Sunday, 16 February 2014

September in Seoul - Incheon - Singapore [Day 7]

We headed to Seoul station after FantaStick show to collect back our luggage from Premium Travel Centre, then tapped our single use AREX transportation card to go to Incheon Airport.

Goodbye... my love

The nonstop ride from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport 
is just a comfortable 43 minutes ride.

There are other options to go to Incheon Airport such as Airport Limousine buses, taxi and Seoul Metropolitan Subway.

We don't have much time left after Fantastick Show, so we decided to have our dinner in airport. We selected AREX in order not to worry about traffic jams and discounted fare only 8,000 Won instead of 14,500 Won (this promotion fare is extended to the end of 2014).

Incheon Airport - World's Best Airport for 8 consecutive years!

Departure Hall

We hurried to Scoot's counter to check-in, and it's long queue and we're quite worried that not in time. However, we found out that actually there was flight delay. Quite irritating as they didn't even update the status in their website or inform us via email. 

We actually thought to go and eat first since it'll be delay... But, the counter didn't have the timing of the flight. They asked us to queue and check-in. We had no choice, but to wait in the queue.

My hubby just went to convenience store to buy
kimbap, taco, and rice wrapped with ham.

We took turn to queue and eat our dinner?! And we still couldn't go to eat even after check-in as the timing still not confirmed, and we need to wait for further information. 

Haiz, if we knew that, we won't rush to the airport and have nice dinner first. We just so bored waiting and waiting for about 4 hours... played games, surfed net, ate some snacks, watched Goddess of Fire that was airing on that day without English subtitle, and kids slept after tired playing games and talking more than dozen of different topics...

Annyeong Incheon airport... will say Annyeong again soon! So excited... start counting down!!!

Hahaha... really really sorry that I just finished my last trip posting. You know... endless spring-cleaning for Chinese New Year as no helper anymore. Then, very excited on planning for my next railroad trip (O-train, V-train, S-train). Busy editing last trip photos for photobook printout, and also very important thing... watching Korean Dramas: "Painter of the Wind" (2008), "The Heirs", "Empress Ki" and "My Love From Another Star"... oh, can't wait for the next episodes!!!

Ok, have a wonderful weekend~^^