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Seoul Sejong Hotel (세종호텔)

My hubby was not on the same flight with me, as he took budget airline. So, I need to carry the big and heavy luggage up and down the staircase on subway stations? or drag and walk few minutes to locate the hotel? What if I lost my way... in chilly winter?! Oh~ No!!!

After searched for few hotels, I decided to book Sejong hotel as Airport bus from Incheon Airport stops right in front of the hotel!

Seoul Sejong Hotel is located in the heart of the shopping district, Myeongdong. Myeongdong Art Theater and Myeongdong Nanta Theater, Myeongdong Cathedral and Lotte Department Store are just nearby.

With just few steps to the subway, it's very convenient to travel to various tourist attractions such as Gyeongbokgung, GwanghwamunCheonggyecheon Stream,  Dongdaemun, Bukchon, Insadong, Samcheongdong and Itaewon.

The hotel porter was so helpful, he quickly opened the door and helped me to bring my bag to the lobby on the second floor.

Check-in was smooth and fast. I just need to fill-up some particulars and the receptionist passed the room key to me. Actually, I thought to leave my luggage only, since I don't need to use the room and there is a surcharge of KRW 100,000 for early check-in before 14:00 pm (stated on hotel policies).

Appreciate for early check-in, as my friend postponed our meet-up. I'd time to took some photos and had a bath to refresh myself after long flight.

big and clean room with simple furniture

Happy to see that they provided 4 pillows, so I can hold the extra pillow in my arms, and no need to roll my scarfs or towels as a bolster :P  

Room is fully equipped with TV, safe deposit box, telephone, bathtub, bathrobes and small fridge.

Hotel Mobile Phone with free rental and incoming call charges

Awesome~! See what I found on the table?! It's free mobile phone service. No wonder the receptionist asked whether I have local SIM card. I told him I've data plan and don't really need SIM card since I can use Kakao Talk to call or send message. So, he didn't explain further on it. 

Oh yeah, free wifi is only available at lobby area, you can use room wifi with the password provided on the desk, but it's billed when you check-out.

 Bathroom and toilet bowl with bidet

Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, lotion) are included. Toothbrush and toothpaste available with extra cost. Normally most of the hotels in Korea didn't provide toothbrush, and some only provide toothpaste, so it's recommended that you bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.

According to my friend, the Korean buffet in this restaurant is nice. But, we didn't have time to try it... maybe on our next visit~! ^^

spectacular view of Namsan Tower from Myeongdong street

Sejong Hotel (세종호텔)
145, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (Chungmuro 2-ga)
서울특별시 중구 퇴계로 145 (충무로2가)
  [Limousine Bus] No 6015 (Gate 5B or 12A) from Incheon to Sejong Hotel
[Subway]: Myeong-dong station (Subway Line 4), Exit 10

Overall it was a nice experience of staying here. Exceeded my expectation! The staffs were helpful and friendly. You won't go wrong for selecting this hotel~!

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Myeongdong Art Theater (명동예술극장)

A must visit spot for shopping in Seoul: Myeongdong | by Meheartseoul
After our dinner, we walked from Jonggak to Myeongdong, as my friend told me that it's possible to do so. He's right, but it took about 30 minutes. So proud of my myself for braving the cold under minus degree temperature for so long.

We finally reached one of the most popular and primary shopping district, Myeongdong~! 

It's still busy street although it's quite late. My friend told me that he's not very familiar with this area, as he seldom come to Myeongdong.  Well, I can understand because I also seldom go to Orchard Road in Singapore for shopping, as that district is mostly crowded by tourists. Especially for him... I think most of the men don't really like shopping, right?

Recommended shopping spot in Seoul: Myeongdong |
Do you know that Myeongdong was once the nest of Korean performance culture and art?
In the 1960s and 70s, culture-savvy people and artists flocked to Myeongdong 
for poetry readings, music shows, theatrical performances and art exhibitions.

During the Joseon era, Myeong-dong was known as Myeongnyebang (literally, a place to welcome Ming envoys). During the Japanese colonial period, the name of the area was changed to Meijicho.

