Monday, 22 September 2014

[Jeonju] - Pungnammun Gate (풍남문)

Cheongyeonru Pavilion (청연루) - a must visit Tourist Attraction in Jeonju| by Meheartseoul
How is everything? Yap, I'm back after missing for 2 weeks as I spent my time to participate in "Korea, My Love Contest" and also "Master Planner Challenge 2014" for that one reason! I think you know the reason... Yes, I want to go to Korea!!! Although I knew that it's not easy to win the first prize, but to do my best. Ok, luck was not on my side, so not going to see beautiful autumn foliage in Korea. ㅠㅠ

Ok, now back to Jeonju...

 Jeonju Pungnammun Gate 풍남문 |
Pungnammun Gate

Jeonju Pungnammun Gate 풍남문 |
South Gate of Jeonju Castle

Jeonju Pungnammun Gate 풍남문 |
Treasure No. 308

Jeonju Pungnammun Gate 풍남문 |

Jeonju Pungnammun Gate 풍남문 |
Pungnammun3-gil 1, Wansan-gu, 
Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea 

Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel, a modern Hanok style hotel with ondol floor is just a few minutes walk from Pungnammun. 

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