Tuesday, 28 May 2013

K-Pop dance, K-drama, Kimchi,...?

You know what?

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) was established in 1962, is a statutory organization under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is commissioned to promote the South Korean tourism industry.
Just take a look at their website... I was really amazed when I browsed for the first time. They seriously do put effort on it. They're providing information in 13 languages!!! They also have 7 Korea Plazas that operated in 6 countries including Singapore.
click on image for information on Korea Plaza Services and programs

click on image for June 201 Activities Schedule

Classes are organised to introduce Korean culture and tradition... I attended basic Korean language (Survival Korean I & II, Easy Korean for Travellers), Hairstyle & Makeup Workshop, and cooking classes (Kimchi making, Hotteok, Haemul Pajeon, JjajangBap, Bibimbap, Japchae, Kakkdugi, Bibim Cold Noddle & Ginseng Chiken Demonstration class) since 2011.

If you're interested, please register it the soonest possible to avoid dissappointment... most of the time it's full attendance.

Bibimbap class - 21 Dec 2011
(photo: KTO SG)

K-Pop dance seems quite fun and interesting too, but it's definetely not for me. "Aaigoo~ aiiigoo!!!" can you hear my bones screaming? Ok, Ok... I understand, my dearest bones. I won't go, else you'll KRACCKK-POP, right? LOL

Korea Plaza SG's dance session
(photo: KTO SG)

Actually I wanted to attend Travel workshop, but the date crash with my schedule... so maybe will attend it in July.

Most of the classes are free of charges, or just a small fee to cover the cost of ingredients and utensils about $5.00 for some of cooking classes. You know?! They emailed and asked me to drop by Korea Plaza, as  to show of appreciation, we are giving out souvenirs to all participants in our previous classes.

I think it's so true that Korea is apply this concept “Customer is the King" and they like to give away free things called “service” (서비스 = seobiseu) and make their customers happy ^^ 

 I received this mini glowing speaker with KTO logo.
Actually I received 2 items, but what was that? Sorry... I really can't recall it now.
Thank you, KTO!

아싸~~! Woohoo~~!!!
my fusion pajeon recipe won a consolation prize for Recipe sharing contest

and here are the gifts...
lovely Korean style apron and utensil set ^^
Love love love them so much!

That's all? No... not yet! I know this is long enough, but I must tell you that they are really very customer service oriented... they replied all my emails with lots of questions, provide more details information and give some suggestion on my previous trip to Korea...

Oh yeah... K-drama DVDs are available for rental too. You just need to pay deposit which it'll be fully refunded when you return back the DVD in good condition.

Hanbok trying after makeup workshop

nice photos taken by KTO's staff

Hana, dul, set... Kimchi ^^


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Radish Water Kimchi (동치미 = Dongchimi)

Let me introduce this Dongchimi (동치미 = Radish Water Kimchi). dong (동; hanja:  = winter) and chimi (치미 = an ancient term for kimchi).

My friend brought to us to eat K-BBQ and they served this dongchimi as side dish. Wow!!! love the colling effect and the taste... however, the ahjumma from the restaurant didn't reveal too much on the ingredients and how to make it... (not to blame her, as she's doing business).

I googled and so happy that I found the recipe from Maangchi. Here are some photos of my first attempt of making dongchimi in Aug 2012:

salting radish with some coriander & spring onion

 Aigoo... I just found out now that I forgot to put onion.
No wonder the taste was a bit bland (blame my eyes)

 the result after fermentated for 2 days... not bad, huh?
can you see bubbles rising on the brine (sign of active fermentation)

Like any other kimchi, Dongchimi is also a very healthy food.  During fermentation, healthy bacteria, acidity and sweetness develop, producing a tangy, amazing refreshing broth that you can eat it on its own or as a side dish. You can use the broth for cold noodle too.

1. learned how to cook Bibim Cold Noddle (비빔 냉면) conducted by KTO Singapore 

2. Bibim Cold Noddle + 2 weeks old Dongchimi => 물 비빔 냉면 ^^

I love to eat buffet, and my Korean friend told me to eat Dongchimi after heavy meal as it is good for stuffed tummy.

