Monday, 23 February 2015

Muju Bus Terminal to Seoul Nambu Terminal


It took about 20 minutes taxi ride from Muju Deogyusan Resort to Muju Bus Terminal. (Vera Lee)
Muju Bus Terminal. (Vera Lee)
Muju Bus Schedule
Timetable from Muju to Seoul: 
9:45 | 11:05 | 14:40 | 15:35 | 17:45 (Vera Lee)
We waited outside after bought some tidbits, bread and drink 
at convenience stall inside the terminal. (Vera Lee)
Bus arrived 10 minutes before before departure time. (Vera Lee)
About 1 hour later, the bus stopped at Jukam Service Area for about 
10 minutes break. Most of the passengers went to washroom. (Vera Lee)
Arrived in Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal around 13:38 pm

It's such a big station, we walked here and there, up and down to look for the exit door... (Vera Lee)
Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal Map. (Vera Lee)
Seoul Nambu Bus Information Counter. (Vera Lee)
Finally found the exit to Nambu Terminal Station 
(Subway Line 3 Exit 5).