Thursday, 17 October 2013

Buzz Korea Awards 2013?!!

"OMG Eonni! I just realised we both got into the K-spot in Buzz Korea. HAHA"

It's 23:20 pm and that was the FB message I received from Yyann, one of the active bloggers in Buzz Korea. I still didn't fully digest her message, as my mind about to auto shut down though I was still playing Candy Crush and laying on my bed...

The next moment... I almost jumped up to the ceiling because she sent me this link:
Join the 2013 buzz KOREA Awards to vote for the best Contents and visit Korea!

Thanks a lot, Yyann! It's so sweet of you to inform and vote for me. Just realised that I voted on the K-spot page yesterday... no wonder it's not updated on the Event page.

Therefore, I want to post on how to vote it... I just voted for Yann and another 3 contestants this morning... Wow!!! Quite hard for me to decide as all have their own strong points to get my votes :P
First of all... thank you so much Buzz Korea for this awesome opportunity to visit Korea just by sharing our travel stories, posting travel destinations in K-spot, or sharing amazing moments through video.
Ok, here's how to vote for this contest (Please vote for me too :P)
1. Login to your Account or Sign up for Buzz Korea Membership
Buzz Korea - Sign Up Page
2. Go to the Event Page
Please vote for us, and you might win yourself one of these prizes:
1st Prize: A round-trip ticket to Korea (1 winner)
2nd Prize: MCM Backpack (2 winners)
3rd Prize: Tangerine Flower Body Care Set (10 winners)
3. Scroll down the Page and Click on
    * <Video of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to view their fantastic videos vote the one you like the most.
Warning... Lots of video about yummy food~!!! 배고파요~~~
    * <Blog of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to read their unforgettable trip in Korea.
Please use Google Translate if needed. 

    * <K-Spot of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to check places of interest, restaurant, performances, attractions.
             You can plan your itinerary by selecting these K-spot and create your own K-tour.
Thank you for clicking the Vote Button for my entry ^^
Nickname: VeraLee
"Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center"
Please read my previous posting on K-Spot and K-Tour. All K-spots stated the address, and some have additional on necessary information such as direction, photos, link to respective websites. It's very useful and great tool to plan your itinerary in Korea. 
    * <Buzz of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to check the contributions of Buzz Korea members.

Please help my friend to vote her entry:
Nickname: Maeri
4.  After selected 1 candidate from each category (total 4 candidates), then:
     => Click Read and "I Agree" to the Terms and Conditions
     => Click on "Participate" Button

Every vote is important as it'll be a great help~^^
Thank you for your time and support... 감사합니다... 谢谢... Terima Kasih!
I'll be registering some new K-spots soon. Remember to check Buzz Korea for lots of information and news that you might not want to miss out, especially if you want to visit Korea! Ahhh... I'm so much in love with Buzz Korea~!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

September in 3G - Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun [Day 3]

Welcome to meheartseoul humble blog, where I share my unforgettable sweet memories in Korea
It's raining, not an ideal day to visit outdoor places of interest such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village as scheduled. It has to be indoor activities, so we took taxi to COEX Mall.  Journey from Yongsan to Coex took almost 1 hour due to rainy day and traffic jammed.

Oh-uh... we didn't know that it's under major renovation and expected to be completed by December 2014. (Updated: The new and improved Coexmall is scheduled to open on November 27. Please check the news here).
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Renovation in progress for fully-upgraded complex with a modern look  

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
 Only COEX Aquarium, Megabox, Exhibition Centre, 
Bandi and Luni's, few stores and some restaurants still opened

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
We walked around and found a food court...
We had Naengmyun (Cold Noodles), Sundae, Cheese Gimbap & Salad Gimbap.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
 We walked to Hyundai Department Store near to COEX Mall,
and somehow we ended up at ASEM Tower.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
ASEM Tower, World Trade Centre, and one unique and artistic building.

We walked to Bongeunsa Temple, which is just directly opposite of COEX Mall.
 [Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Bongeunsa Temple represents Korea's past 1,200 years of history and tradition.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
beautiful and tranquil Temple creates great harmony with modern and busy Gangnam area.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Korea is just so awesome in preserving their historical buildings, traditions and cultures. Even in bustling metropolis Seoul, you can find so many historical sites. I can feel the calmness and not being pressurised by the modernisation of the city. That's explained why I love Korea so much. 

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Seoul skyline from Bongeunsa Temple.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
beautiful landscape and...

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
elegant architecture of Bongeunsa Temple.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Please click this link to participate for Temple stay programs
(temple tour, tea ceremony, meditation, Making Lotus Flowers, Copying Sutras,..)