This theater was built in 1934, at the height of the Japanese colonial era. After liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945, the Meiji Theater building was used as the Civic Auditorium by the Seoul Metropolitan Government until 1961. (Source: Koreana)

Myeongdong gradually developed into a modern commercial district centered around the Japanese Legation, where the Shinsegae Department Store now stands. This area’s affluence and vibrancy also served to attract artistic and cultural figures. Although Myeong-dong is now occupied by diverse retail businesses, it remains one of the most popular destinations in Seoul for Japanese tourists.

Recommended shopping spot in Seoul: Myeongdong |
My friend told me that this old Baroque-style building is where
National Theater of Korea used to be located (1957 to 1973). 

After 3 years of renovation, the theater has been renamed and was reopened as Myeongdong Theater in June 2009. The theater presents a range of performances such as serious plays, experimental plays, non-verbal performances, and musicals. Not only that, the place is a popular venue for diverse events like acting contests, theater festivals and performance festivals.

Recommended shopping spot in Seoul: Myeongdong |
Sweet or Sour Strawberry?

There're a lot of carts selling foods along Myeongdong street. My friend asked whether I want to eat strawberry. I don't really fancy strawberry... scared of sour taste :-6 

But my friend said that they're sweet. He even asked the seller few times: "딸기 달아요?" until one of the sellers finally gave up and a bit  annoyed when answering: "딸기 달아요~!" Maybe the sellers presumed it's unnecessary question or it's a statement instead of a question. But my friend just so persistent to get the answer. He only started to select the strawberry after satisfied with the reply. ㅋㅋ

Recommended shopping spot in Seoul: Myeongdong |
행복 통팥빵 & 찹쌀떡

I insisted him to bring back 1/2 box of the strawberry for his niece and nephew, as I couldn't finish them. He bought breads and mochis with red bean fillings in the bread shop nearby the gallery after we'd our lunch.

Million thanks to my Korean friend - my Bro for this meaningful 'Art' Tour. It's really interesting to get insights of art in Korea through his local eyes and art knowledge. 

It's so relaxed and I like the feeling to walk confidently without the need to ask for direction, or having any language barrier. Everything was being taken care, even provided free hot packs and the next day breakfast was settled! Where to find such a 'guide'?! I hereby 'crown' him as the most expert and caring 'guide' in Seoul! 그 동안 고마웠습니다 , 브로~! Thank you for everything! ^^

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

[Seoul] - 월매네 Traditional Folk Pub

Recommended Food and place to chill in Seoul: 월매네 Traditional Folk Pub | by Meheartseoul
After watched 'My Love From Another Star', just checked my emails and browsed Facebook. Then looked left and right to see what're others customers doing there... Ah~! Please note that normally I'm not a nosy person, just that a bit boring sitting there and nothing to do :P

Horray~! My friend finally finished his work! And we just cleared our table and stepped out from the cafe around 20:45 pm. 

Although we'd danpatjuk earlier, but that couldn't be considered as our dinner. This miserable cold weather made me easily feel hungry. My friend asked whether I want to have Chinese food, Japanese or Korean food or McDonalds.

"Anything is fine, just no beef for me... if have Korean food with makgeolli better." just wanted to fill my tummy the soonest possible.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
"Makgeolli, you want makgeolli?" he started to look around and 
found this 월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Tavern
with unique Gourd bottle signboard.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Korean Traditional painting covered the whole walls, 
made 월매네 reminiscent of Traditional Folk Pub.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Staircase behind cashier counter is leading to the attic.
Some of the customers enjoying their meals up there.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Graffiti, messages, names and signatures all over the walls...

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
very heartwarming atmosphere with Korean paintings, 
Chinese calligraphy, old wine bottles and dim lights.

There's a big television just beside the shelves. I watched for the fourth time of the same news of Sochi Olympics 2014, and reunion of hundreds of South and North Korean families for that day.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Menu List

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Sweet and refreshing 알밤 막걸리 (Chestnut Rice Wine). 

They served makgeolli and a bowl of snack first. But we've to wait a bit longer for tteokbokki as they need time to prepare and cook it and added that it's quite crowded on that day.

