Sunday, 23 November 2014

[Muju Ski Resort] - Mansun House

Must visit tourist attraction in Muju: Mansun Ski Resort | by Meheartseoul
We actually went to Mansun House to check our Winter Wonderland package and ski lesson before we had our lunch at Zephyr Coffee

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
Manson House (만선하우스).
 185, Manseon-ro, Seolcheon-myeon,
Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
 Our package came with free lift coupon for daytime (08:30 - 16:30) or   
afternoon and evening time (12:00 - 22:00) or night time (18:30 - 02:00),

Our itinerary for the afternoon was to visit 33 scenic spots in Gucheon-dong. We emailed to KTO to check the available transportation, but they couldn't advise us as the website didn't stated the addresses. We also called 1330 using Skype when we're in Korea to check, but they were accessing the same website with no specific information on it. So, we shifted our skiing lesson earlier.

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
You can rent ski equipments and buy lift / gondola coupon here.

Someone approached us when we're exchanging our lift coupons. He asked whether we need skiing lesson. Then we said yes, and he called the instructor for us. 

The instructor came to Mansoon House after we agreed with 3 hours lesson for 100,000 Won /person. It's much cheaper than normal fees charged, maybe because our instructor gave us discount as it's off season. We also rented proper ski jackets and pants (10,000 Won / set).

We rented ski equipments from Manson House because we're entitled for 50% discount that came with the hotel package. 

After our lunch, we went back to Manson House as our gathering point. The earlier guy waited there and brought us our ski jackets and pants. 

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
Ski Equipments collection center at Mansun House.
Turn left for Snowboarding collection and turn right for washroom.
Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
First, measuring our shoes sizes to get our ski boots.

then go to the counter with the exact shoe sizes...

But, we didn't know that they need ID cards or passports for security deposit of ski gears rental. Great that they're quite flexible and accepted credit card with our hotel room number, else my hubby had to go back to the room again to get them, as we left our wallets, cameras and backpack in the room.

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
Rear view of ski boots.

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
Collected our boots, ski bindings and poles.
We're ready to start our first skiing lesson~!

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 | 
Can you make a guess what's total weight of these 3 ski equipments?
You must think that they're quite light judging that I 
carried them effortlessly with smiley face.

No, they're not light... Total weight of these 3 ski equipments maybe up to 12 kg or more! 

Time to change our ski outfits and ski boots. Paid lockers are available in Manson House. So, we stored our jackets and shoes there.

Tralala~! We're all ready?! Really excited, but frankly I was a bit scared to start our very first ski lesson... hahaha! 

It's so hard to walk with heavy and hard firm ski boots, especially need to carry 2 long and heavy ski binders. I walked like a robot and very slow. Luckily our instructor was kind enough to help me carry my ski binders (and also carried his own ski binders). It's much better that I only need to carry 2 sets of poles with me :P

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
Take the escalator from Manson House to access to Manson Base Course.

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
 There are Beginner, Intermediate, Advance 
and Expert slopes at Manson Base.

Muju Ski Resort - Mansun House 만선하우스 |
 And we started our ski lesson soon (to be continued...)