Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Thankful Third Trip to Korea

Recommended must visit Tourist Attractions in Seoul, Muju, Jeonju, Yeongju, Punggi, Suwon | by Meheartseoul
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I just came back from Korea for my Birthday trip with my family in Sep 2013. Yap, this is my 3rd trip in Korea with my hubby. Initially, thought to go with my friends or my sisters, but they're not available. My hubby quite worried if I travel alone, because the chance for me to get lost is about 80%. Therefore, he bought air ticket to accompany me (hhmmm... I think it's an excuse! He likes Korea too!)

It's still winter (Dec - Mid Mar) in Korea that can be bitterly cold, especially for us that so used to tropical climate. I really wish to see snow, but really worry to see the minus degree on weather forecast. I asked my Korean friend whether I can survive the cold in Korea.  He commented: "You are cold-vulnerable South East Asian. You wont make it at all. Give it up". ㅋㅋ

Haiz! Not even encouragement~! But, I didn't give up! And these photos are the proofs that we survived the cold weather, and had pretty much fun and enjoy ourselves in Korea ^^

10 cold but cool days of fun but furry covered from head to toes! :P

Korea Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
 Day 1 - Day 5
Seoul, Incheon Soraepagu, Yeongju, Busan

Korea Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Day 6 - Day 10
Jeonju, Muju, Suwon, Seoul

Rough itinerary was Korail railroad trip (O-train, V-train and S-train), cultural tours to other provinces that I've not visited yet. And a must skiing experience since it's winter. Seems quite straight forward, but it's actually quite tricky and headache as I need to check on the transportations (Korail, Kobus, Easy Ticket) with time schedules.

I emailed to KTO to enquire on transportation information that I couldn't find such as from Gyeongju to Masan, and Gwangju to Jeonju. They replied me with the Naver Map link (in Korean) with Departure Time, Arrival Time, Bus Type and Ticket Fare.

Korea Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Initial Itinerary after few changes of places to stop / transfer 
as I couldn't find transportation from one point to the other point.

Korea Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Gyeongju to Jeonju Bus Information by Naver Map

From there, I tried to explore on how to check on other destinations by bus: Yeongju to Busan and Muju to Seoul. It's really very useful with accurate information on bus timetable, bus terminal address and website.

Korea Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Final Itinerary 

Well, not too much changes for Final Itinerary as I only knew how to use Naver Map 2 days before my departure date after I received replied email from KTO. There are actually a lot of Intercity Bus (시외)  and Express Bus (고속) connecting every cities.

For accommodations, I booked through Agoda for hotels in Seoul & Busan. And the rest, I reserved online through their websites, but only Muju Kookmin Hotel confirmed my booking. The rest didn't reply on the confirmation though I emailed and tried to message them through Kakao Talk. I understand that you need to pay deposit to secure the booking and they didn't accept credit card. So, it's too troublesome to transfer money to their bank account and I really don't want to bother my Korean friends as they're so busy.

From their booking system, you can actually see which rooms were already booked. Mostly just half full, so I decided to just go there directly, if the room we wanted was taken, we can just change to other room. For the worst case, we'll  just look for motel...

This time round, I reserved WiBro rental from KT Roaming. This Wifi router can support up to 7 devices for wifi. It's important, as for the first day, my hubby will be arrived in Seoul at night only. So, I need to let him know the hotel room number and most importantly I can stay connected in case I lost my way in Seoul :P

