Monday, 14 May 2018

Sadly... Shanghai Failed to Impress Me at the First Sight

Our flight from Singapore was at 11.25pm by China Eastern Airlines but it was delayed for about 90 minutes. However it did not affect our connecting flight because we had 4 hours layover at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

In-flight meals: Beef Noodle and Chicken Rice.

Pudong International Airport has very limited facilities compared to the 2 best 
airports in the world(Incheon & Singapore). Mostly their stores are 
Sunrise Duty Free and small stores selling foods or souvenirs.

 Limited choices of food or restaurants too...

Went to VIP Lounge at Departure Hall for breakfast and some rest.
 It's free access using DBS Altitute Card (Priority Pass).
 Only 3 selection of simple hot foods instead of some Shanghai signature dishes.
So, I just had breads, cakes and milk for breakfast.

I wanted to shower to refresh myself because we won't have time to bath until night. But, all that I could find was one cramped and not so clean toilet! Haiz... 
The a    irport had free wifi, but we couldn't access to Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. So we thought the connection was slow, but using airport lounge's wifi also unable to connect. We restarted few times before realised that they're banned in China. 

We had to update my family that we're safely landed in Shanghai and instead of handicapped for 3 hours, my hubby turned on his Starhub DataTravel Asia Pacific. Yes, using overseas wifi allowed to connect to these SNS accounts. 

Anyway, for our 2 weeks trip to Korea and China, we spent $55.00 (2 x $15.00 for 2G + 1 x $20 for 3G). I would say it's recommended if you're in China and need to access to your FB, IG or Youtube. But, I prefer to use Pocket wifi in Korea for unlimited data, so I don't need to restrain myself to post things on my SNS.

Couldn't wait to step my feet at Kimchi Land... to be continued!