Monday, 4 April 2016

Gangnam Severance Hospital (강남세브란스병원)

Medical Treatment at Gangnam Severance Hospital (강남세브란스병원)| by Meheartseoul
Been wanting to bring bring our daughter to seek treatment for her eczema. As soon as I booked the air tickets, the first thing I did was emailing to Visit Medical Korea to get the list of hospitals which has specialist for pediatric dermatologist. I also applied for Free Insurance service for safety of Medical Tourist. 

Managed to secure appointment with Dr. Kim Soo Chan from Department of Dermatology at Gangnam Severence Hospital was set on the first day, because we're out of Seoul the next day.

Gangnam Severence Hospital | 
Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital.

It's actually not too far from Bettl Hanbok, so we took taxi and reached there much earlier, so not so rushed to register and find the Dermatological Department.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 Showed the confirmation email and got our queue number.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |   Gangnam Severence Hospital |
Wandering around while waiting for our turn...

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
Registering my daughter's particulars at the counter.

Receipt for consultation fee (진찰료) KRW 33,900 and patient card.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 Christmas was at the corner... Nice atmosphere!

Gangnam Severance Hospital |
Department of Dermatology (피북과) on second floor.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 View of first floor from second floor.
Gangnam Severance Hospital | 
Screen showing name of doctor and assistant in-charge
and also status of patient's queue number.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |

Dermatologist Dr. Kim Soo Chan (김수찬) with my daughter.

Dr Kim is a very caring and professional doctor. He did examine my daughter's condition carefully, and confirmed that it's eczema.
Then he prescribed us with better ointments with strong and mild steroid with protopic after checked on the medicines that we're currently using. Then he slowly told my daughter how to apply them and when to take the medicine.
He spoke very good English without using difficult medical terms that we might not understand. My daughter even claimed that he's the best doctor she ever seen. She said normally doctor just see and that's all... no explanation or didn't understand how hard it's for not scratching herself as it's too itchy. 
My daughter was happy to know that the doctor understood her condition. He told her that it's not easy to have eczema as it's usually on and off. He patiently taught my daughter how to take care and control it from flaring up.  
No wonder a lot of people is seeking medical treatments in Korea.
Gangnam Severence Hospital | 
Pianist from Gangnam Severance Hospital. 
I was checking with the information counter where to make payment and how to go to the pharmacies to get moisturizer and medicines as the receptionist from the clinic only told us it's on the first floor. However, the counter staff couldn't speak Korean, and I got a bit problem to understand when it comes to direction, as I have no sense of direction.
Suddenly, the lady standing nearby the counter came to staff and told him that she'll help us after after confirmed the places with him again in Korean language. 
Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 First stop -  Auto self-payment machine.

Gangnam Severance Hospital |
 Treatment fee - KRW 70,000.
She asked the assistance from another staff who stood there. The staff helped us to scan the patient card. We just need to use the credit card to make the payment.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
Second stop - Medical store (강남의료기) at the hospital.

We bought two tubes of Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc Creme here. Forgot the price as I couldn't find the receipt. I think this store is like Watson or Guardian in Singapore, which selling personal care, health and beauty products.
Chatted a bit with the lady, she's actually pianist at Gangnam Severance Hospital. I'd no problem understand what she said in Korean, just that I'd to think quite long and replied her one word by one word in Korean :P

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
Last stop - Dogok Medical Pharmacy (도곡메디칼약국).

We ran all the way from the medical store to the pharmacy outside the hospital because it's time to play piano. She handed out the prescription and told me to wait there, and she had to go back first. We're lucky to meet friendly and helpful people in Korea.
Gangnam Severence Hospital |
I'm wondering why the hospital doesn't the pharmacy...

In Singapore, hospitals have their own pharmacies... and actually I don't know whether there are independent pharmacies in Singapore outside the hospitals except for Watson and Guardian. Maybe it's like Indonesia, which hospital or clinic just for doctor consultation and you need to go to pharmacies to purchase the drugs or medicines.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 A big WOW when I noticed that they printed 
my daughter's name on every sachets!

Actually I was so amazed to see that they packed 2 different tablets (each half a tablet) into the individual packet for single intake. It's so convenience as you don't need to split or cut the tablets yourself.

Not only that, they also printed out the important information of each medicines including usage description (처방예) and precautions (주의) though I don't understand it because it's in Korean language. 

We paid KRW 70,995 for 2 months supply for the ointments and medicines.

Actually, I tried to ask my friend to buy the medicines for me, but he said it's illegal to do so. Then, I emailed to the hospital, but they replied me that need the consultation before they can prescribe the medicines again.

Gangnam Severence Hospital |
 Walked back to the hospital to take taxi to Ashley Queens 
Restaurant for buffet lunch.
 211 Eonjuro, Gangnam-gu, 
Seoul 06273, Korea.