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Thought it's yummy, but it's super spicy that I almost burst out eating this  
낙지 떡뽂이 (Octopus Rice Cake), as my ears were in sharp pain 
(that's the reason why I seldom eat spicy food). 
But it's just normal spiciness for my friend. Really?! 

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Then, he ordered 계란말이 (Omelette Egg Roll) for me with cheese, meat 
and vegetables with Ottogi ketchup sauce, quite similar to Heinz ketchup. 
 ㅎㅎ not spicy at all :P  

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
땡큐... 브로~! ^^

월매네 (Wolmaene) Makgeolli Traditional Folk Pub |
Jonggak Station Exit 4 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Insight Into Insadong

Apparently, I just walked and followed my friend without knowing where we're heading to...

"Oh?! Really! Insadong?" A bit surprised as I didn't know that a short 15 minutes walk from Samcheongdong through this quaint alley of Gamgodang-gil will lead us to Insadong.

"Have you been to Insadong?" he questioned me before we crossed the road to Insadong.

"Yes! Of course... You brought me here before." a bit irritated when answering him. Yeah, he must be joking! Tell me how could I have missed it? Insadong is such a popular place, and he's the one who brought me here too, how could he forget so fast?! ~!!! 

"Oh... me? did I?" I didn't notice his expression when he answered me.

"Yap~! We visited the art gallery in the evening." quickly turned my head to check whether I'm walking with the correct person?! or by any chance he didn't tell me that he's an actor (with such a good acting skill)?!

... (silent)

"Remember? on my previous trip last September." I started to worry for him! It's normal if I forget things easily. My sister and my friends concluded that I've Alzheimer disease. But, I still remember clearly, and he totally forgot about it? 어떻게?!  How?!!  He might be suffering quite serious short-term memory loss!

Just about to search the photos in my HP to prove that we're there...

"Oh~!"  when he replied softly and nodded his head few times after silent for awhile.  Sounded like it's just for the sake of answering me. Anyway 다행이다~! Thanks God! He finally recalled it! ^^

But less than a minute, he suddenly said: "I thought that's in Itaewon?!" 

OH?!! Wait for a second! Let me recollect and checked my mind. I did come to Insadong (ticked). I visited Art gallery and it's in I~~~iitaewon (ticked confirmed)!!!

"Yeah hor~! It's Itaewon! Yeah~! You shouldn't have nodded your head and said ooh when you're not sure. Haiz!" Actually I was angry at myself and just babbling to hide my embarrassment of this stupid mistake. Aigoo Aigoo~!!

대박~! Imagined his expression when he was answering me... He must had raised his eyebrows and scratching his head (-_-a) with lots of question marks hanging above his head.

Aish~ It's so embarrassing, Vera! how could you mixed-up Insadong and Itaewon?! Are you a joker?! I need to have power to disappear at that moment!!! Ha...haaaiiizzz!!! HELP!!! Where should I hide myself?!  진짜 진짜 부끄럽다!

Please excuse my brain, it's half frozen and unable to process the information correctly due to cold weather. Added with both 'Insadong' and 'Itaewon' start with letter "I", made my brain more confused and haywired ㅠㅜ. 

Ok, enough with this awkwardness!  >.<

Perfect place for Art lovers and popular place for tourists

Insadong is the place for you to experience the traditional aspects of Korea in the heart of the city. This district is especially popular for art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, where you can find old Korean paintings, ceramics and traditional furniture.

It's nice to stroll along Insadong main street as it's vehicle- free. In this buoyant neighborhood, you'll soon see the iconic modern contemporary Ssamziegil building.

'Ssamzie' (쌈지 = 'money pouch' in old korean), 'gil' (길 = road or street)
However, people may consider ssamziegil as shopping mall rather than road

Ssamzie is an abstract word implies a 'Street filled with Ancient items'. Ssamziegil’s footpaths run alongside the shops like a winding staircase around the courtyard, reminiscent the alleyway in Insadong. 

There are about 70 shops including handicraft stores, souvenir shops, 
art galleries, workshops and restaurants in this shopping complex.

