Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hydroflux Alkaline Water Filter

Although it's safe to drink directly from tap water in Singapore. Three years ago, we bought Kangen LeveLuk Jr II water filter and drank Alkaline water directly from the system. It also can produce Acidic Beauty water (5.5 pH) which it has the astringent effect that helping to treat trouble skin like eczema. Used it for my daughter for bathing. For strong Acidic (2.5 pH) for sanitising as its disinfecting properties that can kill bacteria, virus and organisms such as ecoli and salmonella.

Sadly, we couldn't bring it together with us the kitchen 
has no space to put the bulky filter to sit on the counter top.

It only left 1.5m after taking away sink and stove areas, which it's even
hard to squeeze rice cooker, air fryer, kettle and dishrack there.

Not sure because our tongue already used to drink filtered water because this is condo is only one-year-old, the water piping should be still new and clean. We didn't expect that water from the tap tasted weird even after boiled it...

Stocked up SamDaSoo natural mineral water as the temporary solution.

I called Hydroflux to enquire for the under sink water treatment and the pricing. They arranged Andy, water consultant from Hydroflux came to do the demo and test water quality. 

 Hydroflux system is much simple with these 4 tubes of different filters.

The price was much much cheaper than Kangen water, which was $1,800 including changing the filters for 5 years and warranty. By the way, their filters are made in Korea.

Andy's very nice and kind, after knowing that my daughter has eczema,
he said he'll give us 4 premium shower filters free of charge. 
It's good for sensitive skin and prevent hair loss. Thank you.

The water treatment just uses 4 filters without electricity, 
and this small faucet sits on top of the sink.

We're satisfied with Hydroflux water purification because the water coming out is now odourless and no more raw groundwater and rusty taste without the need to boil it.

And after seeing how dirty the shower filter which was used less than 3 months, I replaced the normal faucet to this pressurised mist faucet with the filter. It's better for water saving and maybe cleaner water to clean the dishes.  

Hydroflux Marketing Pte Ltd
8 Ubi Road 2, #07-22, Zervex 
Singapore 408538
Tel: 66107053
Andy's HP: 98008351

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