Radish is rich in digestive enzyme (diastase) that promotes digestion. And a recent study by a research team at Pusan National University, shows that garlic and ginger in white kimchi also produce fat-dissolving effects that are as strong as those generated by capsaicin... I think that's one of the reasons why Korea is the thinnest country in the developed world
I want to be healthy and have slim figure like Korean, so today is my second attempt to make this water kimchi. (say: Kimchi ^^)

Salted the radish and kept in the fridge for 1 night

 Radish, Korean pear, garlic, ginger, onion, green pepper, red pepper, spring onion & coriander

Dongchimi is now diving in this brine water aquarium ^^

Will post more photos on my Facebook 2 days later...


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Makgeolli (Drunken Rice)

Recently the weather is really crazy ... scorching hot~~~!!!
Temperature is around 34 Celcius, but feels like 37 Celcius. Yap, it's so hot and humid... But, you can save your money, as you don't need to go to sauna and you must be very lazy and scared to step out from your house.
I'm afraid of cold rather than hot... hardly sweat as I have cold hands and feet... But it's terribly hot that I sweat a lot these few weeks...
See?!! just came of from shower and I'm sweating again. Pity my fan and air-conditioner as they need to work harder as I need to on them for longer period... 
Is it because of global warming?
I don't have habit to drink cold water (therefore there's no cold water in my fridge) and I don't really like gassy drinks too (only drink once a while if there's no other drinks available when I dine out).
Am I like old grannie? I prefer to drink tea, bubble tea, flower or fruit tea, corn tea, barley tea... Oh yeah... I don't drink coffee too.

Was searching something cold in my fridge... I've 2 tubes of ice cream, 1/5 bottle of soju and 1/2 bottle of makgeolli, 1/4 bottle of Bokbunjaju Wine (명작 복분자) and 2 bottles of ginseng drink that I received from KTO. I think this Ginseng drink company was promoting this ginseng drink. As after I attended cooking class, they asked us to help on the survey... something about ginseng and this ginseng company... after that we received this bottle of ginseng.

taadaa... which one should I drink?

Today's pick is Makgeolli (Drunken Rice). No worry, the alcohol concentration is around 5~6% only... won't make you drunk. In fact, it's good for health and help on diet...

According to the recent report, There are lots of anti-carcinogenic substances in the makgeolli.  There are generally 106-108 lactic-acid bacteria in 1㎖ of makgeolli. A bottle of makgeolli has 70-80 billion lactic-acid bacteria when a bottle contains around 700-800㎖ makgeolli. This is an amazing figure, equivalent to the number of lactic-acid bacteria in 100-120 bottle of 65㎖ yoghourt (around 107 per a bottle). Lactic-acid bacteria are known to destroy harmful germs and bacteria that cause inflammation or cancer in the intestine, and to strengthen the immune system. (source: Story of Korea).

Anyway, I really have to finish this 1/2 bottle as it's been opened for one month... I had soju, makgeolli and  Bokbunjaju (복분자주) party with my best friends...

건배!!! (geonbae = cheers)

People usually use bowl to drink makgeolli, not this soju shot glass. Yeah, but my friends wanted to try the taste first...

No Pajeon for side dish?! No problem... Just have it our way... our style with Rojak ㅋㅋㅋ

it's fun to drink with your friends

Hahaha... I like this photo so much. We really enjoyed ourselves... poured our heart out. Aiishhh, but tonight nobody will accompany me to drink ㅜㅜ

Ah, it's 11:20pm... no wonder I'm so sleepy now...(btw, I just drank about 1 tea cup of makgeolli).

Gonna make Radish Water Kimchi (동치미) tomorrow. Had cut the radish this afternoon, salted them and now sitting in my fridge...

 Ok... see yah tomorrow~^^

Friday, 24 May 2013

I want You... Entoi!

