Saturday, 27 April 2019

[Tongyeong] - Dongpirang Mural Village (동피랑마을)

We arrived at Dongpirang Mural Village, which I think it's one of the famous attractions in Tongyeong. Well, I didn't see any foreigners around, but a lot of locals and students everywhere.

 The word "Dongpirang" (동피랑) is made of two words. 
 "Dong" (동 = East) and "Pirang" (피랑 = Hill in a Tongyeong dialect). 

Eye-catching Murals were painted in year 2007. 

Just follow the green signage to the filming location of 
JTBC Drama "Ppadam Ppadam" (빠담빠담), starring 
Jung Woo-sung, Han Ji-min and Kim Bum.

The last episode of "The Innocent Man" or "Nice Guy"
(세상 어디에도 없는 착한 남자) 

starring Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won was took place
at this beautiful Village where he proposed to her on the bench...

and Seo Eun-gi was caught snapping photos of 
Kang Maru at her bread shop (cafe at the hill).

Photo with Mr Lee, our Kisa-nim cum Guide-nim.

 Isn't this cafe with a bright red roof attractive?

Unique and interesting cafes can be found in the alleys. 

 My kiddos would be so happy to see Totoro if they're here.

 Hot or cold drinks? Coffee or Tea?

Light snacks are also available... 

take a seat and enjoy the free beautiful view from the top of East Cliff.

Beer at the rooftop... refreshing?!

 I wanted to "swim" around like a fish in the alleys 
but we didn't have enough time as we needed to visit other places
and return to the guesthouse within 3 hours.

Dongporu Pavilion is sitting on the hilltop.
This place was where Admiral Yi Sun Sin built 
East Fortress during Joseon Dynasty. 

I think the students were having an excursion to Dongpirang Village. I would have liked to sit inside the pavilion to enjoy 360 views before leaving. But maybe next time because it was too crowded.  
From there, you can have a perfect view over Tongyeong city and and Gangguan Port.

Can you see the Turtle ship docked at the port?
Ok, lets palli palli march down there~!

oops... I forgot my Angel's Wings... *Flap Flap*

Add: 100, Dongpirang-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 통영시 동피랑길 100 (태평동)

Dongpirang Mural Village somehow gave me a similar vibe to Jaman Mural Village in Jeonju because of the wall art painting and there's Omokdae Pavilion  where King Taejo, founder of Joseon Dynasty  stopped by there to celebrate his victory after defeating Japanese invanders.

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