After praying and strolling around and taking pictures, we took a taxi to...
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
(please click the above link for the direction)

Didn't expect that it's such a long shopping arcade! You can find almost everything here... from clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics products, household goods, children’s clothing, bags, lingerie, mobile accessories to furniture, interior items, paintings, carpets, and so on. You'll be amazed with the bargain price. I bought few pieces of clothes that ranging from 5,000 won to 15,000 won, and a pair of high heel shoe that only cost 10,000 won ^^

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
tired after shopping?!!
 why not grab something to munch before continue for gems hunting :P

My hubby brought Xuan and Zhi to Gwanghwamun Square...
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Statue of Sejong The Great.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
posing as royal guards in front of  King Sejong statue.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
"The Story of King Sejong" Exhibition Hall
 informative and educative place to visit to know more about the life story of
The Great King Sejong, the creator of Hangul.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Admiral Yi Sunshin Exhibition Hall & Replica of Turtle Ship

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
little soldiers in front of Statue of Admiral Yi Shun Shin.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
night strolling along Cheonggyecheon Stream.

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
and had sumptuous tables d'hote with grilled deodeok (더덕구이정식) - 17,000 / person
Deodeok Bap (더덕밥).
Add: 서울 중구 무교동 96 지하1층
Ph: 02-778-2959 

My Korean friend brought us to dine this healthy meal here before. Ah... why my hubby didn't pack the deodeok for me...

I was with my Korean friend at Garosugil area, and dining at Chez Maak. He recommended this place when I asked him to tell me good restaurant around Garosugil as I participated in Psy Wiki Korea Contest. I promised to treat him if I won the contest... but, I didn't win it ㅠㅠ 
Anyway, I decided to give it a try, because I like to drink Makgeolli :P

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
White Lotus Makgeolli - Snow with 6% of Alcohol

Chez Maak (셰막) is a Makgeolli House that famous for their Baekryun White Lotus Makgeolli and  Makgeolli Cocktails. They also serve Fusion Korean foods that matched well with Makgeolli.

I thought that they added carbonate, as this was my first time drank makgeolli with fizz. My friend said it's natural carbonate, as the makgeolli is still in the latter stages of fermentation. Oh?! That means I've to go to Korea whenever I want to drink fresh Makgeolli!

If you watched Korean drama, you often see that they poured Makgeolli from bronze kettle and served with bowls.
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Yummylicious Crunchy & Crispy Chicken served with ddeok (rice cakes),
PaDak (Pa/파 = Spring Onion + Dak/닭 = Chicken) and sauce.
My friend told me that Padak is also Korean onomatopoeia of chicken flapping their wings ㅋㅋㅋ 
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
I like the right amount of sourness from this 1 year long fermented Kimchi Pancake 

Click for image for the clearer map from Konest

After clearing the generous portions of foods without any wastage... we walked along Garosugil and found this café...

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Mug For Rabbit  (머그포래빗).

Minimalist decorated café, that created casual and friendly feeling. I like it's open air terrace that you can enjoying  Garosugil  atmosphere while chit-chatting. Actually, I was quite  hesitated  to climb up those wooden flying stairs with no railing, and have to balance myself with my high heels! Phew~!!!  luckily didn't tripped myself...

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
 Earl Grey Snow and Vanila Snow
Regretted for not ordering their Cupcakes or Organic Carrot Cake as it's their specialities
(just read the reviews from others bloggers). Will try them next time :P

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
super sweet Vanilla Snow... 
 Have you ever tried 'Earl Grey Vanilla' Snow?!
[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
Mug For Rabbit is located opposite Youk Shim Won Gallery
and near 8seconds clothing store
Click the image for clearer map & credit

[Seoul] Gangnam, Garosugil & Gwanghwamun |
We stopped by at one of the art galleries in Itaewon
I'm always amazed to see those talented artists...
wondering how long did they take to create such awesome artworks?

Which "G" do you like the most? Please let me know... Annyeong~^^

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September in Caribbean Bay & Everland [Day 2]

A must visit attractions: Caribbean Bay & Everland | by Meheartseoul
~'Conquering' Caribbean Bay & Evening at Everland Theme Park~

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Ticket Counter
Entrance to Everland (left) - Caribbean Bay (right)
Intended to switch Everland & Caribbean Bay to another day, as Xuan and my hubby were coughing.
However, Xuan and Zhi still insisted to have fun on the second day.
We took a cab to Sadang, we didn't notice that the travelling time took 30 minutes more. From Gangnam Station or Gangbyeon Station only need 50 minutes instead of 80 minutes. Please check this link for more information.

