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How to go to Udo Island from Jeju?

How to go to Udo Island from Jeju? | by Meheartseoul
Is Summer too hot for you especially in the bustling city? Let's head to this romantic island with picturesque scenery to relax, refresh and recharge yourself!

Udo Island is legendary for its breath-taking white sand beach, water transforms into vivid shades of turquoise, emerald green, and aquamarine blue as the water  as the water becomes shallower around coral reefs. It also offers gorgeous weather in all year round - not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

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About 30 minutes ferry ride will from Jeju will bring you to Udo Island. It is situated on the eastern end of Jeju Island, that makes it one of the most visited spots from Jeju.

Enjoy your day on a ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) or rent a bike to see 8 typical sceneries of Udo Island (Udopalkyeong =우도팔경). It means that "Day and Night", "Sky and Ground", "Front and Back', and "East and West". (Credit: Wikipedia)
  • Juganmyeongwol (주간명월/晝間明月)
  • Yahangabyum (야항어범/夜航漁帆)
  • Chunjinguansan (천진관산/天津觀山)
  • Jiduchungsa (지두청사/地頭靑莎)
  • Jeonphomangdo (전포망도/前浦望島)
  • Huhaesukbyeok (후해석벽/後海石壁)
  • Dongankyeonggul (동안경굴/東岸鯨窟)
  • Seobin Baeksa (서빈백사/西濱白沙)
Udo Island Travel Blog |
Bring your driving license as you need it for renting ATV.

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We lost our way because we tried shortcut to reach 'Juganmyeongwol' before 12 noon.

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You can go inside the cave by boat or speedboat to see the see phenomenon of 
"day moon" where the sun shining through the entrance of the cave. 
The reflection creates the illusion of a full moon on the water. 

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So sad that we missed to see the moon, but the view just breathtaking! 

Luckily few kind locals hiking around the area showed us the way out. One lady told us that we should follow the line on the road or just follow the recommended course on the map. 

Please check the video below and do let me know which color is the right track for ATV ride so we won't get lost again next time.

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Lighthouse at 'Yahangabyum' and heart-shape rock 

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We also hopped on Udo Tour bus to cruise around, and stopped at Udobong Peak

It's very popular and recommended walking path with panoramic views of Udo coastline. But the bus we took was the last bus of the day (17:00 pm)... 

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So, we just walked around to take some photos. 

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This nice eyes-soothing greenish field with lighthouse at the peak 
was filming site of Now and Forever (연리지).

The bus stopped at Udobong Peak for 20 minutes, then we hopped back the bus to bring us back to Seobin Baeksa Beach. 

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Beautiful Seobin Baeksa with Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong) at the background.
It appeared frequently in films including Il Mare and Feast of the Gods. 

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Playing and relaxing at this contrast beach with white sands and black rocks...

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beautiful sunray before sunset...

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Patiently sitting on the bench and waiting for the sunset around 19:30 pm

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Panoramic view from Seobin Baeksa Beach

Do take your dinner before 18:00 pm, as most of the restaurants closed after that. But you can still get something to munch from convenience stores...

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Seobin Baeksa is a nice spot to admire charming sunset!

Tranquil surrounding to really relax. It's not that crowded after 5 pm, as most of the tourists went there for day trip and back to Jeju Island. But we opted to spend a night in this cozy Minbak (Bed and Breakfast), White Castle Minbak.

Travel Information
Gosumul-gil, Udo-myeon, Jeju-do 
제주 제주시 우도면 고수물길

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1. Take bus bound for Dongilju (동일주) and alight at Seongsan Harbor Entrance (성산항입구).

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2. Follow the road signage to go to Passenger Ship Terminal

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3. Purchase 1-way or return ticket at the ticket booth.

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4. Enjoy the view while the ferry transports you across to Udo Island 

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5. Say "Annyeong" to Udo Island Summer Paradise~^^

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