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My Happiest Memory in Seoul (II)

My Happiest Memory in Seoul (II) | by Meheartseoul
This was my second trip in September 2013 after the successful and memorable first trip in Korea. I was more confident to bring my kiddos along with us knowing that nothing to worry as Korean people was so helpful and welcoming us. Check out our best ever family trip here~!

 We felt guilty that didn't get to join us and missed them so much
though we did call them every night...

Without further ado, let me share our happiest memory in Korea. Actually, I would love to go through each and every places as if you're traveling with us, but it'll be endless~~~!

Arrived at Incheon airport we directly went to Dragon Hill Jjimjilbang in Seoul as it's late night. It's the first time for kids to experience Korean jjimjilbang. Though my hubby and I visited jjimjilbang in Gyeongju after tired walking, but it's our first time to stay overnight.

Dragon Hill Jjimjilbang
But, it's kids' first experience of Korean bath house...

Keep Calm and Have Awesome Birthday Celebration~!
The next morning was the highlight of this trip. Actually it's my birthday present from hubby, though I'd do to all the homework to plan the itinerary including how to celebrate it in The Land of the Morning Calm.

Actually, my birthday is just another 11 days later, and I really wish to be there again...
Goguan Studio - Giseang Hanbok make-over
Goguan Studio - Giseang Hanbok make-over.

From Jjimjilbang, we had a bit of hiccup as most of the taxi drivers didn't know our hotel location, some resisted because they need to make U-turn. And worse was we didn't have internet connection as I reserved Wifi egg with "S-Roaming" but it closed its business without informing us. Then, I couldn't searched for the address in Hangul or texted my friend to ask them for help.

We waited opposite the road with lesser taxi passing for more 40 minutes, but no taxi willing to take us there. Luckily the Ahjumma who was suggested us to wait across the street saw us after no more  morning crowd waiting in front of Yongsan station. She crossed the road and helped us to tell the taxi driver how to go there. We really appreciate for her kindness and assistance.

After put our luggage in the hotel, we headed to Goguan Hanbok Studio. I'd booked the package which consist of renting Gisaeng Hanbok + make-up + hairdo. If you're interested to experience wear Korean traditional dress and snap these lovely photos with Korean-style furniture and background props, please check out my separate posting here

Korea in Motion Festival
 Collected 'Fantastick' performance tickets as I won them from Koinmo contest.

Since the booth was in front of KTO HQ at Cheonggyecheon, we went in to check where others "S-roaming" collection points. Then we only found out that they'd closed the business. 

Then we also checked whether D'maris at Gangnam need to have reservation for lunch buffet. The officer called and confirmed that we could have lunch there. She was helpful to print the map with the address in Hangul, so we could get the take taxi there smoothly. (Seoul Trip Blog) 
 D'maris Seafood Buffet (드마리스뷔페).

D'maris is a premium buffet restaurant serving more than 250 variety dishes including fresh seafood, Teppanyaki, Sashimi, Sushi, Salad, Korean Food, Mediterranean food and variety of dishes from around the world including desserts and fruits.

Happy and satisfied to have such a sumptuous buffet lunch to celebrate my birthday~!^^

FYI, if you wish to have a meal in D'maris, please check their other branches, because now this place change to 'Ashley QueensWorld Gourmet' which is chained buffet restaurant. Please click this link for the food review. 

To be frank, we're handicapped as no internet connection. We couldn't use google map to guide us where to find the place we want to go. But fret not, because Korea is very tourist friendly where you can find Tourist Information Centre (TIC) and even Tourist polices patrolling in the touristy area that ready to assist you.

ID Hair Salon
 After we got the map from TIC, hubby and kids dropped me at
ID Hair Salon to have my hair cut and permed.

However, after the hair stylist checked, it's not suitable to perm as it's too dry. Too bad I only can had it cut and styled.

Trick Eye Museum and Ice Gallery

They went to Trick Eye Museum and Ice Gallery and had 
fun snapping unbelievable photos to show me.

The highlight of the day supposed to be Hangang River Dinner Cruise, but not sure why that day they only Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain cruise available.

Romantic Night Cruise along Hangang River.

Hangang Cruise is getting more and more popular because of Korean drama 'My Love from Another Star'. Neb, it's the where Do Min Joon and Cheon Song-yi shared their first kiss! Omo~ Omo!!!

Romantic Night Cruise along Hangang River. 
Love is all around this Banpo Bridge.

   Let my hair down and showered by Banpo Bridge light show
made my heart dancing~!

My kids voted Hangang River Cruise is one of the best attractions in Seoul, and according to them Hangang has such good 'qi' (energy) as they suddenly stop coughing when they reached there!

Love is all around this Banpo Bridge
See my life in a different light and thankful to have a wonderful hubby 
and lovely kids to celebrate my birthday in Korea. Love you all so much! (Vera Lee)
To summarize it, these were the places we went. However, it's already
 exceeded 500 words, if you want to read our fantastic adventures 
please click the following links below:

Everland and Caribbean Bay 

Gwanghwamun, Gangnam & Garosugil
Jumunjin, Gyeongpodae, Seongyojang, and Ojukheon House
Day 4 - [Gangneung] - Jumunjin, Gyeongpodae, Seongyojang, and Ojukheon House.

Samcheok, Jukseoru Pavilion, Chotdaebawi Rock,   Mureung Valley, Samhwasa Temple & Seongyojang.

SBS filming us experiencing Tea Ceremony & playing Yutnori   at Seongyojang before we headed back to Seoul (Gyeongbokgung).
 Day 6 - SBS filming us experiencing Tea Ceremony & playing Yutnori 
at Seongyojang before we headed back to Seoul (Gyeongbokgung).

Bukchon Hanok Village, Hongdae, Myeongdong   and watching 'FantaStick' Live Performance before bidding goodbye!
and watching 'FantaStick' Live Performance before bidding goodbye!