Sunday, 21 April 2019

[Jinhae] - Korea Naval Academy (해군사관학교박물관)

Actually we planned to go to Jehwangsan Park by City Tour, but changed our plan because the staff at KTO booth suggested us to go to Naval Academy first because their operating hours until 16:30. 

Here is the pride and honor of Jinhae...

and this Turtle ship (Geobukseon) is Korea's national pride!!!

 The Korean Naval Academy Museum was opened on the 30th 
anniversary of the Korean Naval Academy (17 January 1976).

  When it first opened, the museum consisted of only a small exhibition room.

  But later there's an addition of a life-sized, 
ironclad Geobukseon (turtle ship) on 31 January 1980.
We can now witness the real Turtle ship withh our own eyes!

On February 23, 1981 an independent museum building was opened at the site.
and on April 28, 1990, the museum was expanded to its current size.  

The museum (2,622 square meters in total area) is housed in two separate buildings (a two-storey building and a three-storey building) and boasts three exhibition halls (Yi Chungmugong Hall, Navy Hall, and Naval Academy Hall). 

 The Yi Chungmugong Hall has on display 212 materials relating to 
the life of the famous Korean navel leader General Yi. 
 (The top left picture, Korean Shaman regarded Admiral Yi as one of the deities).

 At the Navy Hall, the history of Korea’s Navy is on display presentating 315 artifacts. 

In the outdoor exhibition area, visitors can explore the interior of  life-sized turtle ship.

It's as if I'm at the filming site of “The Admiral: Roaring Currents"
What a majestic ship, isn't it?!

The cool Turtle Ship, the spearheads of Korean Navy was made in 
1591 AD by Admiral Yi Sun-Shin.

He was the commander of one of the 4 fleets in the Korean 
South Sea at the time and foresaw an invasion by the Japanese.
 This Turtle Ship was first completed on 31 Jan 1980, 
and rebuilt on 28 October 1999 by the Korean Navy
to succeed Admiral Yi's patriotic spirit.

 It was recreated by using the military reports, personal journals of 
Admiral Yi and other related records and historical evidence.

Still remember the scene of the battle where Admiral Yi didn't
just surrender although the winning chance was very slim though
they're greatly outnumber with about hundred of Japanese vessels.

 He led his last 12 ships to battle although at first they were hesitatant to follow.
Bus his spirit of heroism and courage inspired
them to fight alongside him.
Frankly, without Admiral Yi, there won't be a victory for this battle.
Let's all fight to the end!

Your patriotism will be remembered though generations and generations!

It's really worth a visit, and we thank the taxi driver that guided us...
Korea Naval Academy (해군사관학교박물관)

Add: 1, Jungwon-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Open Hours: Everyday at 09:00-16:30