Thursday, 5 April 2018

Frozen in time at Korean Folk Village (한국민속촌)

This is the last post for my 2015 winter trip before revisiting my second hometown 2 days later. So, I must complete these long-overdue postings. So excited especially this trip is in spring... cherry blossom! But, till this second, I haven't packed a single thing yet because busy arranging my keep changing itinerary, which including changing hotel because of the locations. Ok, will do it tomorrow!

I'm really sorry if you have to read the blur printscreen thanks to the smart autosave saving it the moment I clicked Ctrl Z and the page was completely blank!!! Luckily, I have preview page, but only can printscreen... #whyohwhy #icry #killmenow

  Lying in a spacious site of 990,000㎡ and in nature-given geomantic location 
‘facing water and backgrounded by mountains’,

Begger begging for food? Should we grab some food from
food court or buy him rice taffy from food cart?!

 Having fun swinging and resting our legs.

 Show me your snowman!

Let's shoot some photos with Kim Eun-oh, the Magistrate and Rooftop Prince.

 KFV is the mecca of sageuk dramas.
(OMG! I watched most of them... from 'Dae Jang Geun' to 'My Love from the Star')

 Visitors can become eyewitnesses and experience Experience the world of 
historical drama and filming sites seen on TV at KFV.

You can catch free performances such as Nongak (farmer’s music), Traditional wedding ceremony , Jultagi (tightrope walking) (closed on Monday), Gukak B-boy, and...

Martial art on horseback (11:30 / 15:00).

Sadly, that's the only performance we watched because Nongak was already ended after 
we'd our lunch, tightrope walk was cancelled because snowing and Traditional wedding
ceremony was closed in December to February.

Themepark with Roller Coaster and

Ghost House!!!

It's not that I scared... but just not prepared to meet these Korean ghosts yet ;P

 After that we rushed back to Seoul and took taxi to Bettl Hanbok
to return this pretty Hanbok before the store closed. 

 Had some street foods in Myeongdong.

 Mango Cheese Sulbing KRW 9,500 & Injeolmi Sulbing KRW 7,000

 Cheessy little guys that only smile for camera if there's delicicous desserts! 

Last photos before catching midnight flight at 01:40am.

Airport Bus 6015 & 6021.

Paid KRW 5,000 for 3 lockers because we'd excedeed 12 hours of free usage. Then slowly walked to Hotel Kukdo to wait for Airport Bus. The above photo was taken on our first day. We didn't notice that the last buses timing were around 20:30, as I thought they run until midnight.

Extremely frantic to find out from the website that we also missed AREX express train at 22:20. So left with 2 options which were either taking taxi to Seoul station and continue with normal train or  directly go to the airport by taxi. It's a bit rush if by train, but we only left a bit cash and not sure whether it's enough for taxi fare. e reached airport just on time to return Pocket Wifi and we're the last to board the plane! Heng ah~!

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