I'll be posting the places that we visited in Seoul based on the actual itinerary and update the link here:
* Wintery Seoul
* Beautiful Method Launching show in Seoul @Only Gallery
* National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
* Samcheongdong has Something for Everyone~!
* Insight into Insadong
* 월매네 Traditional Folk Pub
* Myeongdong Art Theater (명동예술극장)
* Sejong Hotel (세종호텔)
* Fusion Hanbok (by 모란배필) Photoshoot
* Incheon Soraepogu Traditional Fish Market (소래포구 어시장)
* Namdaemun Market - Cutlass Fish (갈치조림) Alley
* [O-Train] - Railroad Trip from Seoul to Punggi
Yeongju Loess Pension (풍기 황토 펜션)
Punggi Ginseng Rib (풍기 인삼 갈비)
* Museom Single Log Bridge (무섬외 나무다리)
Quaint Museom Hanok Village (영주 무섬마을) Part 1
Quaint Museom Hanok Village (영주 무섬마을) Part 2
* Quaint Museom Hanok Village (영주 무섬마을) Part 3
* Seonbichon Village (선비촌) 
Sosu Seowon Confucian Academy (소수서원)
Sosu Museum (소수박물관)
Korean Buddhist Temple
Legends of Buseoksa Temple (부석사)
* Treasures in Buseoksa Temple (부석사)
Buseoksa to Busan 
12 hours in Busan
Busan Station (부산역)
* [Korail S-Train] - Scenic Southtern Explorer
[S-train] - Bukcheon Cosmos, Hadong, Suncheon and Deungnyang
* Jeonju Hanok Village Hotel (전주한옥빌리지호텔)
Hanguk Jip Jeonju Bibimbap (한국집 전주 전통 비빔밥)
[Jeonju] - Evening at Omokdae Pavilion(오목대)
[Jeonju] - Hanbyeokdang Pavilion (한벽당)
[Jeonju] - Cheongyeonru Pavilion (청연루)
[Jeonju] - Gyeonggijeon Main Hall (경기전 정전)
[Jeonju Sago] - Joseon Wangjo Sillok (조선 왕조 실록)
* [Gyeonggijeon] - Royal Portrait Museum (어진박물관)
* [Jeonju] - Pungnammun Gate (풍남문)
[Jeonju] -  Hyanggyo Confucian School (전주향교)
* Gain Makgeolli House (가인막걸리) - Drunk in 4 different ways
* [Jeonju] - Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) @외할머니 솜씨
* [Jeonju] - JIFF Film Street (영화의거리) 
* [Jeonju] - All That Barbecue (올댓바베큐) Salad Buffet 
* [Jeonju] - Hakindang (학인당)
* Slow Walk in Jeonju Slow City (I)
* Slow Walk in Jeonju Slow City (II)
* Slow Walk in Jeonju Slow City (III)
* [Jeonju] - PNB Confectionery (풍년제과)
* Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal (전주시외버스터미널)
* [Muju Ski Resort] - Zephyr coffee (제퍼커피)
* [Muju Ski Resort] - Mansun House
* [Muju Ski Resort] - Let's hit Ski Slope and Slide down the Snowy Hill~! 
* [Muju Ski Resort] - Fun with White Snow
* [Muju Ski Resort] -  Haejangguk 'Hangover' Soup
* [Muju Ski Resort] - Day / Night at Carnival Street
* [Muju Ski Resort ] - Saint Hue Club Sauna and Jjimjilbang
* Last Morning in Muju Deogyusan Ski Resort
* Muju Bus Terminal to Seoul Nambu Terminal
* [Seoul] - Mogyo Samgyetang (무교 삼계탕)
* Dangui (당의) Royal Court Hanbok Dress
* March 1st Movement at Tapgol Park
* Seodaemun Prison History Museum (서대문형무소역사관)
* Unhyeongung (운현궁) Royal Palace
* Insadong, Dongdaemun and Myeongdong
* Early Morning Food Hunting at Gwanjang Market
* [Suwon City Tour] - Haewoojae Mr Toilet House
* [Suwon City Tour] - Hwaseong Haenggung Palace (화성행궁)
* [Suwon City Tour] - Suwon Fortress, Hwahongmun and Banghwasuryujeong
* [Suwon City Tour] - Experience Korean Archery at Yeonmudae (Dongjangdae)
* [Suwon City Tour] - Hwaseong Museum (수원화성박물관)
* Suwon AK Plaza (AK 플라자 백화점)
* Seodaemun Independence Park Historical Site
* Un-un-un-un-un-Unbelieveable Sinchon Shopping Street
* [Seoul] - 18 Beonji Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew)
* Lotte Mart Seoul Station Branch (롯데마트-서울역점)
* [Seoul] - CenterMark Hotel
* Korea Traditional Cultural Experience at Incheon Airport

Please stay tuned for more details~^^