapore and Korea. Therefore we called KTO Info Hotline 1330 to check whether it's still operating, as we wanted to make sure first, else it'll be wasting our time to make a trip there for nothing. From the hotline, the officer told us to do the reservation through as each session has limited admission.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Lotte World & Kidzania Theme Park.

Luckily we did as what KTO Officer suggested us, when we reached Kidzania it was 4 minutes before 15:30, and I think they're not accepting any visitors for that day anymore unless there's reservation. The lady asked me in Korean whether I had booked, and I replied yes but no replied from Kidzania yet. I think it's because we emailed it on that day around 11:20 while we're waiting for doctor's appointment at Gangnam Severence Hospital.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Happy Xuan and Zhi as they received cheque worth 50 Kidzos!

Then she asked a guy to verify the email. We showed him, and he immediately went to the Korean Air ticket counter to print our tickets after wrote down our names from the email. We're grateful as he's so helpful and he did his best so that he could let us admit to the park the soonest. After he passed the RFID tags for kids to wear on their wrist, he noticed that they only left with Korean brochures on the shelves. So he ran to the office and came out to us with the printed English brochure.

When we asked him whether there's locket to store our belongings, he brought us there too.Thank you for your attentive and excellent service.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park | 
Korean Air Boarding Pass & Kidzos Notes.

After put down our heavy bag and rented hanbok, he suggested us to go to Korean Air, but we saw the long queue, so we thought to come back later, however we didn't have time to do so. It seemed fun to become pilot or flight attendant. Actually, my childhood's dream was to become air stewardess.

I should ask my kids to write this post, as they're the ones experienced the theme park. 

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Baker Xuan wearing white uniform, apron and toque hat
at Paris Baguette Bakery's kitchen.

Do you see those 2 cuties inside the bakery? This theme park set minimum age of 3 years old to maximum is 16 years old. If you're below or above the range, you can't join the role play.

It's not easy to write this posting, they should be writing their reviews because they're the ones experiencing it. My husband and I were just watching them from outside as the spectators / photographers. Now I'd to interview them on what they did inside. And because of 2 photographers, I have tons of repeated photos and videos...

Xuan need to pay 15 Kidzos to learn how to prepare the bread, but they can bring back the bread. Zhi didn't want to join this as he wanted to earn money first before spend it. His goal was to earn million kidzos!!!

Training to hit hole in one shot?!
Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Zhi was awarded 5 Kidzos after completed the course
at Kidzania JTBC Golf Club.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Parents can relax, surf internet, or read magazines at Parents' Lounge.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
My hubby went to Parent's Lounge to survey and shocked to find nobody inside
but 2 handphones and bag were left there, so he took the above photo just to show me.

I told him it's common in Korea as it's low crimes there. However, my suggestion is don't do it at the places where there are a lot of foreigners such as in the airport. It's simply because I don't want to blame someone if I lost my belongings.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park | 
Kidzania's city!

Zhi was having problem as the golf instructor didn't know how to speak English, or maybe he taught Zhi is local. Then, we decided it's faster to join the activities together because of the waiting time and time needed for the activities also different. It'll be hard to locate each others at this 3 storey building.  Kidzania is mimicking the real town which has 74 professions in diver

From the second activities onward, I did ask the staffs whether they can speak English, some said they're able to converse a bit. So, at least the staffs knew that these 2 kiddos not locals, and might not understand the instructions, they will only follow what others doing.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
The second job experience was becoming Environmental Health
Service Consultant at Environmental Health R&D Centre.

After briefing, they went out to inspect the restaurant's sewage, and kill the pests using laser light gun. While the lady staff explaining the process in Korean language, the male staff did his best to guide Xuan & Zhi and talked to them in simple English. Thank you...

After collected water sample from the glass in the restaurant,
they walked back to their office and shouting "We're the best...?"
 Their last task was to see the water sample under the microscope in the office.

Zhi has the ambition to become hotel owner. When I told him then this should be the perfect job experience for him. But he told me that as the owner, he'll hire employees to do everything. I told him that he still need to know everything from the bottom so that he knows everything about hotelier.

Just in time to swing from R&D Centre to Lotte Hotel. Then, checked with the staff and he said he can speak a bit of English, so no problem for them to join. While waiting for other participants, he even chatted with my kids in English. He told them that he couldn't speak English in English language! 

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Scanned RFID Tag & Photo taking for Lotte Hotel Card.

Firstly, they're taught on etiquette on greeting guests politely and with a nice smile. They learned how to introduced themselves in Korean: "Annyeonghaseyo Lotte Hotel (Name) imnida." Then, followed by polite bowing and how to place their hands correctly. For female, the right hand above the left hand, and vice versa for the male.

He also told them that depends on nationality of the guests, it's better if they can greet them in their languages, such as "Welcome", "Arigatogozaimasu", "Gamsahamnida",...

Cute Bonus: Zhi introducing himself in Korean when he's 5 years old.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Their role-playing activities including house keeping,
room service, breakfast service, and porter service.

Fun and engaging activities for kids!

The staff in Lotte Hotel was very passionate in guiding kids. He's like a big brother to my kids from the start to the end. Therefore, you can see them smiling and laughing for the whole session there. Partly it's lucky that no other kids joining them, else he'd to explained in Korean and English. A big thanks to him for bringing so much fun and teaching them some useful skills. 

