Wednesday, 30 July 2014

'Korea, My Love' Contest

아싸~~~!!! Wanna go to Korea including air ticket and accommodation?  Wait, let me rub my eyes to see properly! 

Not only that, as this event is co-hosted by Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) and KBS World, you'll be invited to KBS Song Festival and KBS Drama Awards, and of course to experience Traditional Culture and History, and Hallyu too! 대박~ 진짜 대박!!! 

I just finished finished compiled, arranged and edited them... do they look like webtoon now? Are they fulfill the criteria for webtoon? Hhhmmm... I'll submit this first. Wish me luck~! ㅎㅎ^^

Jeonju's attraction sites...

Jeonju is the hub of Korean Han-style!

experience traditional lifestyles in this slow city~

Authentic Jeonju Bibimbap, Kongnamul Gukbap and
Jeonju Makgeolli~!

There are 3 missions, you can choose to participate in one or more missions:
1. Video Contest <Korea, My Love>
2. Photo Contest <What I Love about Korea>
3. Webtoon Contest <Crush on Korea>

Please check this link for more information...  

Do act fast as submission closed on 20 August 2014.