Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Minbak stay in Udo Island

Minbak Stay in Udo Island | by Meheartseoul
Maybe I was a piggie in my previous life, and carried that habit to present life. I need at least 8 - 10 hours sleep including my nap time (oink oink). I always wonder why some people can sleep for merely 3-5 hours per day? Ah... not for me, as my brain will auto shut off even I tried not to close my eyes :P
Therefore, accommodation is one of important thing when I travel... Well, I don't particularly look for high end hotel as it just wasting my money... since I just spent less than half a day in the hotel room.

Most of the online hotel booking website have promotion rate for some of selected hotels. Which you just need to top up about $10 to $20 to get a better hotel (why not?). Normally, I'll look for the review whether they have clean room and bathroom and accessibility by public transport.
We stayed in this cozy White Castle Minbak (민박 = Bread & Breakfast) for 1 night in Udo Island (Udo Maritime Park).

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Room no 202

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
Minbak room rate.

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
panoramic view from our balcony...

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
White Castle from front view

Room Features:
very spacious room with 2 queen sized bed, PC with free Wifi, fridge, wide-screen LCD TV, air conditioning, shower, hair dryer, kitchenette, heater stove and balcony facing SeobinBaeksa Beach (서빈백사).

Are you joking... with all this features, this is called minbak?!! No No No... this is a castle for me!
Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
 Halmeoni with little puppy ^^
We should had our dinner first if we knew that sunset was around 7:30pm... By the time we watched beautiful sunset, we found that the island was so peaceful and calm. The problem was all nearby restaurants closed already! How?!! Luckily there's convenience store nearby minbak and we bought Ramen and sausages.

Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
 convenience store...

The owner should be this Halmeoni. She's very nice... when we asked whether where we can get hot water for our Ramen. She did tell us that water dispenser was near the stairs, but she asked us to come in to her house (as it's getting cold outside), then she boiled water for us.
Although we had communication barrier with my limited Korean language, I do understand some of the things she said, though it's really hard for me to answer her. But, funny that we chatted like we have no problem understand each others ^^
Minbak in Udo Island Korea | www.meheartseoul.blogspot.com
simplest food we had, but it's the tastiest Ramen we ever had...
while watching Dr Jin in our room
할머니, 잘지내요? I miss her much... and that's one of the reasons that I want to revisit Udo Island.

Do you miss me?

Ahhh choo~~!!!

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According to old grandma's tales:

* sneeze 1x : someone is missing you ^.^

* sneeze 2x : someone is scolding or cursing you -.-"

* sneeze 3x or more : you might catch a cold!

  Faster go to see doctor, take your medicine and vitamin C and have a good rest!!!
I just sneezed 1x...so, must be someone missing me, right?
Hhmmm, don't know who is missing me? but I'm kinda happy to know that someone is missing me and not someone cursing me or flu symptom. Hahahaha....
Anyway, I'm just a call away! or you can send me message using Whatsapp, Kakaotalk, Skype, Google Talk, Wechat,... or simply email me anytime, ok?
I do miss you too! Remember that next time that you sneeze, I might be one of them that missing you...
Let me know if you're sneezing after reading this... :P 
Have a lovely day~~~