Monday, 31 July 2017

Joyful Day in Jeonju 1

Jeonju has much to offer than just Bibimbap. I love everything in this village especially the traditional Han-style vibe in this small city. It's a must visit destination in Korea which I always recommended my friends whenever they plan to go to Korea.

The first reason why I recommend it is because you don't even need to worry of transportation in this village, because you can just walk from one place to another place. It's so convenient that even someone like me who hate walking and no sense of direction can do it.  

Secondly, if you're tired walking just stop and have drink and some snacks that available at every corners. Remember to pamper your stomach because the food here is incredibly yummy and have lots of selection ranging from traditional to unique fusion meal.
  Jeonju Nambu Market.

After checked out and leave our luggage at WannaBe Design Hotel (워너비호텔), we went to Nambu Traditional Market to have our breakfast.

Luckily this stall was open, because lots of them still closed when we're there. 

Waiting for hot food to keep our bodies warmer.

 Patjuk Red Bean Soup and Seafood Kalguksu.

I prefer sweet red bean soup which I had at 서울서둘째로잘하는집  
in Seoul or 외할머니 솜씨 in Jeonju.

We only order these 2 dishes, because we wanted to taste others delicacies. They all seemed delicious, however we didn't have much time to join the queue.
 Pungnammun Gate (풍남문) is jus a walking distance from Nambu Market.

Didn't rent Hanbok's veils (쓰개치마 =  sseugaechima) from Bettl Hanbok
therefore can only use my fur jacket as sseugaechima. 

  Sonyeosang, statue of a girl representing sexual victims during 
Japanese military sitting in front of Pungnammun.

Remembrance booth of the Sewol ferry incident (Day 593).

Fish Bread 페스츄리 에빠진 붕어빵.

Leisurely strolling around charming Jeonju village after breakfast and found this cute fish bread on the way to Gyeonggijeon

Fish Bread (붕어빵) - ₩2,700 / piece.

We bought 4 pieces of different flavours for ₩10,000. There's option for 6 pieces at ₩15,000 too.
This fish bread is bigger than normal fish bread sold at the street and the filling was generous too.

 Candid photoshot of these two kiddos that always avoid taking photos.

Gyeonggijeon is a must visit historical site in Jeonju.

Please click this link if you want to read more about Gyeonggijeon Main Hall, and this link for Royal Portrait Museum which enshrined portrait of King Tae-jo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty. You might also like to visit this link to know more about The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty which stored inside Jeonju Sago.

 I purposely stopped in front of Doldam-gil (Stone Wall Walkway)
because it's perfect and matching background to snap photos in Hanbok.

 Ladies in colorful hanboks.

In just a merely one year, I can see the big difference in this Hanok village, where there are a lot of stores renting Hanbok. Therefore, about 30% of people in the street were swanning in their beautiful hanbok. I really love the atmosphere where I felt like the time was turned back to Joseon era or I was filming Korean drama where you can see pretty agassi or handsome yangban and hanok houses.

To be continued, please stay tuned...