My friend told me that Insadong is very traditional and cultural area, therefore you can see that majority of the signboards are written in Hangul or translated into Hangul. 

Starbucks Coffee (스타벅스 커피) 

And when Starbucks opened in Insadong, people came and queued here just because it's the only Starbucks in the world with the logo written in Hangul. 

It was about 6 pm and temperature just keep dropping. It's really really cold for me. My 'kind-hearted' friend still offering whether I would like to have ice-cream! But, he's forgiven for teasing me, as he's quite considerate and gave me hot packs though I told him that I have them in my bag.

Did I come to Insadong before? 
Yes, I was here for my Hanbok photoshoots in Goguan studio (please click the link for the proof).

We walked from beginning to end of Insadong... My friend said he has some works to do, so I just followed him as I got nothing to do. If I wandering around myself, I worried it might troubled him more to locate me if I lost my way :P 

Hollys Coffee facing Cheonggyecheon Stream

While he's busy doing his work, me also busy watching 'My Love From Another Star' Ep 19 from Gooddrama. Well, I don't recommend it, as actually it's not that glam to laugh out loud or sob inside the cafe. For this, I have to blame on Cheon Song Yi's hilarious, crazy but somehow she's sensible in this episode.

It's quite sad when Song-yi asked Do Min Joon to sing a song for her that will make her think of him in the future, and make him think of her. The song that they can treasure for long~~ long time. Do Min Joon sang a song ('Promise' by Im Byung-soo), and proposed to her... Finally!!! 

Though, she's very happy to receive the proposal, but then she calls his name, saying, “My beloved Do Min Joon. It’s time for us to wake up from this dream. You, for my sake, exist somewhere. For my sake, don’t die. Exist somewhere. What I’m saying is, Go. To where you were.” ㅠㅠ

Aissh~! raining locally?! Why my face so wet? I'd to jump down from my seat and teleport myself to washroom!

I do admire Song-yi's decision. To know that the person you love is happy, safe and sound somewhere is more than enough... Unconditional love!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Samcheongdong has Something for Everyone~!

[Seoul] Samcheongdong has Something for Everyone~! | by Meheartseoul
Samcheong [sam (삼 ) = three, and cheong (청) = clean or good] was given its name in reference to the three things that this area has plenty of: clean water, beautiful neighboring mountains and kind-hearted residents. According to the principles of feng-shui, Samcheong-dong is said to have the absolutely ideal location.

Samcheongdong did catch my eye and capture my heart on my first visit to Korea. The shuttle bus that we took to go to Samcheonggak (삼청각) for royal cuisine passed by this quaint and peaceful Samcheongdong Street.  

Though just a fast glance, but it's really charming to see they how they preserved Korean traditional beauty of hanok-style houses and modern architectural buildings respectful integrating themselves into this cultural street. There're so many unique shops and cafes stretching low and some sitting high along this street, but little did I know that there're plenty of galleries around here too.

Sadly that on our second trip to Korea, we strolled around Bukchon Hanok Village, but we didn't get a chance to visit Samcheongdong.

Therefore, glad that this time round I could get up close with this unique neighborhood~^^

We're here because my friend wanted to showcase Beautiful Method printed Art Canvas at 'Only Art & Cafe Gallery' in Samcheongdong branch.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Popular street of Samcheongdong is home to many artistic museums, 
chic galleries, restaurants, cafés, and accessory shops.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Kukje Gallery presenting solo exhibition of Julian Opie featuring 
his new works portraying the lifestyles of pedestrians in Seoul.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Homestead coffee or Little Prince (어린왕자)?

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Cute 'Le Petit Cafe' 

Tadaa... finally found Only Art & Cafe Gallery after searched the direction using mobile map and stretched my neck longer to match the photo. But... Alas!!! The door was closed and there's a notice stated... 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Step out for awhile 4:30 - 5:30 죄송합니다

Haiz... if we didn't go to MMCA, we should reached there in time. Ssawry~!!! We just peeped inside the gallery through the window. Only Gallery has their own cafe that allowing visitors to enjoy art, shopping, and lunch all under one roof.

