Wednesday, 3 April 2019

[Jinhae] - Jinhaeru Pavilion (진해루)

We hopped on Jinhae Cherry Blossom Tour Bus again after donned myselfwith free Hanbok rented from Yeojwacheon Stream.

 Jinhaeru Pavilion (진해루).

We alighted at Jinhae Pavilion although we didn't see others people get down from the bus. Not sure what to expect or do here, just that I love Korean Pavilion and would like to see Jinhae-ru.

  This picturesque pavilion is located in Jinhae Beach Park.

As you can guess from the Pavilion name ending with 'ru', Jinhaeru is a giant 
and beautiful gable roof pavilion with  a gross surface floor area of 
477 square meters and stands 15.2m tall.

It offers unobstructed exquisite view of Jinhae coastline...
and mountainous Anmingogae Hill (안민고개) lined with 
pinkish Cherry Blossom scenery on the other side.

Who said you can't have best of both worlds?!
In fact, we have more here...

As you know, I don't really like walking. I usually cycling from my home to 
Pasir Ris Station which only takes half of the walking time.

 I was thinking to rent the bikes as we saw a lot of bikes parked nearby the bus stop. 

After we checked, it's actually free and you only need to write your particulars. 
They'll keep your passport or ID card and you'll get them back when you return the bike. 

They worried that I might having difficulty riding the bike in Hanbok.
But, I assured them that I'm perfectly fine by test riding in front of them.

 Well, I do pedalling in skirt almost everyday... so no problem at all~!^^  

 Ok, let's take a look around this park...

There's a convineince store at the the building with turtle ship shape.

And amazing kid's playground with few small games 
inside and different slides from the turle ship.
 Must-visit attractions in Jinhae!

 Jinhae Marine Adventure (진해마린어드벤처), but it was closed.

Why do I look so 2D in comparision to the picture? Weird...

 Really recommend this place as it has a lot of activities to do with
family or friends. I think it's nice to visit in the evening too!

 Add: 1007-14 Gyeonghwa-dong, Jinhae, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.
 Opening Hours: Open throughout the year