Monday, 17 November 2014

[Muju Ski Resort] - Zephyr coffee (제퍼커피)

Recommended Food and cafe to chill in Muju: Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 | by Meheartseoul
Time to feed wormies in our tummies before go for skiing lesson...

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
 Found this spacious cafe around Carnival Street (카니발 스트리트).

 Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
 cozy and spacious feeling with simple wooden chairs and tables.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
This cafe is selling Traditional Japanese food such as Katsu, Udon, Ramen.

I think they're sharp in doing business. Customers more likely choose hot and filling food than bread or deserts to fight the cold and to have more energy for winter sports.

Happy with their friendly staff and his awesome service. He suddenly popped out from nowhere when we stood in front of the food banner. He simply introduced the menu in English to us, as if he knew that I got a bit hard time to read and translate everything to my hubby.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
 Crispy breaded Donkatsu (돈까스) with mashed sweet potato inside.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
Fish katsu with rice ball, miso soup, salad, cucumber and radish pickles and dipping sauce.
Perfect golden-colored crispy skin outside, but juicy inside!

I tried to zoom in the photo to check the price, but it's too blur to see whether it's 4,400 won (super cheap!) or 9,900 won (very reasonable price).

Maybe because we didn't order drink, the same staff also came to our table to let us know that drinking water is self-service, and pointed that we can get the cups beside the counter. Wow~ indeed a very alert staff, no need asking!
Please don't under estimate the taste because the above photos shown nobody inside this cafe. Yes, we're their only customers when we dined there. It's because it's on Thursday and end February was already off peak season for winter leisure in Korea.

To be frank, I don't really remember the taste, but I do remember the food didn't disappoint us. We're satisfied with the price, the taste and great service.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
We quickly finished up the food, maybe because we're 
really hungry and excited to start our ski lesson :P

My hubby had to go back to our room to get cash, because the ski instructor not accepting credit card. I decided to hide myself here from freezing cold air outside. As if we booked the whole cafe, I really utilized almost every corners to take photos... ㅋㅋ :P

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 | 
This big half round window is my favorite spot.
Nice to sit and gaze out from there, maybe it's even nicer to read a book,
chit chat and have a cup of hot tea / coffee there.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
Small flower pots give lovely and romantic atmosphere,
and old-fashioned coin telephone added a bit of vintage touch to it. 

"여보세요~?!" Yes, hello~?!! Ups, the phone was not working. Well, I didn't intend to make a call.... just wanna snap some photos with it! Hahaha.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
Pretty orchid!

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
OMG! more random selfie poses inside the cafe!

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
Great that wifi signal was quite good inside the cafe and around
Carnival Street.

It seemed that not the whole resort has internet connection, or has very poor signal. Our pocket wifi not connected if we're around Kookmin Hotel.

Muju Ski Resort - Zephyr coffee 제퍼커피 |
Tel: 010-5362-6901
Operating Hours: 07:00 to 23:00 
전라북도 무주군 설천면 심곡리 산43-15번지
(around Carnival Street - Muju Deogyusan Resort)
Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea.