Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Insight Into Insadong

Apparently, I just walked and followed my friend without knowing where we're heading to...

"Oh?! Really! Insadong?" A bit surprised as I didn't know that a short 15 minutes walk from Samcheongdong through this quaint alley of Gamgodang-gil will lead us to Insadong.

"Have you been to Insadong?" he questioned me before we crossed the road to Insadong.

"Yes! Of course... You brought me here before." a bit irritated when answering him. Yeah, he must be joking! Tell me how could I have missed it? Insadong is such a popular place, and he's the one who brought me here too, how could he forget so fast?! ~!!! 

"Oh... me? did I?" I didn't notice his expression when he answered me.

"Yap~! We visited the art gallery in the evening." quickly turned my head to check whether I'm walking with the correct person?! or by any chance he didn't tell me that he's an actor (with such a good acting skill)?!

... (silent)

"Remember? on my previous trip last September." I started to worry for him! It's normal if I forget things easily. My sister and my friends concluded that I've Alzheimer disease. But, I still remember clearly, and he totally forgot about it? 어떻게?!  How?!!  He might be suffering quite serious short-term memory loss!

Just about to search the photos in my HP to prove that we're there...

"Oh~!"  when he replied softly and nodded his head few times after silent for awhile.  Sounded like it's just for the sake of answering me. Anyway 다행이다~! Thanks God! He finally recalled it! ^^

But less than a minute, he suddenly said: "I thought that's in Itaewon?!" 

OH?!! Wait for a second! Let me recollect and checked my mind. I did come to Insadong (ticked). I visited Art gallery and it's in I~~~iitaewon (ticked confirmed)!!!

"Yeah hor~! It's Itaewon! Yeah~! You shouldn't have nodded your head and said ooh when you're not sure. Haiz!" Actually I was angry at myself and just babbling to hide my embarrassment of this stupid mistake. Aigoo Aigoo~!!

대박~! Imagined his expression when he was answering me... He must had raised his eyebrows and scratching his head (-_-a) with lots of question marks hanging above his head.

Aish~ It's so embarrassing, Vera! how could you mixed-up Insadong and Itaewon?! Are you a joker?! I need to have power to disappear at that moment!!! Ha...haaaiiizzz!!! HELP!!! Where should I hide myself?!  진짜 진짜 부끄럽다!

Please excuse my brain, it's half frozen and unable to process the information correctly due to cold weather. Added with both 'Insadong' and 'Itaewon' start with letter "I", made my brain more confused and haywired ㅠㅜ. 

Ok, enough with this awkwardness!  >.<

Perfect place for Art lovers and popular place for tourists

Insadong is the place for you to experience the traditional aspects of Korea in the heart of the city. This district is especially popular for art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, where you can find old Korean paintings, ceramics and traditional furniture.

It's nice to stroll along Insadong main street as it's vehicle- free. In this buoyant neighborhood, you'll soon see the iconic modern contemporary Ssamziegil building.

'Ssamzie' (쌈지 = 'money pouch' in old korean), 'gil' (길 = road or street)
However, people may consider ssamziegil as shopping mall rather than road

Ssamzie is an abstract word implies a 'Street filled with Ancient items'. Ssamziegil’s footpaths run alongside the shops like a winding staircase around the courtyard, reminiscent the alleyway in Insadong. 

There are about 70 shops including handicraft stores, souvenir shops, 
art galleries, workshops and restaurants in this shopping complex.

My friend told me that Insadong is very traditional and cultural area, therefore you can see that majority of the signboards are written in Hangul or translated into Hangul. 

Starbucks Coffee (스타벅스 커피) 

And when Starbucks opened in Insadong, people came and queued here just because it's the only Starbucks in the world with the logo written in Hangul. 

It was about 6 pm and temperature just keep dropping. It's really really cold for me. My 'kind-hearted' friend still offering whether I would like to have ice-cream! But, he's forgiven for teasing me, as he's quite considerate and gave me hot packs though I told him that I have them in my bag.

Did I come to Insadong before? 
Yes, I was here for my Hanbok photoshoots in Goguan studio (please click the link for the proof).

We walked from beginning to end of Insadong... My friend said he has some works to do, so I just followed him as I got nothing to do. If I wandering around myself, I worried it might troubled him more to locate me if I lost my way :P 

Hollys Coffee facing Cheonggyecheon Stream

While he's busy doing his work, me also busy watching 'My Love From Another Star' Ep 19 from Gooddrama. Well, I don't recommend it, as actually it's not that glam to laugh out loud or sob inside the cafe. For this, I have to blame on Cheon Song Yi's hilarious, crazy but somehow she's sensible in this episode.

It's quite sad when Song-yi asked Do Min Joon to sing a song for her that will make her think of him in the future, and make him think of her. The song that they can treasure for long~~ long time. Do Min Joon sang a song ('Promise' by Im Byung-soo), and proposed to her... Finally!!! 

Though, she's very happy to receive the proposal, but then she calls his name, saying, “My beloved Do Min Joon. It’s time for us to wake up from this dream. You, for my sake, exist somewhere. For my sake, don’t die. Exist somewhere. What I’m saying is, Go. To where you were.” ㅠㅠ

Aissh~! raining locally?! Why my face so wet? I'd to jump down from my seat and teleport myself to washroom!

I do admire Song-yi's decision. To know that the person you love is happy, safe and sound somewhere is more than enough... Unconditional love!

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