Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cherry Blossom at Gyeonghwa Station (경화역 벚꽃길)

We alighted at Gyeonghwa Station, which is one of the famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Gyeongnam Province. 

Railway services in and out of Gyeonghwa Station have been discontinued since 2006.

During spring season,tourists and people from all over the country will flock here...

Flowing cherry flowers somehow creates a tunnel effect covering the blue sky. Oh so pretty~!!!

 Let's stroll along this 800 m railroad track with 
these beautiful blooming cherry trees.

When we reached the iconic Korail Train, there were many people blocking the way, and some were queueing in the middle of the tracks.

Asked my hubby to press the shutter to capture the photos
as I walked towards the train. 

I love this photo... perfectly capturing me 
turning around with my billowy chima skirt.

Mimicking Cheon Song-yi's pose... Hahaha  ;P

Don't know how to pose for your Intagram? Just follow the train no: 
7181 7181 (Qī Yao Ba Yao Qī Yao Ba Yao) or wiggle wiggle. Lol!

Waiting for my hubby to board the train...

  Thank you for capturing these romantic photos of  us, kind Imo. Saranghaeyo!

Right here waiting for you...

 Spring breeze blowing petals fluttering down were indeed beautiful like it's snowing,
though it's kinda sad as these trees will become bald soon.

 Catching pinkish petals...

There are stalls if you feel like munching or drinking something...

It's magical to see countless cherry flowers blooming prettily!

This spring flower and blue sky.

Hi, pretty baby flowers... nice to meet you all in this spring!

Bus Stop in front of Gyeonghwa Station.

Do come here if you want to see a mountain of cherry blossoms...

Gyeonghwa Station (경화역 벚꽃길)
649, Jinhae-daero, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 창원시 진해구 진해대로 649 (경화동)