Wednesday, 3 December 2014

[Muju Ski Resort] - Fun with White Snow

Not to miss attraction spot in Chuam: Chotdaebawi Rock | by Meheartseoul
Three hour skiing lesson seems too short for clumsy us... (Vera Lee)
Our English-speaking ski instructor told us to keep practicing ourselves. 

We wanted to fully utilize the ski equipments so they worth the rental cost, and maybe have a chance to improve our skills so we can brag about it. :P (Vera Lee)
 Ski lift pass valid until 22:00 pm, and we can use ski equipments and jackets until that night. (Vera Lee)
And, seriously skiing is pretty fun!!!

We're not really afraid of falling down. It doesn't really hurt that much, maybe because we're wearing thick napping pants and it's on the powdery snow. Well, it just quite embarrassing especially when you see kids can do better than us! (Vera Lee)
So, what's the problem for not practicing ourselves?! (Vera Lee)
The real problem was how to get up after falling down?! (Vera Lee)
Who's going to help us?! Help~~ Somebody please help me~~!!! (Vera Lee)
We did practice a bit though... You can check the video below.

But, it's really hard to do it, because we didn't have power like our instructor to slide up the hill. We only manage to go a bit higher than flat surface. It took so much energy consuming to drag ourselves up. And because it's not inclined enough to slide down, we also need to use the strength from our hands for pushing the ski poles in order to slide down. (Vera Lee)
Phew~ we're totally out of breath and energy! (Vera Lee)
 Resting on top of white snow and raise white flag to surrender! :P (Vera Lee)
Hiks... how to boast with these 'so-so' skills?! (Vera Lee)
Wait~! Wow... my hubby sliding down so confident
with big smile~^^ (Vera Lee)
Horray~~! suddenly both of us became professional skiers!!! (Vera Lee)
Yes! indeed we're daydreaming~! ㅋㅋㅋ (Vera Lee)
We acted as if we just had a solid slide down from the top of the mountain,
and posed in those impressive and convincing positions. :P (Vera Lee)
After fun and satisfied with those posing,
 I'd fun creating snow falling effect by tossing snowballs up to the sky,
 and my husband busy for burst-shooting these photos :P (Vera Lee)
1... 2... 3... start! (Vera Lee)
Can you see the falling snow from snow ball?

Couldn't help myself for behaving like kids
having fun throwing and juggling these cute white snow balls...
It's first time in my life touching snow, you know?! (Vera Lee)
Do you want to build a snowman? (Vera Lee)
 Yes, I wanted to build a snowman, but...
all the slopes closed from 16:30 until 18:30. (Vera Lee)
Ski patrol with these huge vehicles started to check, sweep and comb 
the ski runs before they open it again until midnight 02:00am.

Oh yeah, two of the patrol officers were quite naughty. They tried to chased me out by speeding the ski scooter towards me. I'd to scream and walk as fast as possible. Seriously, they must had so much fun scaring people out of the area, laugh out loud seeing people running like robots in those heavy ski boots. 진짜!!! (Vera Lee)
 and here's my 1/2 built snowman... (Vera Lee)
Only left few people around the slopes...
We slowly walked to the cafetaria because carrying
heavy ski equipments ㅜㅠ (Vera Lee)
Some people just put their snowboards, ski bindings and poles
in the racks and leave. Will someone steal it? Well, I'm not sure too
but maybe it's quite safe to do so in Korea. (Vera Lee)
We brought down to Mansun House and return them at the rental counter, 
since we're not going to use them anymore.

Check out the video to see the romantic Mansun ski slopes at night. Watch how those professional skiers doing perfect zig-zags and sliding down gracefully from the top of the mountain on advance slope. Envy them to the max!!! (Vera Lee)