Wednesday, 15 October 2014

[Jeonju] - JIFF Film Street (영화의거리)

JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) - a must visit Tourist Attraction in Jeonju | by Meheartseoul
Besides 700 hanok houses, bibimbap and makgeolli, Jeonju is also popular for hosting Annual International Film Festival (JIFF) since it's launched in 2000.

We decided to go and check out downtown area of Jeonju. Oh wait... let me take photos with this street sculpture first! Usually a lot of people hanging here whenever we passed by this area. Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel is just a 5 minutes walk from here.

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
Art performance?! 
Didn't know that I attracted some spectators while taking silly photos with this sculpture.
The auntie looked at me with her mouth opened widely :O

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
... and walked away to see unbelievable crazy me?!  
Then another two amused gentlemen (from first photo) stopped?! 
Did they spill the coffee or choke on it? Sorry~~~! 
Aisshh! I'm embarrassed now... LOL!!!

Maybe it's because this open space beside Pungnammun Gate
usually have live performance or people practicing their skills
like skateboard, skate or bicycle... (check the above video).

Nice weather for a walk, just a bit foggy. Stepped out from Hanok village, you'll see high buildings, but not skyscraper buildings like those in Seoul.

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
Jeonju city intersection road and famous PNB bakery shop.

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) | Pungpai Jigwan - Jeonju Gaeksa Governmental Inn (풍패지관 전주객사).

It's built around 1471 to accommodate important visitors. Rituals to honor the king were also held here. It's a meeting place for many as well as a hangout location for many old men. Gaeksa is the  downtown area surrounding it.

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
 I thought this outstanding hanok building was a small palace in city area :P

Market and shop houses in Gaeksa.

A pleasant 10 - 15 minutes walk from Hanok village, you'll arrive at JIFF Film Street (영화의거리).

The cinema streets are the venue for the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF). 

Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) | 
 There are 3 multiplex cinema found here:  Jeonju Cinema Town, 
CGV Jeonju and Mega Box Jeonju.
Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
 Film Street is connected to Pedestrian-friendly street. 
Add: 전라북도 전주시 완산구 고사동 
Wansangu - Gosadong 
 Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Jeonju JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) |
There are nice restaurants and cafes allowing visitors 
to grab a meal or snacks before or after a movie.

Pedestrian friendly street is very popular place for family, couples and friends.
 You can enjoy shopping and other entertaining things here.

Jeonju Film Street & Pedestrian-friendly Street
(Streets of History, Streets of Nature, Streets of Culture and
Former Jeonpung Department Store Crossroads)

Actually we came here to hunt for other cuisine... yeah, we'd Korean food for the past few days.

Stay tune for something delicious~!