Friday, 20 March 2015

[Suwon City Tour] - Haewoojae Mr Toilet House

We left Gwangjang market at around 7:30 and walked to Jongno 5-ga station. Then we took the subway to Suwon. It supposed to take about 1 hour 15 minutes for 26 stations. (Vera Lee) We took longer because we thought we'd to transfer at Guro station, 
we went up and down and waited for the next train and worried 
we might be late to join for Suwon City Tour. (Vera Lee)
We reached Suwon Station Exit 5 at 9:15am
and saw the Tour bus parked there. (Vera Lee)
 The driver told us to buy the ticket from Suwon Tourist Information Center.
Lucky that it still have available seats for us. Phew~!^^ (Vera Lee) (Vera Lee)
 On the bus, the tour guide distributed headsets and City Tour Course leaflets to everyone.

There's a lady guide following and guided us along the course. She apologized because she normally only guiding Japanese and domestic tourists, so she only can speak a little bit of English. Well, it's actually our fault for not reserved the tour earlier. I believe they'll arrange an English tour guide if we booked it earlier.

We really appreciated her effort and tried her best to briefly introduce the places to us in English. Well, we're quite surprised as the rest joining this tour were Korean local tourists!

Actually, it's totally fine for us, there's audio guide on each seat with 4 languages option. You can select your preferred language, and listen to the introduction of the next destination. (Vera Lee)
Our first destination - Haewoojae ( 해우재 ) Mr Toilet House (Vera Lee)
These two poopies welcoming us at the entrance...

Ate Poop Bread (Ddong Bbang) at Insadong yesterday, and today we're visiting Mr Toilet with a lot of poopies similar shape with ddongbbang. (Vera Lee)
‘Haewoojae’ literally means a place where one can solve one’s worries. (Vera Lee)
 Gaeddong-yi is a name given as the person was born in a toilet of 
his mother's  parents' home! Maybe it was the reason that 
Mr Sim Jae-duck was so attached to toilets. (Vera Lee)

When he was the Mayor of Suwon City, he started a campaign 
to improve toilets. He contributed to the improvement of 
the Korean toilet culture movement. (Vera Lee)
  Sim Jae-duck or Mr. Toilet destroyed his house where he lived for 30 years,
and built this gigantic toilet bowl-shaped house that he could actually live in it.

It's constructed on 1,994.00m2 land with a building size of 239.09m2 and a total floor area of 418.17m2. The museum’s rooftop is shaped like a toilet seat, lined with flags from some of the 66 member nations of the WTA. (Vera Lee) (Vera Lee)
potties and unsanitary toilet facilities... (Vera Lee)
Fun time pooping (Vera Lee)
How to use those weird shape (toilet) bowl hah? (Vera Lee)
Hello... what's going on here? (Vera Lee)
Uppss... gold poop!!! (Vera Lee) 
This toilet is kinda interesting... (Vera Lee)
"Oink oink oink... palli come here, we got food to eat" (Vera Lee) 
Hot ddongbbang from oven for these piggie pig pig~~~ (Vera Lee) 

Please help me push this gigantic monster poop
(as tall as me 1.7m?)  blocking my way to...

458-9 Jangan-ro, Jangan-gu
Suwon(Imok-dong 186-3) Korea 440-310.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Early Morning Food Hunting at Gwanjang Market

Recommended place for food hunting in Seoul: Gwanjang Market | by Meheartseoul
That morning was the 1st of March,  initially our plan was just indulging ourselves with heart-healthy food and a bit of shopping before flying back to Singapore the next afternoon.

I decided to make a trip to Suwon which we cancelled on the second day because we went to Soraepogu instead after Fusion Hanbok photoshoot.

The day before, we found out from 1330 and KTO that we can visit Seodaemun Independence Park and Tapgol Park to know more about March 1st Movement Day.

Suwon City Tour starts at 10am, so we need to be there by 9:30 at latest because we didn't manage to book the tour online.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Standing in front of Gwangjang Market at 6:30 am.

We took taxi here to minimize the time for walking up and down the subway stations and possibly facing difficulty to find the correct direction to get to Gwangjang Market.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
History of Gwangjang Market - nation’s first permanent
traditional market which established in 1905.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
We're at the West Gate, and to get to the  Food Zone
we have to walk to North Gate 2 or South Gate 1.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Hanbok~ Hanbok~~!! I want Hanbok~~~!!! 

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 "Ehm... where are we now?!"

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
"Search me~!!!" (blur blur)
Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 "It's ok... I'll check it out myself!"

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
"Turn to right to Food Zone! See... clever me~!^^"

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
'The early bird catches the worm'
This pink bird was so disappointed for getting no warm food at Food Zone!!! ㅠㅠ

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Majeongyo (마전 = Horse Market) Underground Shopping Center...
Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Opposite Cheonggyecheon Stream.

Traditional Gwanjang Market | 
Finally found this restaurant that one of kind ahjussi recommended us
as we're wandering at the market, as he said other stalls not open so early. 
The problem is I don't really like to have these type of food for breakfast.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
This Gwangjang Toast Bread was opened early, 
and few people were waiting for their orders.
Actually I wanted to buy, but hubby said should try 
some specialties in this Gwangjang market...

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Hooray! Finally could see life at Food Zone when yellow bulbs were lighted...

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
  and vapor from the big pots with nice smell came from some of the stalls around 7:00 am.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
But most of them still preparing and open for business yet
including this friendly stall owner.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Finally this shop was ready to serve us...

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Japchae, Odaeng, Tteokbokki, bite-sized Gimbap, Sundae, Jokbal,...

Traditional Gwanjang Market |  Traditional Gwanjang Market |
I ordered small pack of Narcotic Gimbap.
Don't be scared of the name 'Mayak' (마약 = Drug) Gimbap.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Wanna try this cute Mayak Gimbap?
Dont worry! The ingredient has 0% narcotic in it, just pickled radish and carrot.
It's named Mayak Gimbap because it's just so addictive that you can't stop eating!

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Pig's feet Jokbal (족발), Assorted Blood sausage Sundae (순대고기모듬) and liver (간)!

I only tried a bite of jokbal, and left the rest because I don't really fancy eating these pig's organs, especially after seeing the veins inside the liver. OMG! totally lost my appetite... Ok, let me just focus on my cute mini gimbap!

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
We'd Sundae in soup as our first meal on our first visit to Korea in 2012.

Forgot how much we paid... should be around 12,000 Won - $15,000 Won for Mayak Gimbap and these assorted plate of pig's organs and...
Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Free Seaweed soup (미역국 = Miyeok guk) as 'service'

Traditional Gwanjang Market |   Happy face after had our breakfast.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
just wanna take photos with these toilet tissue paper rolls ㅠㅠ

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Bindaetteok pancake is one of the speciality here...

We wanted to eat this, but the stall just opened after we'd our breakfast. We like this mug bean pancake after we had it at Seobichon Village in Yeongju.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
Soy raw crabs (간장게장 = Ganjangejang) and
others fermented / marinated side dish.

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Gwangjang Market (광장시장)
88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 88 (예지동)
 Operating Hours: 08:30-18:00

Traditional Gwanjang Market |
 Going to Jongno 5-ga Subway station
opposite Gwangjang Market.
See you in Suwon soon~^^

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