Sunday, 11 October 2015

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant

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On our way to Tanjung Aan, our driver stopped at Astari Restaurant because he told us that we can see panoramic view of Novotel Kuta Beach from the cafe.

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
Astari Restaurant.

Hubby and I was fine when the guard told us that we need to eat or drink in order to see the scenery. So three of us walked in, but...

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
 If I knew that the owner was such an arrogant and unfriendly French man,
I'd rather spent my time at Selong Belanak Beach.

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |   [Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |  [Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |

We didn't know that we'd to take off the shoes before stepping in as it's not written anywhere. He commanded us to take off our shoes and wash our feet. He even said it's their rules if we want to step in to their restaurant. But, how could he expect their guests to know it when it's not stated there. 

He also spoke in Bahasa Indonesia with very unfriendly tone of voice to his chef or staffs because of grease smell came out from the kitchen.

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
The restaurants has indoor and outdoor loungers.

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
They have filled most of the indoor and outdoor spaces with 
bean bags, mattresses and pillows.

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant | 
But, it's ridiculous because all the bean-bag seats were reserved?!! 

I think they just simply placed the signs there, or they will only allowed foreigners to sit there. Because it's not even lunch, dinner or sunset viewing time. And I think not a lot of tourists knew this place unless they're brought by local guide. Spent about 30 minutes there, but no other guests came after us. Those loungers maybe just for decoration purposes.

    [Lombok] - Astari Restaurant | 
We'd to sit on this metal chair with thin
 cushion. Beary uncomfortable :(

Quite dissatisfied with the service. But hubby told me not worth to dwell so much and spoil our holiday mood. 

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
Ordered Lombok mocca, Hot ginger tea and coke.

My Hot ginger tea was completely tasteless, the ginger is not even sliced or crushed. Hubby said mocca tasted so so. I forgot the prices, but all the foods and drinks here were quite expensive.

 [Lombok] - Astari Restaurant |
There were many places in Lombok offer breathtaking views...

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant | 

People normally don't mind pay a bit more for good services...

But, it's not justify when you paid so much for tasteless drinks, especially being treated like a beggar to see the view?!

[Lombok] - Astari Restaurant | 
Lombok has no lack of breathtaking views. 
If you're staying in Novotel Lombok, just a 10 minutes stroll to Mandikala hill you can see spectacular views of Mandikala Beach and Seger Beach from there.