Do you know Entoi (엔토이)?
Few years back, when I tried to search "Three Bears Song" (곰세마리) in Youtube for my kiddos to listen... somehow on the recommended video, I saw others Korean children song including Entoi ^^
Aigoo Aigoo... aren't they cute with their lovely music videos? 
If you're bored, let Entoi cheering you up with light happy music and be entertained by their nice animated flash video, and moreover... you can learn some Korean words from the songs ^^
Ok, let's on the music and sing everybody~~~!
ENtOi - Want You Song
Youtube video from dalgun2com
츄츄~ 츄츄~ 츄츄~ 츄츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~ 원츄~waa~
발견했어 땡잡았어~! 내가 찜했어~~  want want You~ You~
내가 받은 최고 선물 바로 너야! want you~ want You~~
보고 싶어! 듣고 싶어! 말하고 싶어! want want You~ You~
내가 받은 최고 선물 바로 너~야 want you~ want You~~
나는 좋아 니가 참 좋아~ want you I want You!
기억해 너는 최고라는 그 사실을 want want You You!
나는 좋아 니가 참좋아~~ want you I want You!
기억해 언제나 함께 한다는 걸~ 원츄~원츄~ 너만을~~~!
Want You! want you! want you! want you! want want you you (원원 츄츄) want you want you! NaNaNa~ Nanana! (나나나나나나나나!)
want you! want you! want want you you (원원추추)! want you want you (원추원추)! want you want you want you! Waa~!


ENTOI's Number Song
Youtube video from keepweep xweep

1 (il) If I can`t see you only 1 second,
일초라도 안 보이면~

2 (ee) I will be frustating like this.
이렇게 초조 한데~

3 (sam) how can I wait for another 3 seconds?
삼 초는 어떻게 기다려~


사랑해~ 널 사랑해~
4 (sa) love you, I love you.

오늘은 말 할거야~
5 (o) I am going to tell you today.

육 십억 지구에서 널 만나 건~
6 (yook) meet you on the world of six billion people

칠 lucky야~
7 (chil) I'm lucky.

사랑해~ 여기저기 한눈 팔지 말고 나를 봐~
I love you. Don`t look at here and there and just look at me.

좋아해~ 나를 항해 웃는 미소 매일매일 보여줘~
I like you. show me your smile, which you give to me everyday.

팔딱팔딱 뛰는 가슴~
8 (pal) pal dak pal dak (heart beating sound), my heart is beating.

구해줘 오 내 마음~
9 (gu) save my heart.

십 년이 가도 너를 사랑해~
10 (sip) even if 10 years pass, I love you.

언제나 이맘 변치 않을게~~~~
I will never change my heart.


I guess you all (especially kids) love both of the songs and crush on Entoi now...ㅎㅎㅎ
Here are some of Entoi's songs compilation... Enjoy yourself~~~!

Youtube video from keepweep xweep

Thursday, 23 May 2013

진짜요?!! Oppa Gangnam "PSY" is coming soon?

PSY is coming soon!

Check it yourself for more information from buzz Korea Event page~^^

How to go to Udo Island from Jeju?

How to go to Udo Island from Jeju? | by Meheartseoul
Is Summer too hot for you especially in the bustling city? Let's head to this romantic island with picturesque scenery to relax, refresh and recharge yourself!

Udo Island is legendary for its breath-taking white sand beach, water transforms into vivid shades of turquoise, emerald green, and aquamarine blue as the water  as the water becomes shallower around coral reefs. It also offers gorgeous weather in all year round - not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com

About 30 minutes ferry ride will from Jeju will bring you to Udo Island. It is situated on the eastern end of Jeju Island, that makes it one of the most visited spots from Jeju.

Enjoy your day on a ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or rent a bike to see 8 typical sceneries of Udo Island (Udopalkyeong =우도팔경). It means that "Day and Night", "Sky and Ground", "Front and Back', and "East and West". (Credit: Wikipedia)
  • Juganmyeongwol (주간명월/晝間明月)
  • Yahangabyum (야항어범/夜航漁帆)
  • Chunjinguansan (천진관산/天津觀山)
  • Jiduchungsa (지두청사/地頭靑莎)
  • Jeonphomangdo (전포망도/前浦望島)
  • Huhaesukbyeok (후해석벽/後海石壁)
  • Dongankyeonggul (동안경굴/東岸鯨窟)
  • Seobin Baeksa (서빈백사/西濱白沙)
Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Bring your driving license as you need it for renting ATV.

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
We lost our way because we tried shortcut to reach 'Juganmyeongwol' before 12 noon.

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com 
You can go inside the cave by boat or speedboat to see the see phenomenon of 
"day moon" where the sun shining through the entrance of the cave. 
The reflection creates the illusion of a full moon on the water. 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
So sad that we missed to see the moon, but the view just breathtaking! 

