Sunday, 4 September 2016

My Home Sweet Home

Finally sold after opening our door to around 50 viewers in about 5 months. We engaged with total of 2 exclusive agents for the first 4 months. For the first agent we'd to pay all advertisement fees incurred as we cancelled before 3 months to switch to second agent. We put it for open market with 3 agents after no result from the second agent.

 Unblocked view from corridor.

Felt hopeless as there's only single viewing when 3 agents marketing it in 9 days. Worried that the unit that we want to buy near Tanah Merah sold out before we can sell our flat, I called Henry from ERA to arrange viewing for condo along Eunos to Pasir Ris MRT. Understood that we'll only purchase it after we sell our flat, he offered to become our exclusive agent, and will do the best to market it for us...

9 Aug 2016: 
* Sign Resale Checklist & Exclusive Agreement.
* Take some photos of the house
* Advertise on online portals (SRX & Property Guru).

Master Bedroom.

 Walk-in wardrobe and standalone steam bathtub.

 Living & Dining Room.

Living Room.

 Kid's Room


Lift & Corridor.    

There's no viewings for that week because there's 7 days waiting period before we can grant the Option to Purchase to the buyer. 

12 Aug 2016:
* Site inspection by SRX licensed appraiser for Valuation of the house.
* Professional photographer from come to take wide angle photos and stitch them together so buyers can view 360 degree video of our house.

360 degree video.    

16 Aug 2016: 
* 1 viewing at 6:30 pm
* Receive SRX Valuation Report with projected value of $480,000.

Too be frank, I was quite upset seeing the above valuation report. Although, stated that our property is in very good condition, but the value is not justify it. From the moment we decided to sell our flat, I was actively checking property online advertisement. Well, I can't said that our flat is in the best renovated, but it's really above the average because the rest mostly in its original condition when they bought it 39 years ago.

Added that our unit is very rare because there are only 12 units of 4 rooms flat in this block, and the remaining units are 5 rooms flat. That's mean we've advantage of using free spacious corridor (which is balcony for 5 rooms flat). But being said so, it's also disadvantage because it has been a decade since we moved in, and we might be the last one who bought this resale flat from first owner. Therefore, there's no supporting transaction and need to compare with block 10 and 11 that their blocks don't have the spacious corridor and city view like our block, although their blocks are a bit nearer to MRT. Anyway, we couldn't do anything but to accept.

20 Aug 2016: 
* Viewing at 12pm

21 Aug 2016:
* Reject offer of $450,000 from previous viewing done by other agent.

25 Aug 2016:
* Viewing at 7:00 pm.

26 Aug 2016:
* Buyer from the previous night offer $480,000 max.

We asked Henry to negotiate for $490,000 because the buyer can't extend our stay. We're asked to prepare copy of Property Tax to prove our ownership of this house. We're told that they'll keep us posted after they meet the buyer at 5pm for pricing discussion.

So anxious that I couldn't take my nap, my mind was praying that the buyer will agree with the price although at the same time not so willing to let go it as we're actually expecting $500,000.

Sat at the the dining area and asked kids to pack their bags as I'm going to sweep the floor.  I was checking my daughter's report book and suddenly, I heard unfamiliar steps sound walking from the lift towards our unit. It's super rare that people walking pass our corridor if not coming to our house, because our unit is at the middle, so basically this lift only serving 2 flats.

The steps sound really stopped in front of our gate. Then they asked my kids whether I was at home. I turned my head to the door and really surprised to see Henry and Tina outside. They congratulated me as they managed to close the deal and brought us $1,000 cheque as option fee from buyer.

They came in and quickly fill up the option to purchase form for us to sign. As my hubby still not yet back home, they left the form as they're rushing for property seminar. They popped by again at 10 pm to collect the form.

27 Aug 2016:
* Buyer called to inform our agent that she will pay cash for this purchase, so valuation is not needed.
* Tina collected $4,000 cheque and signed OTP from the buyer.

We're quite lucky that this buyer is cash-rich, because CPF usage and HDB loan will be restricted for purchase of flats with remaining lease less than 60 years.

30 Aug 2016:
* First Appointment scheduled on 4 Nov 2016 at HDB Hub.

1 Sep 2016:
* Received letter from HDB informing:
  - Estate Executive from Geylang Branch will come to inspect our flat on 6 Sep 2016
  - Date of First Appointment and documents that we need to bring on that day.
  - Resale transaction estimated to be completed on 16 Dec 2016.

I believe we did our part too to smoother the sale. Though overall our flat is quite well-kept, but one point of time I was so crazy to by this Korean decals and paste them all over the walls ;P

So, we got hard time to peel them off, well it's not so obvious but if you see it closely you'll notice brighter shade on those part being covered by the stickers. Heol~!!! Hubby suggested to buy the similar color to paint those affected parts. But, how could you remember the color that painted 10 years ago!

Anyway, we brought the sample to the store and get something close to this color. Supposed to paint the affected wall, I started to paint living room, then master bedroom wall beside the window. Supposed to stop there, but as you know I'm quite free at home so yeah I continued to paint the whole master bedroom, living room and dining room in 3 days!

Should have bill my hubby for painting fee, because it's not anyhow paint. I applied 2 coats (although for living room only the exposed walls, as I have no strength to move those massage chairs, bookshelf). Even one of the viewers asked whether these wall was using wallpaper! Hehehe.

My and my itchy hands! 

If you're wondering why the above photos only show 2 bedrooms instead of 3. It's because I don't know how to take photo inside that room! As some of you might know that I have online shop, so that room is my so called 'warehouse' and also others items. In fact, I'd cleared out 30% by discards items that we don't think we'll use. Donated those we think that others still can use and try to sell items or appliances we bought but hardly or not even use once at Carousell

My cutie green plants and mini figurines.

On top of that, each time tidy and clean the house prior to viewings. Switch on all the lights and pull up the curtains. I even bought baby plants to make the room looks fresher~!^^

We've to move out latest by 9 Dec 2016.

I'll be missing NDP Firework from our corridor.

Will post update on my new home sweet home soon! Have a wonderful day... Cheers!!!