A short walk from Only Gallery, my friend saw this humble traditional tea house offer teas like Sipjeondaebotang (traditional Korean medicinal tea with 10 different ingredients), Jujube tea, Citron tea, Ginger tea, Sikhe and Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽 = danpatjuk). 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
(Seoureseo Duljjaero Jalhaneunjip = The Second Best in Seoul). 
Unique name to remember though it's kinda long ㅎㅎ

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
hearty and nutritious Danpatjuk (sweet red-bean soup) is 
the most popular menu.

Hot and yummy quite filling danpatjuk really nice to beat the winter chill outside. No wonder it's full house even it's not after lunch or dinner time. We had to wait for few minutes to get our seats.

It's topped with glutinous rice cake, gingko nuts, chestnuts and cinnamon powder. I was curious and asked my friend what's the green color thing, and he told me it's gingko nut. So, I just ate it, and suddenly he said in kinda serious tone: "What if you die eating this green gingko nut?!" What?! So evil!!! Out of words... just rubbed my chest and continue to eat my sweet red bean soup. So touched to have this 'kind-hearted' friend! ㅋㅋㅋ

After finished our danpatjuk, we walked along Gamgodang-gil (감고당길) that connects between Samcheongdong and Insadong. It's a kind of education street with 3 girls schools with snack shops and stationery stores.

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
chic hand-made/designers shops selling clothing and accessory
around Gamgodang-gil 

I'm very sure that I need at least half a day to go around Samcheong-dong and Gamgodang-gil. I like this district so much because it radiates serenity and comfort where you can't find in other places crowded with giant shopping malls.

Added that I might need to stop every 5-10 steps for taking photos. But not for this time round, took lesser photos, as I obediently follow and have to run to catch-up my friend's steps. He has long legs and walked very fast that I always left behind... he might lost me unknowingly!

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Pungmun Girls School was built on the historical site 
Andongbyeolgung (a detached palace), former residence of  
Queen Inhyeon and Empress Myeongseong of Joseon Dynasty. 

Samcheongdong has something for everyone |
Deokseong Girls' Middle and High School are located on the west 
and east sides of this Stone Walls Road.

Inside Deokseong Girls' High School, there's the house of Seo Gwangbeom, who set fire to Andong Detached Palace and started the Gapsinjeongbyeon coup (4 December 1884).

Duksung Girls’ Middle School was the headquarters of the Cheondoism believers who planned the March 1st Movement (the Korean independence movement during the Japanese rule).

Interspersed benches placed along the stone walls near the girls schools with trees lining the streets offering a better view and inviting an idyllic stroll along this cultural hideaways

Whether you're there to patron shops, or to appreciate arts in the galleries, or simply reward yourself with a cup of tea in traditional teahouse, or to hang-out with your friends in cozy cafe, or romantic evening stroll around this chic and artsy atmosphere street. Samcheongdong has something for everyone~! ^^

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (국립현대미술관 서울)

Recommended artistic museum in Seoul: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art | by Meheartseoul
As we walked pass MMCA building on our way to Samcheong-dong area, my friend asked me whether I'd been visited the museum before. I told him that I only knew that it's opened recently as it's all over the news from Visit Korea, iBuzz Korea and also few postings from my Korean friends who visited MMCA on their Facebook. 

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
My friend brought me in to this spacious National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 
(국립현대미술관 서울) and briefly told me the history of the building...

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
simple, rustic concrete boxes looks with eye-catching terracotta brick 

The current MMCA building used to served as the Defense Security Command and a Military Hospital that have been kept intact after war with extensive renovations.

In order to minimize the number of alterations, galleries were built with three basement levels underground of this three-story building. It also incorporated the original brick into the museum’s architecture, and leaving the original structures for administrative and auxiliary functions and using the multistory for the main gallery.

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Hyundai Premium Card Privilege - Free Admission to MMCA

Integrating both traditional and contemporary can go to see contemporary art works and modern exhibitions. MMCA boasts better accessibility for Seoul citizens than MMCA Gwacheon (국립현대미술관 과천관) , and is far bigger than MMCA Deoksugung (국립현대미술관 덕수궁관).

