Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Buseoksa to Busan

Walked down from Buseoksa Temple, quickly collected our luggage from Tourist Information Center (TIC) as bus no 55 parked there and going off soon...  

Passed by Sosu Seowon on our way to Yeongju Bus Terminal

It took about 40 minutes from TIC (Buseoksa) to bus terminal. Quite worried as we're not sure whether there's bus to Busan. We couldn't checked the schedule because there's no internet connection. I only have itinerary showing schedule from 12:10 up to 15:30 (latest time to leave Yeongju, as I planned to meet my friend in Busan).

Bus Timetable to other cities

Bus Fare Ticket

Lucky that there's bus leaving to Busan at 17:10pm

There are conveniences stores and restaurant inside bus terminal

not enough time to eat in the restaurant as only left about 20 minutes
after we purchased our tickets. Only bought something to munch in the bus.

There's internet connection, quickly updated Oppa
that we wouldn't be able to meet him and his family ㅠㅠ

Let's go to Busan~!

It's not express bus, therefore the bus makes few stop-overs 
including Andong Bus Terminal.

The journey from Yeongju to Busan bus terminal took 3 hours and 20 minutes. And when we arrived it's around 20:30 pm...

Sorry for stopping here... need to have plenty of rest, so that I can fully recover from migraine.