Sunday, 19 April 2015

[Singapore] - Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (치르치르)
Added another option to eat at Bedok Point now...
Chir Chir Korean Fusion Fried Chicken.
  Great that we don't need to queue here...
Ordered Garlicky Chicken, Nest Snow
and Berry Purple Tok Tok.
  Hehehe... sorry sorry! I forgot to eat 'no-selfie' pill. 
Non Alcoholic Cocktail - Berry Purple Tok Tok!

 Check this video how the pour purple soda to 
the jug to make this berry frizzy~~~!
 Next time will try with Alcohol when kiddos not joining us :P 
This Nest Snow Chicken (둥지스노우).

Ordering this because it's recommended and kiddos must love it because they like cheese. Blame me for not reading the menu properly. It's actually spicy cajun fried chicken. So, they'd to eat and bear the spiciness.

Chir Chir didn't serve any side dishes. Usually Pickled Radish (치킨무) is often serve as companion to Korean Fried Chicken. My two kiddos like it a lot, and it can at least to neutralized the spiciness and greasiness. Too bad they don't have it... 
 We're stunned like vegetable!!!
Un-un-un-unbelieaveable~~~ big portion of Garlicky Chicken 
(크리스피후라이드 간장)! 

When we ordered, the waitress told us that Nest Snow portion is for 2 person, so we added Garlicky Chicken. Now the problem... can we (2 adults + 2 kids) able to finish them?!

For me, I prefer Garlicky over Nest Snow as it's more crunchier. The slightly sweet and saltiness really tantalized your taste buds. I also ate the garlic cloves, and they're yummy too :P
However for kids, they still prefer Nene Chicken Snowing Cheese over Chir Chir and Bonchon Chicken.
Garlicky also a bit spicy for them... haiz!
 Can you see a cute 3 clawed pinset? It's quite useful to eat
garlicky chicken as it's not boneless.
 Total bill is $90.28 (average pax $22.57).
We bought $50 Cash Voucher from Groupon at $27.50, 
so we saved $22.50 for this meal~^^

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