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GoGuan Hanbok Photo Studio (고관 한복 스튜디오)

GoGuan Hanbok Photo Studio (고관 한복 스튜디오) | by Meheartseoul
Received quite a lot of questions from my friends and relatives for my "Gisaeng" photos,  so they can go there to snap some lovely photos donned in hanbok.

Today, I'll update it on my blog, so they can read the details clearer and also saving my time to reply their questions such studio location, rental price, photographer, package,... .

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Me wearing beautiful Gisaeng Hanbok at Goguan Studio

Some of you might have known that I was being 'cheated' for signed up for a so called "Wholelife Photography Package" with Naughty By Nature (nbyn) in year 2007. Well, this company closed down and cheated so many customers. I think my package is considered the cheapest, as some of them signed for more than $10K package...

I was so 'naive' to trust them, as I thought it's good that every year we can have family photoshoot. We went there after made an appointment with them on my birthday 09.09.2007. To cut the story short, we did file the case to police and court, but they had fled away. ㅠㅠ

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Aaauuww! They're so cute!
They just gave us raw photos... I'd to retouched these photos myself.

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
The second time we went there... in Hanbok costumes.
We only had the CDs for the photos, not even a printed out photo,
as they asked us to take more photos next time, so we can have a have more photos
to select for our photo album!

There are a lot of rental studio (렌탈 스튜디오) in Seoul. I was thinking to go there and have family photoshoot. But, you know, it's quite hard to ask them to pose, unless if there are cute animals or funny objects, else they'll easily get bored and showing their robot faces! 

They didn't want to participate in photoshooting, so instead to rent a studio, I found that there's a nice Go Guan Hanbok Cafe from Seoulistic's blog, but only stated the location. It took me quite a long time to search for the new GoGuan's website. And I finally found it from a blog in Korean language.

I like Korean Traditional Hanbok, wanted to buy it last year when we're in Korea. But, the lady said that the dark purple color is for older woman. Maybe she thought that I was joking with her that I said I have 2 kids. She kept asking me to chose brighter color like pink... ended up I didn't buy it.

I also like to watch Korean Sageuk drama, which they're dressed in hanbok all the time. I love to snap photos to capture happy moments.Just for your information, I have 4000+ photos for these trip. In case if one day I lose my memory, please let me see my photos in Korea or just bring me to Korea... maybe I can recall back my memory after that :P

Wohoo~! We arrived in Korea 1 hour before my birthday! The ultimate happiest day in my life as my wish finally came true. My friends always disturbed me that I was born in wrong country!

Just let me captured these beautiful moments in fun way... Gisaeng outfit!

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Please click the above photo to make an Appointment Online
Tel: +82 2-790-4224
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Add: Insadong - 143, Jongno-gu, Seoul

I'd made the appointment online, so when we arrived the guy knew immediately when I said we've appointment. He told his colleague that we're from Singapore! Then he guided us to the 3rd floor to store our belongings, and they just waited for me there...

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
watching "Running Man" and sipping Korean Traditional Tea
(provided free on the waiting area)

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
You can write or draw using brush and ink on Hanji (Korean paper)

I was guided me to dressroom on second floor to choose my costume. The wardrobe have partitions to separate different types of Hanbok and the sizes (S,M and L). Then, the lady asked me to choose from Gisaeng (M compartment). Then, she needed me to change my cloth to  Sokchima and Petticoat (Tutu skirt).  After that she covered me with a piece of cloth looks like big 'bib' on my chest, then I've to wait for a while as three make-up artists were busy...

Oh yes, it's pretty crowded that day, a group of 6 Japanese arrived the same timing with us, but they went up first but they just walked-in with no appointment. Few of the staffs understand and converse in good Japanese language.

Ok, it's my turn and the make-up artist asked me the hanbok that I wanted to wear. I pointed to her, and she asked me to sit down and started to make-up my face, then put on the fake eyelashes. Aaahh!!! my eyes felt so heavy, especially I only slept for about 1 hour in jimjilbang! 

Then after bunned up my hair, she helped me to put on the Chima (치마) and Jeogori (저고리). She took  underbust bodice belt (black color long cloth  with flowers emboidery and secured with velcro) and fasten it. 

After that another lady, helped me to pin the Jeogori as it's a bit too big for me. Then she chose  norigae (노리개), traditional ornament and hang it  on my belt. After that she decorated my skirt by pinning it and it looks like tiered waves... love it~! ^^

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Tadaa~!!! Me in 'Gisaeng' makeover for photoshooting :P

Ok, time to put the hairwig (가채 = Gachae). Two ladies helped to sit that heavy wig which already decorated with Binyeo (used to fasten a crown or a wig and hold braided hair up) and Dwikkoji (smaller accessories added onto the hair as decoration) on my head.

Heol~~! The wig really heavy and constrained the movements of my neck, especially when tilting or turning my head. 

Then the accident happened! Tried to lay the pillow, but the wig dropped on it before my head reached it. Sigh~ so embarrassing. Though not all noticed that incident, I quickly carried the wig and rushed to the dress room to look for my make-up artist. They looked at me blankly or rather unbelieveable as if asking me whether I just came back from the war?!

So, now I'm really curious how can Gisaeng or Queen wear that heavy wig everyday and for almost the whole day?!! It must be really tiring!
Ok, here is the breakdown for this package :
- Experience (One dress + Self photo): KRW 20,000
- Korean Gisaeng (Hwang Jin Yi), Royal dress or Wedding dress: KRW 5,000
- Full make-up: KRW 15,000
- Hair-Setting: KRW 5,000
  Total: KRW 45,000 (SGD 60,000)
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Package and Price
It's quite crowded, therefore we'd to wait and take turn so you won't be capturing other people on your photos. So, we spent about 1.5 hours in GoGuan for these photoshoots. I'd to go else my kiddos will complain that I stop the whole world for taking these photos. :P
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
 GoGuan studio is decorated with 8 themed spots with
Korean Traditional furniture and backgrounds 
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |  
Edited the photos to look like the wall painting on Goguan studio :P

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Pretty Jeonmo (전모), an umbrella-shaped hat made of bamboo and paper or cloth
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Did you watch Hwang Jin Yi or Gu Family Book on how the Gisaeng
perform this charming yet powerful Traditional Korean Drum Dance, either with
3-drum dance (SamGomu/삼고무) or 5-drum dance (Ogomu/오고무)?
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Uh Ho! What's that on your hand?
Don't play play!!!
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Add caption
See you again next time~^^
  [Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |  
사랑해요... I love You!

Edited Hair-wig~^^
[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Hwang Jin Yi

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |
Check out discount coupon from Trazy

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

[Seoul] Goguan Hanbok Experience |

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