Sunday, 7 April 2019

[Jinhae] - NFRDI Environment Eco-Park (진해내수면 환경생태공원)

We checked with KTO Booth at Yeojwacheon Stream whether there's any walkable distance attraction from there as I still have about 45 minutes to return the Hanbok dress...

We followed the stream to the end and we saw the entrance to the park.

 We're greeted by a big bunch of beautiful red and yellow tulips 
as soon as we walked to the park.
 Jinhae NFRDI Environment Eco-Park (Inland Water Eco Park) 
is part of the land of the Nambu Inland Water Research Center.  

 It lies on an area measuring 83,897 square meters. 

This environmentally-friendly park boasts a splendid natural landscape 
with over 65 different species of trees including cherry blossom, willow, 
maple trees and also different types of flowers.
 I'm so much green with envy to the residents of this area
because they can enjoy the luxurious scenery for 365 days!

This place must be very colourful during Autumn... as for now I can only imagine the reflection of the autumn leaves on the water...
 According to Min Jung Eonni, the property price at Yeojwacheon Stream  
skyrocketed to be one of the most expensive in Jinhae...

It has to thanks to its beautiful natural environment which
 attracted a lot of tourists and locals especially during 
Cherry Blossoms season.

Shooting location for SBS drama 'On-air 온에어' (2008).

 I have to seize every second to absorb the positive energy before leaving.
Annyeong Fish~! Happy swim swim there...
 Actually there's an exhibition, but we did not have much time left as
I need to change the Hanbok before hopping to Jinhae Bus Tour again.

NFRDI Environment Eco-Park (진해내수면 환경생태공원)
Admission Fees : Free 

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