Friday, 6 November 2015

[Lombok] - Gili Meno (길리 메노)

Welcome to meheartseoul humble blog, where I share my unforgettable sweet memories  The boat was anchored when we're nearby Gili Meno (길리 메노)...

Lombok Gili Meno (길리 메노) | 
Shallow water though it's quite far from the beach.

Lombok Gili Meno (길리 메노) |
 My hubby was still resting and not joining me for snorkeling.

I only snorkeled for 10 - 15 minutes, because I felt bad leaving my hubby alone on the boat. The second reason was because the boatman joined me to snorkel. Well, I'm a good swimmer so I don't need anyone to hold my hand or touch my body.  So fed up that I prompted him not to hold me or restricted my movements as I wanted to take photos. But, he still did so, therefore I decided to stop snorkeling and told him that I wanted to see how's my hubby doing.

To summarize, for your safety, it's better to travel with family or group especially for ladies. It's not like Bali where nobody will really care or stare at you if you're in bikini. 

Worse than Gili Trawangan, I didn't see fish in Gili Meno, but Colony of coral reefs...

Lombok Gili Meno (길리 메노) |
 Massive  Massive coral reefs - Acropora formosa and Astreopora Expansa. 

Lombok Gili Meno (길리 메노) |
The combination of staghorn Acropora formosa and Astreopora Expansa 
look like plates of rose petals and thorns, don't they?

Predominantly, Astreopora Expansa has brown, greenish and some in combination with pink, rose or violet colors.

Lombok Gili Meno (길리 메노) |
  Rainforests of the sea.

Corals are made of colonies of tiny animals called polyps, which each polyp contains lots of tiny algae. They gain their color from these symbiotic algae, so without them, they appear white.

Coral reef are most commonly found at shallow depths in tropical waters forming the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. They occupy less than 0.1% of the world's ocean surface, yet they provide a home for at least 25% of all marine species.