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In and Around Jeonju Hanok Village

Photo Album of Jeonju Hanok Village...

 Beautiful Hanok House.

Iconic street in Jeonju on Pedestrian Street day.
 Kids and adults playing traditional games in the park.
 There are a lot of Hanbok renting stores in this village.

 Donned yourself in Hanbok and stroll around
charming hanok village.


 Yummy street foods waiting for you to taste.

 Cozy cafes...


Omokjeong, smaller version of Omokdae Pavilion.

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Slow City Jeonju Hanok Village | meheartseoul.blogspot.com 

meheartseoul.blogspot.com | Vera Lee

Monday, 18 December 2017

10 Coolest Winter Activities in Korea

It’s now winter in Korea, the best season to visit especially if you want to see snow falling from the sky and blanketed this country in glorious white. It's cold but it's so serene as if you're in winter wonderland.

There are so many winter activities to choose from and believe me, you won't freeze to snowman with warm jacket, cover your head with beanie and wrap your neck with muffler because they prevent major body heat lost and the cold never bothered you anyway. 

17 Ski Resorts in Korea are welcoming you to enjoy awesome winter trip.
10 COOLEST Winter Activities to enjoy like Koreans:

❄️Pyeongchang Trout Festival (평창송어축제)  
Trout farming first started in Jinbu-myeon in Pyeongchang-gun due to its cold and clear waters. Trout offer plenty of nutrition, and their natural taste makes them delicious when eaten raw.  
Pyeongchang Trout Festival takes place during winter and visitors can enjoy a variety of programs including ice and lure fishing for trout, snow programs, ice programs, folk programs, traditional folk games including sledding and top spinning, and visitors can try out sports such as riding 4-wheel ATVs, snow rafting, sleigh trains.
Trout fish caught can be eaten raw dipped in a vinegar red pepper paste sauce or can be prepared right away at a nearby restaurant. My Korean friend even bringing their own portable gas stove to cook at the site.

Trout lure fishing (Source: KTO).

Period : 22 Dec 2017 – 25 Feb 2018
: 3562, Gyeonggang-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do     

강원도 평창군 진부면 경강로 3562 (진부면)
Admission Fee : Ice-fishing 13,000 won 

Barehand fishing 15,000 won 

Amusement facilities 6,000 won
Website : festival700.or.kr (Korean)

❄️Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival (얼음나라 화천산천어축제)

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival takes place at Hwacheon county in Gangwon-do with plenty of snow and ice, perfect for a winter getaway. Since 2003, the festival has been visited by a million people, making this festival more joyful.

Varied festival programs and activities including: Trout ice-fishing, lure fishing, 
bare-handed fishing, snow sledding, Bobsleigh, Elgomi Bike, Ice soccer, 
creative sleigh, and more. (Source: KTO)

Period : 6 Jan 2018 - 28 Jan 2018
: Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

강원 화천군 화천읍
Website : www.narafestival.com (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

❄️ Inje Icefish Festival (인제 빙어축제)
The Inje Smelt Festival is being held around the Soyangho Lake area in Inje, Gangwon-do Province. This winter festival is set against a beautiful snow-capped Naeseorak Mountain in the background. 
Small silvery smelt fish lives only in clear and clean waters and because of its 
beautiful appearance, it is also referred to as the Fairy of the Lake. (Source: KTO)

Smelt fishing is the most popular event at the festival for both kids and adults alike. The venue is always filled with crowds of people who come to enjoy winter activities such as: Smelt fishing, icefish cook coaching, fish porridge sharing, large-sized icefish sleigh, snow sculptures, ice tunnels, concert and others programs.

Period : 27 Jan 2018 - 4 Feb 2018
: Bupeyong-ri, Nammyeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

강원도 인제군 남면 부평리
Website : www.injefestival.co.kr (Korean only)

❄️ Daegwallyeong Snow Festival (대관령 눈꽃축제)
The Daegwallyeong Snow Festival is held in the Hoenggye-ri area, which is located in Daegwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do. 

The festival starts with a fireworks display, followed by various programs such as a singing contest, an international naked marathon contest, a singing contest for multicultural families, a climbing competition, snow art contests, a snow literature event, etc.

Main programs: Snow sculpture contest, Sledding, Bobsleigh (Source: KTO)
Period : 7 Feb 2018 – 22 Feb 2018 *subject to change
: 135-6, Daegwallyeong-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

강원도 평창군 대관령면 대관령로 135-6
Admission Fee : 5,000 won
Program Fee : varies by activity

❄️ Taebaeksan Snow Festival (태백산 눈축제)
Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival presents large-scaled snow sculptures in the national park, Jungang-ro, Hwangji Pond and other downtown areas. Also, various programs like Taebaeksan Mountain Snowflake Hiking Competition, Igloo Café, ice fountain, snow sliding, starlight festival, and more are planned for a fun and fantastic festival.
Large-scaled snow sculpture exhibition. (Source: KTO)

Snow sculpture exhibition, Taebaeksan Mountain Snowflake Hiking Competition, snow sliding, and also various hands-on program & exhibition can be enjoyed at Taebaeksan Festival.

