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[Recipe] - Korean Sweet Red Bean Soup (Danpatjuk)

Korean Sweet Red Bean Soup Danpatjuk | by Meheartseoul

My home-cooked Korean Sweet Red Bean Soup (Danpatjuk)

Looks yummy?!! Of course... not only look delicious, but it smells and tastes yummy! But still not as yummy as what I'd in Korea at 서울서둘째로잘하는집 and  외할머니 솜씨.

Craved for this sweet danpatjuk so much, and resorted me to purchase from Gmarket and ship them from Korea to Singapore... 

밤단팥죽 (Chestnut Sweet Red Bean Porridge),
참치죽 (Tuna Porridge), 쇠고기죽 (Beef Porridge).

자색고구마 (Purple Sweet Potato),꿀호박죽 (Honey Pumpkin Porridge)
and 야채죽 (Vegetable Porridge).

It's actually rice porridge with red beans and chestnuts.

I don't really like the taste of Honey Pumpkin Porridge, Purple Sweet Potato. And Chestnut Sweet Red Bean Porridge tasted salty, not sweet...

However, Vegetable Porridge, Tuna Porridge and Beef Porridge taste nice... my kids love them. 

Ok, here's the recipe of Danpatjuk by Crazykoreancooking (click the link for clearer photos).







I put almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, cranberries, pine nuts, 
pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for the toppings from 
'Origins Healthfood California Treat'  (available at NTUC Fairprice).

Now you can enjoy sweet taste of your hardwork... 
Home-cooked Korean sweet red bean soup~^^

[Jeonju] - Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) @외할머니 솜씨

Recommended Korean Traditional Desserts and place to chill in Jeonju: 외할머니 솜씨 Oe Halmeoni Somssi | by Meheartseoul
I'm addicted to sweet red bean soup (단팥죽) after my friend brought me to eat it at 서울서둘째로잘하는집 around Samcheongdong area in Seoul. Writing this post make me crave for the  the sweetness taste... sigh~!

As you know I have a sweet tooth, and that's explained why I love to go to high tea buffet to indulge myself in yummy cakes, desserts and ice cream. Just can't stop myself for sweet temptation! Therefore, I really thanks to my high metabolism rate that allowing me to eat to my heart's content without worrying to gain weight. 

People say sweet food reduce stress level, but I also heard that sugar feeds cancer! So, now I have to eat sweet things moderately especially I don't do exercise and not young anymore. I must somehow select which food that benefit to my body, right?

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Grandma's Best Desserts Factory
(외할머니 솜씨 = Oe Halmeoni Somssi =
Maternal Grandmother's Skill)

Grandma's Best is located opposite of the fountain (in this video)...

We're on our way to Gain Makgeolli House, and walked along Gingko Street. I just happily recording the above video, and I suddenly saw a hanok style house selling dessert.

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Menu board hanging on the wall outside the restaurant.

Then I told my hubby that this dessert house also selling danpatjuk. We quickly stepped inside this this dessert factory without thinking twice. I know he won't reject dessert, especially patpingsu. He also like the bread filled with thick danpatjuk, which my friend bought for our breakfast.

It's full house, but we didn't need to wait... just sharing table with other guests on long communal table for 8 persons. Well, it's a bit squeezy as all the tables only have little space in between.

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Before you order at this counter, do take a look at the number on your table.
(I only noticed it after that and had a hard time pointing to my table).

At first I thought they only sell danpatjuk (단팥죽), traditional patpingsu (옛날팥핑수) and energy boasting oriental herbal tea (쌍화탕) as shown on the outside menu board. But, at the ordering counter as shown on the above picture, they also serve few types of Korean teas (ending with '차'), ice cream and other desserts too.

Again, we're the only foreigners inside this restaurant. Some busy eating their foods, some still waiting, and the gal sitting next to me busy snapping danpatjuk with DSLR camera~^^ 

Ok, let's take some photos while waiting for them to prepare and deliver our orders. But, because it's not so convenience to take photos when you're surrounded from every corners... 

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
There's also raised platform to sit on the floor.
(Maybe it's with ondol heated floor... not sure :P)

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Cozy and pleasant hanok style interior.

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Love this Hanok triangular skeleton ceiling constructed using wood log.

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
We ordered danpatjuk (hot patpingsu?) to fight with cold weather.

So satisfied with this yummy, impressive rich flavors and right amount of sweetness. A bowl of danpatjuk has topping of rice cake, walnuts, pine nuts, gingko nuts, cinnamon sprinkles~^^

Don't underestimate this small bowl, it's not like ice kacang which maybe have a spoonful of red beans, but covered most with shaved iced with syrup. You'll feel your stomach filled up quickly with this thick red bean paste and chewy soft rice cake.

At first, I thought 7,000 Won  for a bowl of danpatjuk was a bit expensive. It seemed so easy... Bought the ingredient and just put red beans to slow cooker at night. Tada... in the morning, it's cooked well. But the next step is to grind or mashed them, then filter the husk for smoother red bean paste... It took 2 hours for me to blender and filter the whole pot. Then I knew how much of laborious work involved. It's really worth the price with all goodness in all of the ingredients! Check out my next posting for the recipe. 

I seriously think only Grandma will put so much efforts to prepare the yummiest food for their grandchildren. I'm kinda lazy, next time I'll just stop until grinding... still can eat, right? 

I'll definitely go back to try their patpingsu and other desserts. According to locals, it's actually one of the best restaurants in Jeonju, which I only found out this when searching for the address. 

Write down the address if you've sweet tooth or want to have heart-warming and authentic taste of Grandma's home-cooked dessert when you're visiting Jeonju~!

외할머니 솜씨 Sweet Red Bean Soup (단팥죽) | meheartsoul.blogspot.com
Grandma's Best Desserts Factory
Add: 113-4 Gyo-dong, Wansan-gu,
Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
전라북도 전주시 완산구 교동 113-4 도로명주소

Opening Hours
12pm - 10pm (Weekdays)
11am - 10pm (Weekends)
(Last order 9:30pm)

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