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How and Where to Learn Winter Sports in Korea?

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Too bad that not every country experience winter. For countries located near equator like Singapore only recognized two seasons which are wet and dry seasons. Therefore, it has been my dreams to visit countries where you can build snowman!

Without explanation, we all know that winter is icy cold, dry and humid. But, it didn't stop us to visit Korea during winter. In fact, out of our 5 trips to Korea, twice were in winter season. However, it wasn't snowing during our visit in Feb 2014. It's just snow covering some places that we visited. 

Actually, cold won't bother you much if you wear thermal insulating clothing, winter jacket, protecting your neck with scarf, wear hat and if not enough... you can use hot packs to keep yourself warm! I would recommend you opt to stay in Korean style hotel or Hanok House, because it's nice to sleep on ondol (heated) floor.

Still remember how we flew out from Ashley Queens Restaurant the moment I saw the weather forecast notification that it's snowing. Yes, it's our first time seeing white fluffy snow falling from blue sky. Happily 'dancing' in the snow as we tried to catch as the snow on our palms. 

It's phenomenal moments for us... but, we'd to rush back to the restaurant before being escorted back by police. You know we'd not paid the buffet.  I just used sign language to the staff that we wanted to see snow, not sure whether she understood or not.

Snow is like magic blanket and turning Daewallyeong ranch to wonderland!

Snowscape in Jeonju on 27 Nov vs cold winter without snow on 29 Nov.

 My weird body reacted as if it's colder if it's not snowing.
Completely fine even snow pouring down on me.

There are a lot of activities that you can do in winter, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice fishing and so on. I know, most of us that living in hot countries which ice melted in just few minutes doesn't know how to ski. Worry not, why not pick up a new skill while travelling and it'll be extraordinary and unforgetable experience in winter~^^

Korea has so no lack of ski resorts and mostly scattered around Gangwondo and Gyeonggido. Here are the list and more detailed information from VisitKorea for your easy reference.

Most of these resorts do conduct classes for skiing and snowboarding. You can even get special or discounted price if you're staying in the resort. Or you can get private instructor for one to one, where the instructor can concentrate just to one person instead of a group of students.

 You can check my previous post about Muju Ski Resort here
and also 3 hours private skiing lesson here.

Hubby's pose like he's so satisfied after successfully sliding down from expert slope.

 After the session, you should be able to slide down the hill. Cool, right?! 

Well, not for us... We're still far to be considered as fair in skiing. It's nothing to do with the instructor. He's very good that I think with his skill, he can participate in upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics Games.

I just want to lie down on the snow and make snow angel~! ;P

Actually, we wanted to learn skiing together with kids on our last trip, but too bad that all of us were sick and just stayed in the pension houseand had mild winter activities such as fed animals, built snowman, and had a good rest.

 Playing snowtubing at Elf Pension House.

Yes, my hands are itchy whenever I see thick snow!
Let's make a cool snowman~!

Do you know that building snowman, snowball fighting and ice fishing 
are considered as winter recreational sports? 
It can be casually enjoyed by whole family from young to old. 

Talking about winter sports, world mega scale winter Olympics games will be held in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do which will feature 102 events in 15 sports: 

 Event calendar (Source: Wikipedia)

I wish to be there to witness the spectacular opening ceremony and few competitions like figure skating, Alpine skiing, and Snowboarding. 

Would love to see  the exquisite and elegance figure skating as close as I can. Still don't understand the formula of how they manage to balance themself after super fast spin, turns, twizzles. And the most fascinating is they're like a feather... flying and spining in the air effortlessly and gracefully. Really unbelieveable skills they have by practicing hard! 

Adrenaline rush sport, Alpine skiing was one the reasons and my encouragement to take up skiing class. My ultimate goal is able to slide down the magical white hill without my legs trembling or jellified. 

I'll back to workforce tomorrow, which coincidentally marking countdown D-200 to Pyeongchang Olympics.

Oh yeah, KTO Singapore will be celebrating D-200 with many exciting activities on 8th July 2017 (Fri), 3pm to 8pm. If you want to experience mini hockey and curling, fishing game or just to get information for your next visit to Korea, do visit them and who knows you might win and bring back home souvenirs featuring cute Soohorang and Bandabi as mascots of Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games.

Please click here for more information.

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