MMCA Seoul is embraced in harmony with the existing cultural assets in its neighborhoods. It's conveniently located between Gwanghwamun Square, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Samcheong-dong area and others nearby attractions about 10 minutes away on foot:
Cheongwadae Sarangchae (청와대 사랑채), Korean presidential exhibition center.
* Samcheong-dong Cafe Street
Bukchon Hanok Village, the most traditionally intact part of the 600-year-old capital city.
* Insadong, popular for tourists and art lovers.
* National Palace Museum of Korea (국립고궁박물관)
* Daelim Museum (대림미술관)  

Current Exhibitions in MMCA Seoul:
1. Home within Home within Home within Home within Home

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
I heart this installation work by Korean Artist, Mr Suh Do-ho
“Home within Home within Home within Home within Home”

OMG! Though I saw the photos so many time, but seeing it with my own eyes and stepping into this transparent life-size of Korean Hanok-style house inside Western-style house of “Home within Home within Home within Home within Home” literally made my jaw dropped~!

Mr Suh used to live in Hanok house before he went to study in US. He felt uncomfortable because of differences in the locations, and other things between his new home and his hanok house in Seoul that inspired him to recreate homes in his artworks.

Glad to be accompanied by my art curator friend with his art knowledge to feed me with the artists' information and the artworks...

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
including these small features that I might miss out:
 cute door intercom system with artist's name on it and door hinge
that elaborate the details of the installation.  

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Can you see the Hanok House hang / float in midair? 
My photo just not capture and justify the beauty of this awesome structure!
Please check MMCA website for more photos and information.

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Mr Suh held many solo shows around the world including 
in NY and London. Link to his others spectacular projects.

2. Epiphyte Chamber

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
“Epiphyte Chamber” by Toronto-based architect 
and installation artist Philip Beesley, created an artificial botanical garden 
that reacts to audience movements through proximity sensors. 

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Epiphyte Chamber is envisioned as an archipelago of interconnected halo-like masses 
that mimic human sensations through subtle, coordinated movements.

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Across each floating island, densely interwoven structures and delicate canopies made of 
thousands of lightweight digitally-fabricated components are drawn together 
in nearly-synchronized breathing and whispers. 

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
The contents of the exhibit illustrate the various complexifying effects 
that exist anywhere from microorganism to galaxies as can be found through 
observing stars in the sky or observing symbiotic relationships among objects. 
The exhibition illustrates how a minute change can lead to drastic variations in the future.

3. Opertus Lunula Umbra (Hidden Shadow of the Moon)

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Opertus Lunula Umbra (Hidden Shadow of the Moon)
by Choe U-ram

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Hurry!!! Faster run away from this giant 'dream eater'!

This five meters height of colossal caterpillar creature is created by the slow movements of tens of its huge symmetrical wings, which resemble the oars of a Viking ship. 

The massive animatronic fiction designed in reference to the structures and habits of various kinds of plants, animals and insects and are constructed from an extensive variety of precision machine components, motors and electronic devices.

According to U-Ram, Opertus Lunula Umbra that has shown up at the Seoul branch is a new kind of life form that is found mostly in the vicinity of harbor cities. When the sun's rays radiate off of the moon's surface, certain light energy is generated and this radiated energy has an effect to amplify the human ability to fantasize. And this energy increases in its amount in areas surrounding water. Thus, as the amalgamation of the lunar energy, wind and human fantasy are facilitated in seashore cities, this new species are often seen in coastal cities. It is also reported that they are in various sizes and their anatomy shows the organic amalgamation of a wide range of nautical devices culled from both those sunken ships of the past and modern ones. (Source: MMCA)

4. Intervention, Misalignment 

Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art |
Intervention, Misalignment by Minha Yang

His his technology-based artwork at MMCA features vertical lines, which he calls “layers,” incorporate state-of-the-art technologies such as computer software that projected onto a 7-meter structure attached to the wall as well as the floor. 

The vertical lines create ripples as viewers move around, inviting them to directly interact with the artwork. 

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (국립현대미술관 서울)
30 Samcheong-ro, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-200