Thursday, 17 October 2013

Buzz Korea Awards 2013?!!

"OMG Eonni! I just realised we both got into the K-spot in Buzz Korea. HAHA"

It's 23:20 pm and that was the FB message I received from Yyann, one of the active bloggers in Buzz Korea. I still didn't fully digest her message, as my mind about to auto shut down though I was still playing Candy Crush and laying on my bed...

The next moment... I almost jumped up to the ceiling because she sent me this link:
Join the 2013 buzz KOREA Awards to vote for the best Contents and visit Korea!

Thanks a lot, Yyann! It's so sweet of you to inform and vote for me. Just realised that I voted on the K-spot page yesterday... no wonder it's not updated on the Event page.

Therefore, I want to post on how to vote it... I just voted for Yann and another 3 contestants this morning... Wow!!! Quite hard for me to decide as all have their own strong points to get my votes :P
First of all... thank you so much Buzz Korea for this awesome opportunity to visit Korea just by sharing our travel stories, posting travel destinations in K-spot, or sharing amazing moments through video.
Ok, here's how to vote for this contest (Please vote for me too :P)
1. Login to your Account or Sign up for Buzz Korea Membership
Buzz Korea - Sign Up Page
2. Go to the Event Page
Please vote for us, and you might win yourself one of these prizes:
1st Prize: A round-trip ticket to Korea (1 winner)
2nd Prize: MCM Backpack (2 winners)
3rd Prize: Tangerine Flower Body Care Set (10 winners)
3. Scroll down the Page and Click on
    * <Video of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to view their fantastic videos vote the one you like the most.
Warning... Lots of video about yummy food~!!! 배고파요~~~
    * <Blog of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to read their unforgettable trip in Korea.
Please use Google Translate if needed. 

    * <K-Spot of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to check places of interest, restaurant, performances, attractions.
             You can plan your itinerary by selecting these K-spot and create your own K-tour.
Thank you for clicking the Vote Button for my entry ^^
Nickname: VeraLee
"Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center"
Please read my previous posting on K-Spot and K-Tour. All K-spots stated the address, and some have additional on necessary information such as direction, photos, link to respective websites. It's very useful and great tool to plan your itinerary in Korea. 
    * <Buzz of the Year> Candidate Works
       => Click on the image to check the contributions of Buzz Korea members.

Please help my friend to vote her entry:
Nickname: Maeri
4.  After selected 1 candidate from each category (total 4 candidates), then:
     => Click Read and "I Agree" to the Terms and Conditions
     => Click on "Participate" Button

Every vote is important as it'll be a great help~^^
Thank you for your time and support... 감사합니다... 谢谢... Terima Kasih!
I'll be registering some new K-spots soon. Remember to check Buzz Korea for lots of information and news that you might not want to miss out, especially if you want to visit Korea! Ahhh... I'm so much in love with Buzz Korea~!