Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Busan Station (부산역)

A taxi ride from Haeundae Hotel For U to Busan station took about half and hour. We arrived at Busan station one hour earlier so we have time to eat breakfast before starting our journey to South.

The morning sunshine at Busan Station.
부산광역시 동구 중앙대로 206 (초량동)

Busy ticket counters and train schedules at Busan station.

We didn't need to join the queue as we had bought our tickets together with O-train tickets at Seoul Station. Yes, it's better to purchase your ticket few days in advance. This is to avoid that ticket sold out on the day you want to travel. That happened to us... we didn't get V-train ticket as these theme-trains are really popular.

Busan has a big station because it's a major stop on all Gyeongbu line express trains (KTX) and general trains. It also has a lot of convenience facilities inside the station, such as restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, coffee shops, and others shops, ATMs, storage lockers, Korail member lounge, vending machines.

Busan Station Store directory

 It's really convenient as lots of shops sprawled all around! We're really spoiled by choices and hard to make decision on what to eat. 

Hunting food inside this clean Busan station...

Hubby selected  soft tofu stew (순두부찌개 = sundubu jiggae)

Well, I don't have habit to eat rice or noodle for breakfast. I normally have bread, cake, biscuit, cereal and milk for breakfast. 'Picky' me still wandering outside to see what will go inside the tummy to start my day :P

Finally decided to get this Yeongju  Sweet Potato Bread (고구마빵 = Kokumappang).

Then went to convenience store to get banana milk, bottle drinks and some snacks to eat in train....

Chinatown also known as Shanghai Street (상해문 - 상해거리) 
located opposite Busan Station. You can walk through the 
underground passage to reach the street.

Make sure you're standby in front of the track at least 5 minutes 
before departure time as the trains are really punctual!

Ok, let's go to Track no. 1 for S-Train~!