Tuesday, 20 December 2016

[Korea] - Jeonju to Gongju

[Korea] - Jeonju to Gongju | by Meheartseoul
Spent the most time planning for this day trip. The first problem was transportation, there's no direct train from Jeonju although they seem quite near and straightforward route from the map.

Found another alternative which was to join K-Shuttle. They have tour courses that going to Buyeo. However, it's slightly above our budget for 4 of us to go. This option not only solved our first problem, but also second problem which was to book Buyeo City Tour:
*KS201 3day course : $399 per/person (FRI)  
  Seoul-Gongju-Buyeo-Jeonju-Gwangju(1N)-Suncheon-Yeosu(1N)-BUSAN OUT

*KS401 5day course : $599 per/person (FRI)  
  Seoul - Gongju - Buyeo - Jeonju - Gwangju (1 night) - Suncheon - Yeosu (1 night) - Jinju - Busan - Gyeongju (1 night) - Andong - Wonju (1 night) - Pyeongchang - Gangneung - Seorak - Seoul (Final destination)  

So, I still had to do the booking and went to KTO Singapore for assistance, but unfortunately, they're unable to assist because Buyeo is not under KTO. So, I made a direct call to Buyeo Cultural Tourism, but we'd hard time communicate through the phone. Though managed to get the email, but failed to sent to the recipient as it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain. The last attempt was when I joined VIP Invitation Tour, I seek assistance from the officer at Tourist Information at Incheon Airport. She was so helpful and called Buyeo office to reserve the tour for us, but it was too early and nobody answered the call, and I'd to leave the airport as others members of had arrived.

Though unsure whether we could just join the tour, but decided to just go there because my son was curious and he did check Wikipedia on Jumong, Buyeo and related articles after he watched ome parts of K-drama "Jumong".

 Luckily the tour start from Gongju station, so we took KTX from Jeonju
at 06:21 am and arrived at Gongju 07:01 am.

It's freezing cold early in the morning,
therefore people were hiding inside Traveler waiting room at the platform.

Not sure whether to board the upcoming coming train,
so I checked with another passenger there...

As our seats were separated, my hubby and I just forgo our seats
and just let the kids have the seats, and we stood beside them.

Maybe because me and my hubby blocking people from walking, the man came to me and asked me to sit at the back of the carriage. We're thankful because it's quite interesting although a bit squeezy,   but much comfortable than standing for about 40 minutes.

Vending machine inside the train.

Arrived at Gongju Station.

A Twosome Place Cafe...

 Let's order drinks and have a sit there for 2 hours!

A cozy cafe...

waiting for drinks to perk them up!

 Green Tea Latte and Hot Chocolate.

Outside still dark although it's already 7 o'clock.

Not much activities seen outside Gongju Station.

The Resurrection of Baekje 1400 years ago...

 Bracing the cold to take photos of this pretty hanbok without jacket...

I'd to go in and out the station few times to unfreeze myself with hot drink and hot pack because it's literally only another layer of normal thickness long sleeve shirt underneath the hanbok. I just slipped the fur from the jacket inside collar to keep my neck warm.

Gongju was formerly named Ungjin and was the capital of
Baekje from AD 475 to 538.

In this period, Baekje was under threat from Goguryeo. Goguryeo had overrun the previous capital of Hanseong (modern-day Seoul), which forced Baekje to find a new center of strength. Please click the link to learn more about Gongju.