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |   Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Lotte Hotel Kidzania Membercard.

When they're going for porter service, suddenly there's little courier service guys delivering parcel to Lotte Hotel. After they came up the the baggage, they were awarded with 8 Kidzos and Lotte Card which entitled to some (Sorry I couldn't locate the cards for the exact percentage) discount if you stay in Lotte Hotel. Cool promotion, isn't it?

Please watch this video for more job experiences...

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park | 
CSI - Kidzania Police Department.

Kids were asked to watch CCTV footage where a random person walked in the police station,  sprayed paint and switched off the CCTV. Then they were asked to find the evidences such as fingerprints, tissue paper,... for investigation.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Both of them didn't understand the instructions as it's Korean language.

However, they somehow managed to guess what CSI supposed to do. My son said that Konglish words such as 핑거프린트 (pingeopeulinteu), tissue papereu quite obvious. Hahaha smart boy! 

Left about 2 hours, so I told them to just spend their hard earned Kidzos, else they won't have chance to use it. See... most of the crowds are mostly food and beverages stores!

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Crowd around Ghana Chocolate Factory, Baskin Robbins,
and Dunkin Donuts stores.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park | 
Process of making Ghana Chocolate.

My kids commented that basically they didn't do much here, just pouring the melted chocolate distributed by the Zupervisor to the template. After that, they were given the hardened chocolate that made by the earlier batches. No wonder, they can have a group of 12 each time.

My son was quite disappointed as the chocolate he received was 'low' quality because it's so thin... maybe the person spilled the chocolate. He said the one who get his will be satisfied as he did it perfectly... wakaka!

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park | 
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop.

The last role-play for them was at Baskin Robbins. It's nothing much to do here to... according to my kids, they just selected the flavor (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mint), then decorate with cookies and chocolate.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Free Baskin Robbins Kid's Sundae worth 3,300 Won.
(They just need to pay 15 Kidzos / person).

My son was expecting they taught them how to make ice cream, so he can make it at home to eat or sell it to earn money. Yes, he's indeed business minded boy!

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
You can buy ice cream, donuts, chocolate or drinks
directly from the shops. But, if you make it 
yourself it'll taste sweeter, right?! ;P ^^

They wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts because each class took about 20 minutes. However, the queuing time took much longer than our predictions... For Ghana, waited for 25 minutes, but it took 45 minutes for Baskin Robbins because there were more than 6 participants in the line. So, they'd to join the next workshop. Anyway, for 6 hours they managed to explore 5 different jobs.
Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?!

In Kidzania City, Establishments are divided in 8 categories:
~ Public Service: CSI, Police Station, Fire Department,Court, Embassy of Kidzania,...
~ Health / Financial Service: Hospital, Bank, Dental Clinic, e-Kidzo Card Centre
~ Culture/Art/Education: Fashion Boutique, Photo Studio, Publishing, Acting Academy, University,...
~ Urban Environment/Design: Golf Club, Construction Site
~ Service Industry: Beauty Salon, Department Store, Pest Control, Gas Station, Repair shop,...
~ Media: Mobile Phone Design Lab, Newspaper Edition, TV studio, Voice Acting Studio,...
~ Research & Lab: Water Lab, Dairy Lab, Snack R&D, Eco Friendly Power Plant, Sleeping R&D,...
~ Food & Beverage: Donut Shop, Chocolate Factory, Cooking School, Cereal Factory, Ramen,...

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
  When we're young, our dreams are limitless, 
and mine somehow changing from time to time. 

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
MBC News, Toon!verse Voice Acting Studio, Acting Academy,
Fashion Boutique, Photo Studio seemed cool to me,
but my kids 'die-die' didn't want to go there.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
 Wish that they open the similar theme park or workshops for adult too, so...

I've the chance to experience some of my dream jobs such as stewardess, doctor, fashion designer, model,... which I couldn't fulfill it in real life due to lack of self-confidence.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life~!" - Confucius. Therefore, through Kidznia Theme Park, I hope my kids enjoyed this fun and engaging learning journey, preserve their passion and develop their skills and confidence, that it might be valuable when they need to make decision for their career when they grow up.

Kidzania Seoul Children’s Job Experience Theme Park |
Add: 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82-1544-5110

Subway: Jamsil Station (Exit 4), Go straight towards Lotte World. 
Bus: 301, 341, 360, 362, 730, 2415, 3217, 3313, 3314, 3315, 3414, 3415, 6000, 6006, KAL Limo.

Operating Hours / Ticket Price:
1st Session: 10:00 - 15:00  (Child ₩38,000 / Adult ₩16,000).
2nd Session: 15:00 - 20:30 (Child ₩35,000 / Adult ₩16,000).
Full Day : 10:00 -20:30 (Child ₩59,000 / Adult ₩18,000).

Reservation for Foreigner:

Kidzania just opened its new city at Palawan Beach Sentosa on 12 April. I don't think we can go visit so soon as it must be super crowded... that's one of the reason why I brought them to Kidzania Seoul, though there's language barrier. FYI, Busan finally has its own Kidzania, which opened 4 days before Kidzania Singapore.