Monday, 15 December 2014

[Muju Ski Resort] - Day / Night at Carnival Street

Muju Resort is not only great for winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding, but it also offers beautiful scenery of mountainous countryside. (Vera Lee) 
Carnival Street was exceptionally charming... (Vera Lee) 
Feel like I'm in winter wonderland... 
too bad they're not covered with white powdery snow. (Vera Lee)
 awesome place to take pictures with European-style buildings as background :P (Vera Lee)
In case this place looks familiar to you... 
yes, it's filming site of '여름향기' Summer Scent. (Vera Lee)
Trees along Carnival Street were decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights. (Vera Lee) <head>
Hotel Tirol - exotic 5 star hotel in Muju Resort. (Vera Lee)
That's the place we'll go the next morning... Saint Hue Club! (Vera Lee)
Clock Tower behind Mansun House. (Vera Lee) <head>
 Giant deer also parking itself at the car park entrance. (Vera Lee)
 End of Carnival Street.

Now let's check out how it transformed at night... (Vera Lee)
Our Dazzling Dearly Deer ... (Vera Lee)
  lighting up the night sky~^^ (Vera Lee)
together with colorful bubble bulbs (Vera Lee)
on the trees outside Mansun House

and along Carnival Street... (Vera Lee)
It's so captivating except for unfriendly frosty night. (Vera Lee)
even our camera and handphones were quickly out of batteries because it's too cold. (Vera Lee)
But I've power to light up this big yellow bulb!!! (Vera Lee)
lovely lights... (Vera Lee)
Silent night...
shall we go down now? (Vera Lee)
 Go down from these stairs you'll find... (Vera Lee)
Well... Wishing Well?! (Vera Lee)
Herb Farm - Aromatheraphy shop. (Vera Lee)
Spiral Stairs to... (Vera Lee)
서유기 - Journey to the West. (Vera Lee)
It's Beer | Restaurant | Pub. (Vera Lee)
 Restaurants, Wine Gallery, Convenience store, and more...
It's time to go back to the room and rest. (Vera Lee)
 Starring at starry starry night *** (Vera Lee)
and waiting for shooting star to make a wish...

 See you soon~!
Check this link for more information.
185, Manseon-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea.

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