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Sadang station (Bus 1500-2) => Shuttle Bus => Everland 

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions | 
Ticket price Everland + Caribbean Bay Combi

We purchased single entry 1 day tickets to Everland and Caribbean Bay and saved 58,000 Won. Please note on the operating hours, so you can maximise your time ^^

Everland is one of the most famous attractions in Korea, which most of the tour agencies included it in their tour itinerary. And of course, it's a must for family with children, and youngsters or those who love to have adrenaline rush!

Theme Park is the place that I only go for the sake of my kids or friends. I have to gather all my courage and dragged myself  to take some of the rides as kids need to be supervised by adult. So, if I go with my friends and not necessary for me to join the ride, I'll opt to wait and help them to take photos for them.
I don't understand why those trilling roller coasters always with long queue! But, at least I can make an excuse for not wasting time queuing for it. It's the scariest thing for me! So, we mostly took those  rollercoaster for children. But, sometimes I didn't know that some of the rides have something similar to roller coaster... almost got 'heart-attack' because of the ride. It's so embarrassing to scream my lung out and tremble after those crazy trill rides with super high speed moving forwards, backwards, sudden brakes, hard turns and slopes when some of the kids really enjoyed and laughed happily throughout the rides! Do you like roller-coaster ride? Why?
Caribbean Bay is the largest water park in the world. The water park has various facilities such as the indoor and outdoor pools, wave pool, lazy river, hot spring pools, spa and sauna.
It received "Must-see Waterpark Awards" from International Association of Amusement Park Attractions. (Source: Wikipedia)
Beach, water park, waterfall, valley, spa, swimming pool are my favourite and must visit places. Yes, I'll definitely drag you there if you don't want to go... hahaha!!!
We went to Caribbean Bay as it closed earlier than Everland. Filled our tummies first before changed to swimsuits for fun water playing.
Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Steak and Chicken burgers for lunch.

There're lockers to store all your belongings in the changing rooms. I just took my HP and put it inside waterproof dry bag pouch and we're ready to 'conquer' Caribbean Bay!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
1st 'Attack': ~W~a~V~e~  ~P~o~o~L~ 
Freezie Fun being attacked by 2.4 waves!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Result: Happily defeated after fighting with the waves with bubble 'bombs'

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions | 2nd 'Attack': World's longest lazy river.

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Armed with big floats and cruised the 550-meter long river.
Discovered cozy cave and waterfall perfect for photo taking :P

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
3rd 'Attack': Adventure Pool - landmark of Caribbean Bay

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Yohoo~! Water splash~~!!!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |

Red light?! Run!!! unless you want to feel 2.4 tons of
spine chilling water pouring from this giant skull bucket!
A bit wet and cold because of the gust of wind from water blasting!!!

Up to this point, I was still half dry. Although I like water, but I'm afraid of cold water! I'm not used to slowly walked and submerged myself in the water. What I normally did was jump into deep pool, then swim for at least 2 long laps to fight with cold water! Bbrrrrr~!!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Small Attack for Kiddos: Sandy Pool
It was drizzling outside... it's time for indoor pool!
Swim... Blurp... Blurp... Swim... Blurp~!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Indoor Wave Pool for Kids
Lifeguards are stationed everywhere ^^

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Last but not to be missed! Spa - Hot springs!!!

Slowly stepped into this 40 Celcius hot spring pool. Wohoo~! finally wet my whole body, so can be considered that we're successfully conquered Caribbean Bay! *dot dot dot* LOL!!!

Oh, there's something interesting in the bath area... portable spin dry towel drying machines! It'll be so nice if it's available in Singapore swimming pools, so no need to carry heavy bag with wet towels!

We spent adventurous and fun time in this impressive family water park! Highly Recommended!

Everland (에버랜드) 

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Gloomy and Quite Everland
Rain Rain go away, come again another day!

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
17:00pm - Dinner

Oh dear, it's still drizzling after we finished our dinner. We need to wear raincoat and walk in this huge amusement park.

Everland has 5 theme parks (Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia) with almost 50 attractions. But, we only managed to find 3 attractions, and most of them were closed due to the weather...

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Bumper Car (Zone : Magic Land)

Amazon Express & Zootopia 4D Show (Zone : Zootopia)

Quite disappointed as nothing much to do... it's partly because of the rainy day. So, please check weather forecast before you go to enjoy more rides! Anyway, we're exhausted and decided to go back to Seoul...

Caribbean Bay and Everland Themepark Attractions |
Waited more than 30 minutes for direct bus (5002) to Gangnam...

then decided to take taxi, as my daughter and hubby were quite sick, so I asked a favour from the lady inside information booth to call a cab for us. It took an hour from Everland to Yongsan area (51.892km) with total cost 62,620 Won.

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