Sunday, 27 March 2016

I Light Marina Bay 2016

Hubby asked me whether I wanted to go and see i Light Marina Bay, 
Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival.

 It's only then I found out that this is yearly event.

This year is the fourth edition to illuminate Singapore's iconic Marina Bay.

These days kids prefer to stay at home and play games.
To be frank, I also hesitate to go out under scorching hot weather. 

We went out around 4:30 pm, so we could have our dinner first
before going to the light art festival which start from 7:30 pm. 

Had our dinner at Marina Square Food court since it's just nearby. Ah ha... I saw Oma's Spoon Patpingsu. I tried this before with my friends at 313 Somerset, wanted to bring kids but when we're there it's so crowded. Let me blog this later, ok? 

We reached the event square around 6:30pm. 

It's not lighted-up yet, so we decided to stroll around 
central of Financial district to see the city view with installations.

Say hello to Merlion, the iconic of Singapore.

It's so hard to take photos here!

Who wanna take boat ride for Singapore River Cruise? 

One Fullerton.

Fullerton Pavilion.

Wanna have Afternoon High Tea at 
The Landing Point - The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Esplanade - The Float at Marina Bay - Art Science Museum -
Singapore Flyer.

 It's actually nicer when it's lighted-up at night...
but when we went back there, the queues were super long...

 Just forget it... lazy to join those 5 lines.

Angel Vera just landed...

and flying off to Marina Bay Sands now~^^


 Lampshade is powered by solar energy  which covered in photovoltaic cells 
to prevent sunlight from entering its interior in the day and 
lighting up thousand lamp intensively at night.
Xuan and Zhi enjoyed 'Light Walk' and listened to melody
of harp from their footsteps.

Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Let's enjoy Laser show...

To be frank, I was quite disappointed...

I was expecting something similar to A Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong or

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of Banpo Bridge in Korea.

Overall ‘In Praise of Shadows’, which this theme featured 25 innovative
and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents
 from around the world was lightfully enjoyable.

Colorful and panoramic Singapore's Central Business District 
and Marina Bay Sands skyline at night.

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