Period : 19 Jan 2018 - 11 Feb 2018
: 168, Cheonjedan-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do

강원도 태백시 천제단길 168 (소도동)
Admission Fee : Free
Program fee : varies by activity
Website : festival.taebaek.go.kr (Korean only)

❄️ Relaxing at Natural Hot Springs.
Korea has numerous natural hot springs. Why not head up to natural hotspings and soak in alkaline mineral spring water, sulfate saline or CO2-rich water.

 Check this link if you're looking for a good to rejuvanation.

It's not only good for skin, increasing blood circulation, metabolism and also promote wellbeing. A relaxing and enjoyable activities for everyone with a bonus of stunning scenery and peaceful setting. 

❄️ Ice Skating and Sledding
Check out these outdoor ice skating rinks if you wish to learn ice skating and have a few spins like Kim Yuna or a simply fun sledding down the slopes covered in soft snow:

 illuminated is popular winter dating spot to enjoy winter sports with an open-view 
of Hangang River and the Gangnam area. It has been featured in Korean dramas.
 Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink (서울광장 스케이트장) is another winter attraction in the city. 
The plaza transforms into an outdoor skating rink every winter and hosts a wide array of 
cultural events including concerts and exhibitions for residents and visitors.

 features a variety of facilities including ice skating rink, snow sledding hill, 
snow playground, food market and more. (Photo: Source)

located in Songpa-gu district of Seoul, is open for every winter. 

is comprised of large and small slopes as well as a snow hill, rides, 
smelt-fishing and other hands-on program venues.

❄️ Treat yourself with delicious winter comfort food.

As body temperature easily drop in winter due to increase of energy consumption. Therefore, it's important to have body-warming foods for better metabolism. Although it  gives you more reasons to consume more food, but overeating is bad for your body. Rather than heavy meal, I prefer to share with my family, so our tummies have some space to indulge others varieties of yummy food and snacks.

 Must-Eat: Street Food, Snack and Desserts in Korea
Try these Popular winter comfort foods to warm your heart and body in cold winter: hotteok, bungeoppang, gyeranppang, hoppang, tteokbokki, eomuk, danpatjuk, sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts.

Ginseng and sticky rice in Samgyetang (삼계탕)  
beneficial to increase body temperature.

Hearty hot and spicy stews packed with  nutrition benefits such as kimchi jjigae, sundubu jjigae and kongnamul gukbap are some of the best winter food to kick up your health and keep you warm in coldest winter days.

❄️ Admire X'mas decoration and Lights Festivals
Winter night in Seoul is so dazzling and impressive when buildings, landmarks and steets  illuminated with vivid lights art and Christmas decorations. 

Let's dance in romantic night sky in beautiful frozen magical fairyland settings:

Myeongdong shopping belt is dressed in dazzling colors and interactive 20m 
Christmas trees changing their colors according to the carols! (Video: Visit Seoul)

festival of lights in Korea, covering 100 thousand pyeong illuminated by 30,000 lights. 
The gleaming lights add a festive glow to the garden during the winter season.

Boseong Tea Plantation Light Festival (보성차밭 빛축제)
will light up the green tea fields at Korea Tea Culture Park and Yulpo Beach (Solbat Beach). 

Herb Island Light Festival - Lighting & Illumination (허브아일랜드 불빛동화축제)
features a romantic ambience created by splendid lightings. It is comprised of 
a pink wish tunnel, sparkling buildings, Santa Village, photo zone and other 
twinkling places for visitors to enjoy. (Source: KTO)
❄️ New Year Eve's Countdown and First Sunrise Festival
If you are planning to spent your Christmas and New Year in Korea, why not create a memorable night and bid 2017 a goodbye when the clock strikes 24:00 on on the last day of the year.

 Thousands of people flock to this bell pavilion at Jongno area for countdown event   
to usher new year. It's Korea's tradition to strick this big bronze bell 33 times   
for marking the first day of the year (Photo: Yonhap News)    

Two additional late night bus routes throughout major destinations within Seoul have been temporarily added to run from 8 Dec 17 - 01 Jan 18.
Another unique ways to celebrate like Koreans do is travelling to East Coast or Jeju Island to witness the last sunset aand welcome the first sunrise.

  Visitors can make wishes for the coming year and enjoy the fascinating sunrise at

 Perfect vantage point for spectators to admire the first sunrise from 

Let me know which winter activities you like to experience in Korea? Or please share to us if you have other interesting and unique ways to enjoy winter.

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