Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wintery Seoul

Unable to sleep and lonely on the plane were just unnecessary worried of mine! 

Korean Air has smartphone apps so you can check your flight status, select seat, and online check-in  4 hours to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. I did online check-in in the morning after finalized my seat.

Korean Air Mobile Apps

My hubby and kids sent me to airport around 9 pm thought it's midnight flight, so that kids could go back home early as they need to go to school the next day. 

It's awesome that they allow early check-in my luggage, and I was all alone... sat on the waiting hall to watch Empress Ki Episode 30 before boarding.

I selected window seat, and sat with 2 Korean ladies on the same row. Love to see that they provided small pillow for back support and blanket. The stewardess distributed headphone and a pair of paper slipper too. They have good in-flight entertainment system for you to watch movies, listen to music or play games to kill long hours flight. 

The passenger sat diagonally in front of me was watching news on South Korea figure skating champion Yuna Kim won Silver medal at Sochi Olympics 2014, and also rare reunion of hundreds of North and South Korean families separated by the Korean War seeing each other for the first time in decades... touching moments~!

I just plugged in USB cable to charge my mobile phone, then covered myself with blanket and scarf, arrange my neck support for comfy sleeping position and recharge myself too. It's really more comfortable with bigger legroom than other airlines ^^

I slept for 80% of flight time, just woke up awhile for meal, snacks, filled up arrival card, then about 1 hour when the pilot announced that we're reaching soon in about 45 minutes?! Oh! that made my eyes and ears opened widely! 

Sunrise view from my window seat ^^

ice flakes on the window... must be very cold outside!


Incheon Airport... Annyeonghaseyo~!

After cleared immigration counter, quickly claimed my heavy 20 kg luggage and went to KT Roaming counter to get Wifi Router and short message that I safely arrived in Incheon airport to my family and few friends. Then went to 'K Books' to collect EG Sim card, but apparently they didn't have my reservation on the system and asked me to go to Seoul Station to check. Well, it's ok without SIM card as long as I have internet connection. 

I opted for Airport bus, as bus no 6015 stop directly in-front of Sejong Hotel. It might be the same price and time if I took AREX 8,000 won and transfer to hotel by subway or taxi. But by bus will save hassle to drag my big luggage around or out of breath to climb long staircase at Subway station :P

Airport bus fare 10,000 won

Luckily only need to wait for about 5-8 minutes for the bus to come. Temperature was -2 Celcius and it's so cold that I can see my breath!!! Playful wind kept blowing to my direction as if conveying message to me: "Welcome to Wintery Seoul~~~ Vera!" 

Wanted to take picture of the bus route... but really sorry that I didn't take too much photos on my first day in Seoul, as I was too hesitated to take out my hands out from my warm pockets with hot packs! You know... just need some time to adjust and adapt to the weather.

Anyway, Sejong Hotel was the last stop. Put my luggage on the luggage compartment after I handed my ticket, and he gave me the luggage number tag. The bus started to move even with less than 10 passengers. Let's go... 가자~!!! 

It's much better inside the bus, after posted status on my Facebook, I fell asleep again until the he announcement of the first bus stop. Oh... we're in Seoul ^^

Seoul station

And finally Sejong Hotel... It took about 1 hour from Incheon Airport to the hotel.