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[Yeongju] Sosu Museum (소수박물관)

Yeongju Sosu Museum (소수박물관)- a must visit Cultural Attraction in Yeongju | by Meheartseoul Step out from Sosu Seowon, you'll be surrounded by a tranquil and natural environment... Beautiful Pavilion and pine forest...

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Gyeongryeomjeong Pavilion was built by Ju SeBung.

'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' filming location
where Yoon-sung suggested Ra-on to rest under the tree (3:45)

  This pine tree is located at pine forest which is facing 
Munseonggongmyo and very near to Gyeongryeomjeong Pavilion . 

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Plague 景濂亭 (경렴장 = Gyeongryeomjeong) and poems hanging
inside the pavilion

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
500 year old ginkgo tree.

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Gyeongryeomjeong Pavilion overlooking Jukgyecheon Stream,
Chwihandae Pavilion, and supposedly Gyeongja Rock? 
(blame my eyes, I didn't see the rock :P)

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Baekundong - Engraved Gyeongja Rock (경자바위).

The Chinese characters Baekundong (白雲洞: white cloud village) and the letter Gyeong (敬: respect) as the basic idea of Confucianism, are said to have been inscribed by the great Confucian scholar Toegye Yi Hwang. The book titled 'Sinjaejip' explained that the red colored Chinese letter of 敬.

Gyeongja Rock bears a terrible historical event called 'Jeongchukjibyeon' (King Danjong Restoration Movement) happen in Sunheung village. The attempt to restore Danjong to the throne failed, and many people were killed and put in Jukgyecheon Stream. 

It said the sad weeping sounds of the sacrificed innocents could be heard here every night. Therefore, Ju Sebung, painted 敬 in red and held a consoling ritual for the sacrificed people. Then, it is said the mournful weeping sounds disappeared mysteriously...

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
I watched Princess' Man (공주의 남자) and Face Reader (관상) 
with story line of Grand Prince Suyang forces King Danjong to abdicate. 
It's sad to know that serene looking Jukgyecheon Stream  has such a sad story ㅠㅠ

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Hundreds of tall pine trees.
Don't believe me? Let's count them!

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Ok, I stopped at 118, please continue to count from here :P

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
365 cm high of stone Flag pole support to mark the site of a temple...

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Treasure no. 59 - Suksusa Temple Site's Flagpole supports
(숙수사지당간지주 = 宿水寺址 幢竿支柱)

It's the most unusual to find Confucianism and Buddhism at one place. The reason is that during the Joseon era (1392-1910), Buddhism suffered heavy persecution. Many temples were forced to close and or use for other purposes . In this instance, Suksusa Temple, built during Unified Silla  period  became a private academy.

This also explained why Sosu Seowon has unusual layout with study place in the east, and the shrine in the west, while putting more emphasis on the east. While, most of Korean Confucian academies following basic principle of Chinese arrangement with study place at the front of the structure and the shrine to the rear.  

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Walking from Sosu Seowon to Sosu Museum... 

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
You'll see Chwihandae (취한대 = 翠寒台) Pavilion 

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
and another pavilion on the way to Sosu Museum

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Sosu Museum (소수박물관) 
Add: 경상북도 영주시 순흥면 소백로 2780

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Sosu Museum has 6 exhibition halls:
* Special Exhibition Hall - donated artifacts
* Exhibition Hall 1 - Yeongju historical town of nobility and precious cultural relics 
* Exhibition Hall 2 - Confucianism
* Exhibition Hall 3 - Confucian Academy and Confucian School
* Exhibition Hall 4 - Sosuseowon Confucian Academy
* Outdoor Exhibition Hall

Confucianism has been considered to be an important spiritual philosophy for Korean people. You can trace the history in this Sosu Museum...

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Statue of Great Confucian Philosophers
Anhyang (안향 = 安珦),  Ju Sebung (주세붕 = 周世鹏), Yi Hwang (이황 = 李滉)
Gongja (공자 = 孔子), Juja (주자 = 朱子) 

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Sosu Museum exhibits a wide range of traditional Confucian cultural assets 
 to help visitors trace the historical roots of the national spirit through Sosu Seowon. 

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Old method of printing.

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Replicas of murals in the ancient tomb in Sunheung, which is said to be the only tomb 
in South Korea that was built in the style of the ancient Goguryeo Dynasty.

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
The construction date of the tomb.

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
 Ancient Map?


From Sosu Museum, we went back to Seobichon Village to get back to have lunch and get our luggage, then will be heading to our next destination (Busan), but...?!

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Mukbap (묵밥) is Yeongju’s signature food,
rice served with acorn jelly soup - 6,000 Won

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Bindaetteok (빈대떡) - mung bean pancake with vegetables

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
 Seonbi Makgeolli (선비주 막걸리) - 3,000 Won

Yeongju Sosu Museum 소수박물관 |
Recommended to have your tasty meal here:
산채락 식당
(near the entrance of Seonbichon Village).

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