Monday, 3 October 2016

[Lombok] - Tanjung Luar

 Last day in Lombok...

 Need to check-out after having our breakfast.

4D/3N nice view for breakfast and dinner...

accompanied by 2 dogs, but I had to be very cautious as
there were many kittens around too... As you know I scared of cats!

Photo snapping time!


 Hubby just impatient waiting for me at swimming pool.
(we didn't touch the swimming pool as back to hotel late,
and super tired after whole day snorkeling).

Ask hubby to take some photos since he got nothing to do ;P

  Enjoy the morning sea breeze...

 Ok, let's go~!

About 45 minutes drive from hotel... we reached Mataram,
provincial capital of West Lombok. 

 It's about 6:30 am, and traffic jam along the market...

 Lines of Cidomos parking and waiting for customers
 in front of the market.

Stopped by to packet the same authentic Ayam Taliwang Nada
that we had yesterday for our lunch.

Fish mongers selling fresh caught fish and seafood near the 
entrance of Tanjung Luar Port. According to our guide,
this fish market is known for selling Sharks!

2 hours comfortable ride with private MPV car.
Yes, we spent lots of time traveling for 4 days using this car. 

 Tanjung Luar Harbour to go to southeastern of the peninsula.

This harbour is more like old fishing village with
most locals are fishermen  as you can see rows of boats along the beach.
Too bad it's quite dirty with lots of debris everywhere.

Here comes our boat...

Let's go to Gili Petelu

 with our experience and nice boatman!