Tuesday, 9 May 2017

DMZ Half & Half Photo Contest

Recently I posted some photos on my Facebook and Instagram, that's because I'm participating in 'DMZ Half & Half Photo Contest.' 

It's quite fun and simple, as you only need to download DMZ Photos from this link, then combine it with your own photo then upload it on FB or IG with hashtags #UniteDMZ and #AgreeTnC

Old locomotive in DMZ + and deadly cannon gun in Lombok.

The first photo fitted nicely because of the same angles, but people might not know what were those two things in the photo. People can clearly see it's a cannon on the second photo, but the positioning just not perfect although I tried to change the color to monochrome

3rd attempt involving more editing work and time to  
enchance the orange and purple areas so the look as if they're one.

Final output for my 1st submission:
⛔ Stop War 💣
🤝 Spread Love  
🌍 World Peace

2nd submission: Dmz Panmunjom + Bulguksa Temple.

My hubby said it's weird because the other military police from DMZ crossing to Bulguksa Temple, although he said that the background building with windows was a good matching. 

3rd submission: 'Staircases to Peace'
Dmz Panmunjom + Bulguksa Temple.

However, my son said didn't like this because it's not related until I told him that I just want to emphasise the staircases. Wish the staircases lead to a peaceful negotiation and reunification.

4th submission: 'Flowers blooming, birds singing and tears of joy
rolling down the beautiful hanbok when they hugging each other
because the long awaited day finally come true~!'

5th submission: 🚉 Wheel to a better future~!^^

5th submission: 'DMZ + O-train at Chujeon Station.'

It's not easy to find another half for this because of the fence and letter 'O' then I remember I have this photo which might fit the letter O embossed with human figures. 

 5th submission: 'DMZ + Bulguksa high stone platform'

Combining these 2 photos because of the same patterns for pillars, roof lining straight and also matching colors.

6th submission: 'DMZ + Scenic train at Gangchon station.
(erased the top part so the birds and sky from bottom layer
shown as the photos are continuous).

This photo was taken on my last trip with my family in Korea. It was such a beautiful day with a light snow shower. Actually, it's my second time I took this scenic train. The first time was with Visit Korea Special VIP Tour members where we'd so much fun pedalling rail bike before enjoying the scenic view of  Bukhangang River.

 Glad that some of the photos need less time and effortless in editing them
to make them seamlessly blend in... literally like a photo especially 
because S-train head is designed to look like old locomotive.

7th submission: 'Old steam-powered locomotive with more than 
1000 bullet holes and new turtle ship S-train looks like a vintage train.'

8th submission: 'We Trust You.'

I was so amazed when seeing this yellow line at Singyeongju station because they didn't have a gate or officer to check your train tickets. Therefore, I insisted my hubby snap this photo as a proof that I've the ticket and also Korean people are so trustworthy.

Remember that I had few photos of railbike tunnels in Gangchon,
and this photo match perfectly... I just copy the words '땅굴(Tunnel)'
to continue it with the words '제3 (The third).'

 9th submission: 'Don't judge from the outside.'

These rail biking tunnels were damn entertaining with trot song played loudly and disco lights or slow and romantic music with milky way led lights inside giving you different experiences and feelings. Totally love them much that I purposely slowing down my pedalling speed just to enjoy the moment.

10th submission: 'Dog Tags and Stone Pagodas'

I knew these 'dog tags' from K-drama 'Descendents of the Sun.' So when seeing these abandoned dog tags on laying on the pebbles made my heart sank. It's like these patriots were gone forever... RIP!

How I want to make a stone pagoda, like those I built in Bulguksa Temple then praying for world peace, happiness and free for all beings~!

11th submission: Sending a big hug across the miles
to let you know that I Love You ~!

Omo~ I love this photo the most! It's super duper adorable giant snowman. Please erase all the pain from your heart and wipe off all the tears...

12th submission: Imjingak + 3rd Tunnel.

Just a random idea to combine these 2 DMZ photos into one. Then edit it to look like a painting. Do you like this photo? 

13th submission: Statue of King Sejong The Great + 안녕하십니까.

14th submission: 오모~~ 깜짝이야!!! 이거 머야?!! 
Did my eyes play a trick on me~! 😂🤣😅

Sorry... just ran out of idea! My head just wanna play for a while when seeing this cute photo of my son in Trick Eyes Museum Hongdae.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTxgAmajHJi/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BTxgAmajHJi/
15th submission: 'White represents peace, hope, sincerity, purity, safety and optimism.
 Wishing reunification as white and as smooth as these white fabric~!'

16th submission: From Paju to Goseong with love

That's my submissions for the first and second week and will continue to merge better photos to submit and here's the result for the first-week winner and best photos... 
 Congratulations to all the 1st-week winners~!

Do participate and submit DMZ Half & Half photos. This contest is ongoing until 7 June 2017. Best of luck to all~!^^