Saturday, 17 May 2014

Yeongju Loess Pension (풍기 황토 펜션)

Recommended Accommodation in Punggi: Yeongju Loess Pension | by Meheartseoul
We reached Punggi 5 hours earlier as tickets for V-train were sold out on that day. We just took O-train directly from Seoul to Punggi.

We took taxi directly to Loesspension, though we saw few restaurants and market around Punggi station, as we didn't want to bring our luggage around.

This cute mushroom-shaped cottage made of only loess (황토 = 黄土高原) and pine tree. It's  chemicals free and also eco-friendly, as the combination of ancient secret and science effortless keeping the room cold in summer and warm in winter. Cool, right?!

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Yeongju Loess Pension 

It took about 10 minutes from Punggi Station to this pension. However, the owner was not around. Only ahjumma was cleaning the room. I told her that we booked the room. Luckily she understood what I tried to say with my limited Korean language. 

She tried to call, but no responses, and she said she'll try again later as the owner was at work. We walked around, and after awhile she told us that the owner will come back soon.

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Landscape view of Loess Pension Cottage

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Since this cow also has nothing to do like me... Let's take photos together :P

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Hungry~~~!!! Why only have BBQ pit? Where is the food?
Peek-a-boo! Is it inside this big pot?!

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Desperate for food...
See whether I can climb this wall to go in to the kitchen...

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Anybody home? Please help me to call for food delivery...
KT Olleh pocket wifi has no internet connection here ㅠㅠ

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
안녕~ 강아지야 ^^ 
도와 주세요~~~!

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Are you sure 강아지? 
You must be joking, this tree has no fruit, not even a leaf :(

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Last resort... Jump! Jump!! Jump!!! to get attention :P

Finally, there's white car turning in after waited for about 1 hour. The lady owner came in, and told her that we booked through the website. Then they showed us the room, and we made payment. 

It's partly my fault, as I stated on the reservation that we'll be there around 19:30 pm. Although, she didn't confirm our booking, maybe because I wrote it in English and secondly I didn't make the payment as I don't want to bother my Korean friend to book and pay for me first. But, luckily there's a room for us. 

Just dropped our luggage there, and asked whether she can help us to call for a taxi to bring us to nearby restaurant. She said she's going out and will drop us at the restaurant.

At the same time, her 삼촌 (uncle) came back, then she asked for a name card and gave to us. She told us to call his uncle so that we can take his taxi back here. 

In her car, she said that I looked like Korean lady, and praise me that I can speak good Korean language. She asked few questions, and I tried to answer her one word by one word. When she asked how did we come there and how long we will stay. I paused quite long to digest her question, as I was thinking do I need to tell her my full itinerary... She looked at me and I looked at her (maybe with my blank and blur face) then she laughed, and I laughed too. Then she repeated again that question, and I answered that with so much difficulty... from we took flight from Singapore to Seoul, then today from Seoul to Punggi by O-train, tomorrow will go to Busan, bla bla bla... but didn't finish my full itinerary as we reached the restaurant ㅋㅋㅋ

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Room No. 3 - 80,000 Won 
Address: 경북 영주시 픙기읍 금계리 177-1
Ph: 054 6377800 / 010 25194377

The room is good to accommodate 2 person. It's quite big with attached kitchen and long wooden dining table. Bathroom is equipped with basic toiletries. Due to environmental friendly practice, remember to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste as most of the accommodations in Korea do not provide them.

Yeongju Accommodation: Loess Pension 풍기 황토 펜션 |
Mattresses, pillows, blankets and  wall-mounted air-heater 

As the ceiling is high, you need to switch on air-heater to keep the room warmer, even though the floor is heated (ondol floor). They came to check and increase the heat of the floor after checking with us whether it's warm enough. We had a good rest until my HP alarm woke me up! 

It's nice and cozy accommodation, but it's better to eat before you come here or maybe buy some food to BBQ. It must be so much fun munching some food and snacks and enjoying the unblocked view of vast sky... and kinda romantic under the moonlight and shy twinkling stars with some soju or makgeolli ^^

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