Luckily few kind locals hiking around the area showed us the way out. One lady told us that we should follow the line on the road or just follow the recommended course on the map. 

Please check the video below and do let me know which color is the right track for ATV ride so we won't get lost again next time.

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Lighthouse at 'Yahangabyum' and heart-shape rock 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
We also hopped on Udo Tour bus to cruise around, and stopped at Udobong Peak

It's very popular and recommended walking path with panoramic views of Udo coastline. But the bus we took was the last bus of the day (17:00 pm)... 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
So, we just walked around to take some photos. 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
This nice eyes-soothing greenish field with lighthouse at the peak 
was filming site of Now and Forever (연리지).

The bus stopped at Udobong Peak for 20 minutes, then we hopped back the bus to bring us back to Seobin Baeksa Beach. 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Beautiful Seobin Baeksa with Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong) at the background.
It appeared frequently in films including Il Mare and Feast of the Gods. 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Playing and relaxing at this contrast beach with white sands and black rocks...

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
beautiful sunray before sunset...

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Patiently sitting on the bench and waiting for the sunset around 19:30 pm

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Panoramic view from Seobin Baeksa Beach

Do take your dinner before 18:00 pm, as most of the restaurants closed after that. But you can still get something to munch from convenience stores...

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Seobin Baeksa is a nice spot to admire charming sunset!

Tranquil surrounding to really relax. It's not that crowded after 5 pm, as most of the tourists went there for day trip and back to Jeju Island. But we opted to spend a night in this cozy Minbak (Bed and Breakfast), White Castle Minbak.

Travel Information
Gosumul-gil, Udo-myeon, Jeju-do 
제주 제주시 우도면 고수물길

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
1. Take bus bound for Dongilju (동일주) and alight at Seongsan Harbor Entrance (성산항입구).

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
2. Follow the road signage to go to Passenger Ship Terminal

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
3. Purchase 1-way or return ticket at the ticket booth.

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
4. Enjoy the view while the ferry transports you across to Udo Island 

Udo Island Travel Blog | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
5. Say "Annyeong" to Udo Island Summer Paradise~^^

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Minbak stay in Udo Island

Minbak Stay in Udo Island | by Meheartseoul
Maybe I was a piggie in my previous life, and carried that habit to present life. I need at least 8 - 10 hours sleep including my nap time (oink oink). I always wonder why some people can sleep for merely 3-5 hours per day? Ah... not for me, as my brain will auto shut off even I tried not to close my eyes :P
Therefore, accommodation is one of important thing when I travel... Well, I don't particularly look for high end hotel as it just wasting my money... since I just spent less than half a day in the hotel room.

Most of the online hotel booking website have promotion rate for some of selected hotels. Which you just need to top up about $10 to $20 to get a better hotel (why not?). Normally, I'll look for the review whether they have clean room and bathroom and accessibility by public transport.
We stayed in this cozy White Castle Minbak (민박 = Bread & Breakfast) for 1 night in Udo Island (Udo Maritime Park).

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Room no 202

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Minbak room rate.

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
panoramic view from our balcony...

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
White Castle from front view

Room Features:
very spacious room with 2 queen sized bed, PC with free Wifi, fridge, wide-screen LCD TV, air conditioning, shower, hair dryer, kitchenette, heater stove and balcony facing SeobinBaeksa Beach (서빈백사).

Are you joking... with all this features, this is called minbak?!! No No No... this is a castle for me!
Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
 Halmeoni with little puppy ^^
We should had our dinner first if we knew that sunset was around 7:30pm... By the time we watched beautiful sunset, we found that the island was so peaceful and calm. The problem was all nearby restaurants closed already! How?!! Luckily there's convenience store nearby minbak and we bought Ramen and sausages.

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
 convenience store...

The owner should be this Halmeoni. She's very nice... when we asked whether where we can get hot water for our Ramen. She did tell us that water dispenser was near the stairs, but she asked us to come in to her house (as it's getting cold outside), then she boiled water for us.
Although we had communication barrier with my limited Korean language, I do understand some of the things she said, though it's really hard for me to answer her. But, funny that we chatted like we have no problem understand each others ^^
Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
simplest food we had, but it's the tastiest Ramen we ever had...
while watching Dr Jin in our room
할머니, 잘지내요? I miss her much... and that's one of the reasons that I want to revisit Udo Island.